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Optronics Trailer Lights - Tail Lights - TLL36RK Review

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Review of Optronics Trailer Lights TLL36RK

Today we're going to take a look at the Optronics waterproof over 80 inch Aeropro LED trailer light kit, number TLL36RK. This kit features two red waterproof Aeropro LED trailer lights with universal mounting lights, license bracket, two amber clearance lights, the wiring harness and the mounting hardware. The two universal mounted red lights, numbers STL36RB and STL37RB, this is our drivers side and this is our passengers side. The drivers side does come with a license plate clearance light. The two amber surface mounted clearance lights, they come with gaskets here to make them more water tight. The chrome base provides its own grounding.

When you actually do the install you'll take the tape completely off, but for now were just going to peel that back. You'll install these using these wires. You'll attach this part of the wire to the power source and put this part into the socket there, pop that right in there, and there you go, the ground being right there. We'll get that put back where it belongs here. These are great replacements for incandescent lights.

There is no bulbs to replace, no brittle filaments. The corrosion resistant license plate bracket fits right here on the back of the drivers side light and there are brackets on the back there for that to fit. You can also see the wires here. The white wire is your ground and the other two go to control your running lights and your break lights. Same for this side, white is your ground and the colored wires are for your breaking and running lights.

The stainless steel mounting hardware comes with it. It also comes with the 25 foot wiring harness, and that does include the four pole connector. This kit is Department of Transportation approved and there is a lifetime warranty on the LEDs. Quick note, if your trailer is over 80 inches Federal regulations require additional clearance lights, and those are sold separately. Now lets take a look at the what our lights are going to look like when they are actually running.

These are going to be the appearance as they are on and running, attached to the trailer going down the highway. This is what they are going to look like when the brakes are on or when you are using your blinker. Right there is your license plate illuminator. Now we're going to turn the lights off in the studio to give you an idea of what this looks like in proper conditions. Again this is your running lights as they run and that is going to be your brakes or your blinkers. There is your license plate illuminator. That is all we have for our Optronics waterproof over 80 inch Aeropro LED trailer light kit, number TLL36RK.

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