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Review of Performance Tool Tools PTW54039

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Performance Tool aluminum work platform. This platform can be used for a variety of applications, whether you're wanting to use it as a step to gain some extra height, or as a work bench or working platform. The items are going to be a great accessory to have whether you're at home, camping, working in the shop, garage, or at the work site, or even just out in the road. Its compact designed, so you can easily put it in your vehicle, maybe to help load and unload those rooftop cargo carriers or anything like that. It's really a great accessory to have. It's a very versatile system that's going to offer more working room than some other ladders, steps, or even platforms. I do want to point out that the legs have a nice angled design. They're going to do a really good job at offering good support.

They lock into place, so it's going to have two locking components, one on this side right here, this corner, and then one on the opposite corner. Locking device is really nice. Thumb tab there, so you can rotate that out of the way, and it engages automatically. At the bottom of each foot, we're going to have a plastic cap that's riveted on there. That's going to offer really nice, solid footing. There's going to be ridges on the bottom there, so that's a non-skid design.

That way it doesn't shift around when you're using it, and it's not going to mark your flooring. Now, on the steps, right here on the sides, these ladder steps, and on the top, the surfacing is going to feature some grooves on it. That's going to ensure solid footing, make sure you don't slip around or anything like that. Also on the top, you'll notice that it's kind of got a slotted design, so it's got these channels here, so if you track anything on there, it's not going to affect the surfacing of the step. It'll get trapped in those channels, or it can actually fall through the gaps, like dirt, mud, and moisture. That way, that type of stuff doesn't affect the performance by collecting on the surface of the platform The unit's made from an anodized aluminum construction. It's very strong and durable.

It's going to do a great job at resisting rust and corrosion and lasting a long time. It's also a nice, compact, lightweight design that makes it easy to store and transport. The platforms are going to offer a weight capacity of 225 pounds. Taking a look at a few dimensions real quick, I'm going to go ahead and measure the height and the width at the base, so the height of the unit, about 19 and a half inches. If we measure the width, measuring from outside edge of foot to the same corner on the other side, it's going to be about 15 and one quarter inches. Measuring just the platform, that's going to give us a depth measurement, just the platform area, of 12 inches, and the platform area's going to give us a length measurement, so from this point here to the same point on the other side ...

About 30 inches long, so a nice, large platform, and if we measure from outside edge of each leg at the bottom, so if you look at this point here, you'll be able to see the measurement . Outside edge to outside edge, about 43 and a half inches long, overall length, bottom of foot to same point on the other side. I also want to give you the height measurement from the floor or tabletop to the top of the ladder step here, about 9 and one quarter inches. Now I'm going to show you how to get it folded. Really easy to do. It is foldable for compact storage. Going to rotate the locks out of the way. Once those are disengaged, the legs simply fold under. What I find easiest to do is just to go ahead and flip it, and do it that way, so now I want to go over the dimensions in the folded position, so I'm going to get us a height measurement, of about 5 and three quarters of an inch with it folded. Length measurement from edge to edge, folded position. It's going to to be around 31 inches, and then you can see that the outer point is going to be the actual leg right here, so if I measure from this outer edge to the same point on the other side, that's going to give us a folded width dimension of about 16 inches wide. That's going to do it for today's look at the performance tool aluminum work platform.

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