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Review of K Source Custom Towing Mirrors KS62076G

Today, we'll be reviewing part number KS62076G. This is a K-Source Custom Extendable Towing Mirror for the driver side of your vehicle. To see if this is going to fit your particular year make and model you can refer to the vehicle list at the bottom of the product page. The extendable towing mirror replaces the factory side view mirror on your vehicle. It does offer a telescoping function and makes this perfect for those who frequently tow a trailer. Making it easier when parking, changing lanes and passing.

All you got to do is pull the mirror away from your vehicle, it's going to extend your line of sight by up to four inches. Also making it really easy to see around the side of your trailer. When not in use, you can simply just push the two half back together and it's going to provide a nice compact design. Great thing about the towing mirror is that it really eliminates the need for a snap on or strap on mirror that you constantly have to take on and off whenever you're ready to tow or fit into the tight space. Here on the corner of the mirror, we have a red LED turn signal that is a high intensity LED lamp so you're going to be able to see it from quite a ways away. Also on the bottom we have a spotter mirror, this is manually adjustable and that is designed to be that way.

You're not going to have power function of that anytime you want to adjust it you just have to push around the corner switch with the angle that you want. That's there to further reduce the possibility of blind spots. The main mirror is a heated mirror face so it's going to do well when it comes in melting away ice and snow. Another great feature of that is that it's never going to fog up. The main mirror does have the power adjustment but again the spotter mirror is adjusted manually. Another great feature is that whenever you need to fit into those tight parking spaces you can fold the mirror in towards that vehicle.

It just has the junction here so all you got to do is pull the mirror towards the vehicle and it's going to fold right in. The custom design is going to provide a perfect fit for your vehicle so it's going to be nice and secure, you can see here that its going to use the factory footprint. It does use the factory connections for electric turn signal and heat functions. It's also going to have the same footprint and use the same mounting points as the factory mirror. Please keep in mind that you cannot upgrade to a power mirror with heated face and turn signals if you're owning a mirror that's not already equipped with those functions. I'll go over a few measurements.

Our mirror face is going to give us a width of seven inches. The overall height is measuring both mirrors or the overall link is going to be about twelve inches. That bottom spotter mirror is going to measure about three and three quarters of an inch and it's going to have the same width which is going to be right at that seven inch mark. The overall length when in the retracted position is going to measure about eighteen inches and then when you extend it you're going to be able to extend it up by four inches so then the fully extended position measurement would be twenty two inches. That's going to do it for today's review with part number KS62076G. This is the K-Source Custom Extendable Towing Mirror for the driver side. .

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