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MaxxTow Headache Rack - Grid-Style Headache Rack - MT70234 Review

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Review of MaxxTow Headache Rack MT70234

Speaker 1: Today we're going to take a look at the MaxxTow MaxxHaul Heavy Duty Black Steel Headache Rack. Now this heavy duty headache rack will help protect the cab of your truck from shifting cargo, prevents any cargo in your truck bed from crashing through your rear window. It is a grid style wire screen, which creates a barrier without obstructing your view. The cutout right up here allows your third brake light to shine through. And the screen is a welded cold-rolled wire, which 3/16" thick for strength. It is an easy, no drill, bolt on installation.

Basically just bolt this to your truck bed's stake pockets with additional . two additional holes are required, one in each bed rail. The bottom portion at the mounting brackets will adjust, you can see. On each side they'll slide in and out to fit different truck bed widths. The mounting hardware, I got all laid out there on the table.

That's all included.If you notice the uprights right here will extend above the screen to act as load stops, so you can lean ladders, lumber or cargo against the rail. And this is a commercial grade sturdy steel construction, which is strong and durable. And it's finished with a corrosion resistant black powder coat finish. Now, the overall height on this is 28-1/3". The width of the center section at the top here is 44".

At the bottom is 63-1/2". The tubing, the frame tubing is 2" in diameter. And this will adjust if you notice the brackets slide in and out. And you just put your bolts in there, so it will adjust anywhere form 62" to 74" from end to end of the L brackets. But that should do it for the review on the MaxxTow MaxxHaul Heavy Duty Black Steel Headache Rack..

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