Master Lock Trailer Coupler - Straight Tongue Coupler - 2836AT Review

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Review of Master Lock Trailer Coupler 2836AT

Today we'll be reviewing part number 2836AT. This is the Master Lock Trailer Coupler for 2" hitch balls. This is a zinc plated steel so it is designed to stand up well against rust and corrosion. It's going to offer us a gross weight capacity of 3500 pounds with a maximum tongue weight capacity of 350 pounds. As you can see here it's a nice, easy to use, trigger latch system. When we open up the latch it opens up the mechanism and then when we close it, it drops the mechanism to secure the hitch ball. The latch does feature a little hole here that way you can install a coupler pin or a coupler lock.

Those are available at and they are sold separately. This is a bolt on installation. The distance that we have from the center of each bolt hole is going to be 3". There's going to be two on each side and two holes here on the top. The diameter of each hole is going to give us a measurement of 5/8". If we measure the channel width we're going to get a measurement of 3".

This is designed for 3" square channel tongues. We'll go ahead and open up our latch, we'll take our 2" hitch ball and we can close the lever. Those hitch balls are going to be sold separately. You can see how that fully connects to the ball without allowing us to pull it away. It gives us the movement that we need so that way we can maneuver our trailer. To disconnect we lift up on the latch and it releases the ball with no problem.

This couple is going to give us an overall length from end to end right at 11". That's going to do it for today's review of part number 2836AT. This is the Master Lock Trailer Coupler for 2" hitch balls. .

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