Master Lock Trailer Coupler 2834AT Review

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Review of Master Lock Trailer Coupler 2834AT

Today were going to take a quick look at Master Locks Trailer Coupler part number 2834at. This trailer coupler is a bolt on design. Theres a pair of bolt holes on either side of the coupler. That way you can bolt it directly to your trailers tongue. Its designed to work with two and half inch channel tongue couplers. The inside width here measures two and half inches.

So you want to make sure to check your trailer tongue and found out if its compatible. It has a 2,000 pound gross trailer weight capacity and a 200 pound tongue weight capacity. Its zinc plated to help prevent against corrosion and its designed to work with one and seven eighths inch trailer balls. Now were going to go over the latch mechanism and show you how it works. Its got a trigger latch here on the bottom that youll pull up in order to open the latch all the way up.

When you close it this trigger latch will re-engage so that the latch cant come open unless you pull this release. You can also see here that theres a hole where you can fit in a coupler lock or a pin to keep the latch from opening either when youre trailering down the road or when you have your trailer in storage. Now well flip the coupler over so you can see how the mechanism works inside. The ball will sit here and this wedge latches up behind it. Well go ahead and release it and the wedge opens up so you can get the ball in or out.

You can use this nylon lock nut here to adjust it to make sure it fits your ball nice and snug. Weve got a one and seven eighths inch trailer ball so we can show you how it works. With the latch closed we cant fit the ball in. We release the latch. We can drop the coupler over the ball.

Well close the latch and the wedge tightens up behind the ball securing it. Well show you that from the underside too. Weve got our ball in place. Well release the latch and the wedge moves open to allow the ball free. Put the ball back in place and lock it down. Thats it for a quick look at the Master Lock Trailer Coupler part number 2834at.

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