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Review of Lippert Components RV TV Lift - LC309690

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Lippert Components RV TV Lift - LC309690 Review

Jeff: Hello everybody. This is Jeff at Today we're going to take a look at the Lippert components TV lift system with the wireless remote. Now, this TV lift is a great way to save on counterspace and an impressive way to display your TV. It will include everything laid out here on the table. It includes the lift rack itself, which is aluminum.

It includes the motor and the bearing block, the slide rack assembly, the TV mounting plate right here, and this is the control box, which is the TV lift controller. It has the wireless remote and also a manual switch.Now, this is a lightweight system. It's very easy to install and program and the smart technology of it'll shut the motor off in case of obstruction. The TV is designed to mount to this mounting plate and this lift rack right here uses a patented warm rail design, which will officially move your TV up and down. The worm gear right here that's on the bearing block, that'll insert into the serpentine groove right here to lift the rack, to move the TV up or down.

So basically what you'll do is put this lift dreck right into these rollers and then you just push it in far enough until that worm gear installs into this serpentine grid gear, and that's what will lift and lower your TV.The controller right here, this is what will plug into the motor right over here, and it can be operated from a distance using this wireless remote. Now, they do also include a manual switch for manual control of the TV lift, and on this control box, it's an easy one button program. There's a white button right here. You just use that same button to program the two stopping points, so the programming takes less than one minute. It is designed to lift TVs winning up to a hundred pounds.

Now, the lift rack right here, length on that, it's going to be right at 30 inches. Now the size of the TV that you use may limit the amount of lift you'll get, and these parts are made in the USA, but that should do it for the review on the Lippert components TV lift system with the wireless remote.

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