Optronics Trailer Lights - Clearance Lights - MCL47A16KV Review

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Review of an Optronics Sealed Rectangular LED Adhesive Mount Side Marker Light

Today we have Optronics Sealed Rectangular LED Side Marker Light, part number MCL47A16KV. This is a sealed, waterproof light, so it is fine to use on marine trailer applications. There are 4 amber LEDs inside that draw a total of .080 amps at 12.8 volts. The LEDs are covered by a lifetime warranty from Optronics. It is an adhesive mount that is designed to stick to the side of your trailer. It also uses a 2 pole wire loop. Next, we will hook up the light to a power supply so you can see how it works. We will connect our ground connection to the ground point and our power to the other. Next, we will turn off the overhead lights, so you can see how bright the light is. And there you have it for Optronics Sealed Rectangular LED Side Marker, part number MCL47A16KV.

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