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Lippert Components RV and Camper Steps - Manual Step - LC293661 Review

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Review of Lippert Components Enclosed Trailer Parts LC293661

Today we are going to review part number LC293661. This is the Lippert aluminum tread light manual pull out steps for RV's. This is a triple step with a 9 inch rise. These are manually operated RV steps, which makes it very easy to get into and out of your motor home. Basically, right here, where it says pull, you just simply pull out these steps. Just like that, flip the bottom step down, and you have your triple steps. Then when you're not going to use them, when you're needing to travel, just flip that step back up, push them all right back into place for storage.

Very easy to do. On the steps, let me pull them back out, show you the step themselves. They are a textured surface, have a nice textured surface on them, provides traction in wet or muddy conditions. The steps are made of aluminum, so they are rustproof. They are very lightweight construction, makes extending and retracting these steps very easy to do. The frame itself is a black powder coated steel frame.

The linkages on the steps are a nice black powder coat, so they are all corrosion resistant. Basically installing these steps on your RV is pretty easy to do. You can either bolt it on, or weld it on. On the frame right here, there's pre-drilled holes on both sides of the mounting brackets. These will match up to holes in your RV's frame for an easy bolt on installation. The mounting hardware is sold separately.

We do sell it on our website. It's actually listed on this product page as a related product. It's Lippert's mounting hardware kit, part number LC118155-72. Use those to just bolt it. Basically it's 2 carriage bolts and lock nuts on each side, attaches to your RV's frame. If you didn't want to use the mounting hardware, you could actually just have these welded onto your motor home or RV. Also, on some, depending on the model of your stairs on your RV, some might require outriggers, and basically those are brackets, long metal brackets, one for each side.

We do sell those separately. They're LC301704, and again they're listed as a related product. Sometimes those are needed for installation depending on the model of the steps you have already on the RV. A few specs on this. I'm going to give you the width of the stairs. It's going to be right at 24 inches wide. The depth on each stair is 8 and one half inches. The overall dimension, including the frame, edge to edge, is going to be right at . Outside to outside, 27 and 3 quarter inches wide, and the depth from the back to when it's fully extended is going to be right at 38 inches deep. Again, the rise I mentioned on the stair is going to be right at 9 inches rise. Again, the weight capacity is 350 pounds. Again, just to show you, that's fully extended. When you retract them, just flip that bottom step up, and push the rest of the stairs all the way in. I think what I'm going to try to do here is give you an idea. Let me rotate this around so you can see it from the side, give you and idea of how far they extend out. Then we'll just go around, pull the stairs just like this. You can see them extend all the way out. Then again, flip this bottom stair down. You can see how far they extend out. Again, when you're travelling, just flip that up, and then flip them all right back in, out of the way. That should do it for the review on the part number LC293661, the Lippert aluminum tread light manual pull out steps for RV's. It's a triple step with a 9 inch rise. .