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Review of Performance Tool Tools PTW50063

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Performance Tool 600-Watt Shop Blower. The shop blower is a dual function device designed to function both as a blower and a vacuum. This is a 120-volt electric broom that's going to be great for garage floors, sidewalks, patios, cleaning dust and sawdust from power tools and work areas. It can be used for many more applications. It's going to feature amazing blowing power in a really nice, compact, easy to handle size. It's going to feature a 600-watt motor that produces 75 plus mile per hour airflow.

75 CFM, which is cubic feet per minute, when it comes to airflow and 16,000 max RPM. It does come with a nozzle that easily attaches and detaches. It's got the locking ring on there so you find the grooves, just rotate it until the grooves engage and then give it another turn to lock it into place. This nozzle length is going to measure right around eight and a half inches long. It's also going to come with a dust bag that easily attaches and detaches. Now, the connector right here, your main connector, is going to be the blowing connector, and then this one right here is the suction connector, so if you're wanting to use it as a vacuum to clean up your power tools and to clean up some smaller particles, you would take the nozzle, place it on this connector over here, rotate it into place, and then the dust bag would go on this connector here.

That'll collect all the stuff that you're vacuuming into the system. Now, I do want to mention that the suction connector does have a screen over it, so just keep in mind that this is going to vacuum small particles and smaller items. The power cord is right here, it's going to measure about eight and a half inches long from the housing to the base of the prongs. That's going to easily connect to an extension cord for easy operation. What's really nice design, you've got your trigger right here, so you can hold that down when you're ready to use it, and then it's got this little push button here, so you can push that in and you can lock that trigger into place for continuous use, that way you don't always have to hold that down. When you're ready to release it, push on the trigger, release, and it'll automatically turn the unit off. That's going to do it for today's look at the Performance Tool 600-Watt Shop Blower..

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