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Review of MaxxTow Toolbox MT80349

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Max Haul Trailer Tongue Tool Box with a flush mounted latch. The tool box mounts to your A-frame trailer and provides additional storage space for your tools and gear. It's going to feature a built in gas strut that makes it easy to open the lid. All you have to do is open the latch, the lid opens automatically. That's really going to help prevent damage even when closing the lid. Not only does it open easily, but it really keeps the lid from being able to slam shut. Which, again is going to help prevent damage when closing it. It's also going to feature a notched design here on the back.

Which allows the lid to open up as much as possible. That way it gives you plenty of room to get your gear in and out of the box. It's going to feature your locking flush mounted paddle handle that keeps your tools and gear safe and secure. It does come with two keys. Move it to a locked position, see that it won't open, move it back to the unlock position and it opens automatically.

Really nice design. It's also going to feature a weather-proof seal, it's going to protect your items from the elements. It's made from a heavy duty steel construction with corrosion-resistant black powder-coated finish. It's a quick and easy installation. You would simply mount it to your trailer tongue with hardware. Mounting hardware needs to be provided separately, so it's not included. There are no pre-drilled mount holes in the bottom of the box because each application is going to vary a little bit on how the unit would install.

You would need to drill out your own holes and provide your own mounting hardware. It's pretty simple, you can simply screw it or bolt it onto your trailer frame and that's all there is to it. It does come with instructions to give you some information about the box and to walk you through the recommended installation process. We're going to go over a few measurements real quick. At the back of the box is where we're going to find the widest point of the box. If we take a measurement of that going from edge to edge this box is going to give us a measurement of about 33 3/4 of an inch long at the widest point.

If we take a width measurement, at the base where this would mount to the trailer, front to back measured about 14 and 1/4 inches wide at the base. Overall width or depth from very front, which would be the outer most point of the lid, to the very back is going to be about 14 and 7/8 of an inch deep. The overall height, that's going to give us a measurement of about 16 1/4 inches tall. At the front it's going to measure about 21 inches long at the front and at the bottom. Here at the lid, that's going to be about 21 1/2 inches long. Again, right here we're looking at about 21, right here we're looking at about 21 1/2. When it comes to the internal dimensions, I'll do my best to tilt this up that way you can see inside. At the widest point, which is at the very back of the box, is going to be about 33 inches long, about 20 3/4 inches long at the very front at the base. Front to back internally is about 14 inches wide. The overall height inside the box with the lid closed is going to be about 16 inches tall. It's going to offer about 2.75 cubic feet of storage space and the unit itself weights right around 50 pounds. That's going to do it for today's look at the Max Haul Trailer Tongue Tool Box with the flush mounted latch.

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