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Review of Performance Tool Tools PTW85025

Today we're going to take a look at the performance tool creeper seat tool box. Now this three drawer tool box has a nice reinforced seat which will support up to 350 pounds. It has a nice durable steel frame construction. The cushion on the top is a 2" thick seat cushion which is vinyl padded which gives you nice maximum comfort and support. The castors that it's own are a 2 1/2" diameter PVC full bearing castor. It gives you a nice, smooth, easy movement.

Very quiet as you can see. The three drawers right here in the front use roller bearing slides. If I turn this and open it up, you can see right on the side here nice roller bearing slides give you nice, easy, opening and closing. On the inside of each drawer they have a nice foam liner to protect the tools and even the tool box from any damage. If I move it to the back you can see on the back of the tool box it has this nice rear tool tray which will support screw drivers, pliers, small hammers. I happened to pull some screw drivers here just to show you. You can hang them in there.

Different size holes in them and a few slots for some pliers. That just holds your tools in place. On the side there are these compact storage trays and they are folding. In other words with them down, they do have a magnetic pad on the bottom of each one. There's one on each side you can see. With them down you can put your tools in there and you can see that the magnet will hold them into place so when you're moving this around, it won't rattle the tools all around.

If you're not going to use it as a tool tray, they do actually fold up and they have this nice strap with a button on it that you just push it on there and it will hold it in place. You can rotate it on the other side and do the same thing if you're not going to use them. It gives you a little more clearance. I do want to give you a few dimensions on this. We'll start with the seat itself. You can see the overall width is right at 16" by 9".

On the trays themselves I want to give you the internal dimensions, just so you know how much room you have in there for different tools. We'll do the internal. The overall width on this, let me get on this side, inside to inside you're going to be right at 12 3/4" wide. The depth on it from the back to the very front inside is right at 7 3/4". The height is right at 2 1/4". That's the internal dimensions with the pad in there. The overall dimensions we'll do it with the trays up just like this. From here to her you're going to be looking at right at about 18 1/2". The height and we're going to include the castors so from the very bottom to the very top of the seat is right at 16". The width, we're going to swing it around, we'll measure from here to here. You're going to be right at about 14 1/8". I'll give you the measurements with the trays down. The other two measurements would stay the same so the only difference with the trays down would extend it out a little further this way. If we go from the end right here all the way over, it's going to be right at 26 3/8". That should do it for the review on the performance tool creeper seat tool box.

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