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Review of Performance Tool Battery Chargers PTW16751

Today we're going to take a look at the 600 peak amp jump starter and power bank. This is a nice portable, rechargeable lithium ion jump starter and power bank that can jump start your vehicle and recharge your smartphone or tablet. Comes in this nice zippered hard-shell storage case. Comes with your instructions and this is the size of your portable jump starter and power bank. Very nice, compact size. Comes with everything included, it has a 12 volt car adapter to charge it.

Comes with 120 volt AC wall charger also to charge it and on the other side in between this nice padded section they have your smart clamps for jump starting. This is designed to jump start medium to larger sized cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs with engine sizes up to 7 liters. Uses a lithium ion battery to provide longer shelf life. The voltage smart safety cables right here, the clamps will automatically shut off to prevent any sparking, reverse polarity, overload, or battery damage. The non-sparking technology provides an additional level of safety and on this it has LED indicators, will detect if the clamps are connected correctly. If it shows green that means you're ready to go, if it shows red that means you may have insufficient charge in the battery so you want to make sure you have at least 50% or more in the battery, and it also has an audible alarm which will mean the cables are connected.

You'll have them reversed so you need to make sure to correct that. When you do plug this in, if both red and green stay solid, that might mean the vehicle may require more current than this jump starter can provider. If you plug it in and it's red and green alternating that means there's sufficient charge in the battery so you're ready to jump start. I'm just going to show you right here. You just pull this little rubber part back and there's your connection. Just get the area that has the flat, one side of it has a flat connection, just go ahead and plug that in.

You'll notice when I plugged it in, just trying to show you, you'll see the alternating . We'll zoom in some. You'll be able to see there's the alternating red and green, so that means you do have sufficient charge in the battery. You'll be ready to jump start them. Does have a battery level indicator. What I'm going to do is just unplug this for right now.

Once we get that all unplugged we'll put the cover back on there. This battery level indicator basically to switch up here, you just press this once, and you can see when you do that the four lights will come on. Four lights solid means it's at 100% charged. If it showed three it'd be 75%. If it showed two solid that'd be 50% and then you have to remember you need at lease 50% to use this. One solid would be 25%. One flashing would be 10%. If it was totally unlit that means you need to charge it, it'd be 0%. The lights will flash during charging and they will all be lit when charging is done. Again, if you just push this, comes on. If you push it once it'll go off. It does go off after a while so it won't stay on. If you notice it does have the two USB ports on it right here. This is to recharge your smartphone or your tablet on the go. The USB output on this one is five volts one amp and this one is five volts 2.1 amps, so if you're using a tablet you are a charging, you want to use the higher powered one. I happen to have a phone here, smartphone that we're just going to plug into the regular one amp one. You'll notice when I push the button and the light comes on, that the phone lights up and it shows that it's charging. You can just turn it off. Right over here is the input, that's a 15 volt one amp input and that's for your chargers, either your 12 volt you just plug in right there to use your car adapter or if you're charging it at home just use your 120 volt wall charger. Plugs in also right there. On the very end here is an LED light. This LED light is a three mode LED light. If you push it once it'll be on, if you push it again it'll be a strobe, and if you do it again it'll be an SOS. To turn it on what we're going to do here is just hold this down for three seconds. One, two, three, and we'll let it go and you can see the light comes on so what I'm going to do is go ahead and turn off the overhead lights. You can see it'll give you a very large . Just going to stand back so you can see how it'll light up the area. Then again, if you push it once you can see that it'll flash strobe. Push that button one more time and it gives you your SOS. Again, if you push that button and hold it down for at least three seconds you can see that it'll go off. Go ahead and turn our lights back on. The capacity on this is 11,100 milliamps. Has a 6 hour charging time, has a 300 amp starting current and a 600 amp peak current. The weight on this is about 14 ounces so it is very light and just to give you the dimensions on it, the overall length of it is about 6-3/4. Width on it is about 3" and the thickness of it is about 1-1/4". Again, it comes with this nice storage hard-shell zippered storage pouch. That should do it for the review on the 600 peak amp jump starter and power bank.

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