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Pro Series Fifth Wheel - Sliding Fifth Wheel - PS30121 Review

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Review of Pro Series Fifth Wheel PS30121

Today, we're going to review part number PS30121. This is the Pro Series Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch with the Square Tubes Slider. This is a dual jaw design with a 20,000 pound weight capacity. This fifth wheel hitch is perfect for short-bed trucks. It has a slider which will move the hitch and trailer kingpin ten inches closer to the tailgate to increase turning clearance. Basically, this hitch will slide on to square tubes sliders right here, it has a range of ten inches.

This hitch also has a floating head with a double jaw for easy and secure trailer hook-up. This is a very sturdy and reliable fifth wheel hitch at an affordable cost. The square tube slider will allow your vehicle to make normal turns during low-speed maneuvers and in narrow spaces. It'll increase the space between the cab of the truck and the trailer, allowing for greater turning clearance. As I was showing, as it moves, it does move the hitch and the kingpin ten inches closer to the tailgate of your truck and then you can lock it in place.

Here's the handle, it's in the unlocked position right now. If you push it that'll lock it in the towing position. It'll prevent the hitch from moving on the slider. To unlock it, you'll just pull it into the middle position and on the side of the slider or the hitch here. It'll indicate what position it's in that's the unlocked position.

The double jaw, right here I can show you. We pull out on the handle here. You'll see the double jaw open up, there it is closed. The nice thing of the double jaws, it'll completely surround the trailer's kingpin to ensure a good tight connection. It'll help reduce wear on the kingpin and the fifth wheel hitch and it helps produce a smooth ride with minimum play at the hitch connection point.

Now, this full floating head, as you can see it floats front and back and then side to side, which will provide full range of motion for easy trailer hook-up especially when it's unleveled. There's a cushioned grip right here on the handle, which will provide nice comfortable jaw operation. The tab right here on the jaw handle is lockable. This tab if you push it open, it'll allow you to open the jaws. If you pull it out far enough there's a little notch on the handle that'll allow the jaws to stay open, you just release it, and then you can close the tab around it. It keeps the handle from moving and there's a hole on the hitch head here and one on the tab with the included padlock and keys. You'll be able to lock that tab down which will keep that handle from opening up. It does also come with the pins and clips which are used to insert into the rails of your truck bed. Now, also on the side, there is an adjustable hitch height that will allow you to accurately match to your specific trailer's height. Basically, it's a range of four inches. There's a set of holes down here, another set above it and each one goes up an inch, so it goes from 13 inches at the lowest to 17 inches. This design hitch is easy to install and remove. Now, the rails and installation kit are sold separately. This will fit on Curt, Valley, Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch and Reese Space Rails. It will work with vehicles specific or custom-made fifth wheel bracket which will make the installation much easier than the universal rails and installation kit. It does have gross towing weight capacity of 21,000 pounds, has a vertical load limit of 5,000. Again, the slider travel is 4-1/2 to 10 inches. Again, the hitch height that's adjustable, ranges from 13 inches to 17 inches. The kingpin opening right here is 5-3/4 inches wide. The steel on the skid plate is 5/8 inch thick steel. It does come with a three year limited warranty and again, that should do it for review on part number PS30121.