Review of Jensen RV Stereos - In-Cab Stereo - JRV4100

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Jensen RV Stereos - In-Cab Stereo - JRV4100 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Jensen Touch Screen Bluetooth RV Stereo, with the Camera Input. Now, this Jensen touch screen Bluetooth RV stereo will pull double duty as both a fully-loaded in-dash stereo, and a full color observation monitor to save valuable space in the cockpit. It's a double din sleeve mount. Has a nice touch screen six point two TFT display. Offers an AM/FM tuner, with audio controls and preset equalizer. Has a clock and 18 pre-set station memory.

Does do Bluetooth streaming audio playback. Has a front panel USB. If you pop open this door, there's your front panel USB, so it'll play back MP3 and WMA audio files. Has, right below that, a front panel aux audio-video input. Does have a rear camera input with auto trigger wire, and it is a three-wire power system, battery, accessory and ground.

Uses composite video output, RCA connections, and it does include this nice infrared remote. It's a low-level audio output, sub woofer output. Four by 40 watt max audio output power.A few specs on this. The power system is for 12 volt DC. Operating voltage range is nine volts to 18 volts.

Current draw at 12 volts, when it's idle, it's 35 milli-amps. Nominal is three amps, and maximum is 11.5 amps. Temperature range operating is negative four degrees Fahrenheit to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. Storage is negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Maximum relative humidity 95%.

Does include everything here on the table. Includes the remote, includes the mounting hardware and even the release handles to get it to release from your dash, and even has this nice black trim ring. Right after it gets installed, pop that on to give it a nice clean look, and a quick reference guide to show you how it operates.Going to give you some overall dimensions on this. Let me just go ahead and pop that trim ring back off. The length of it . overall length of it is going to be right at seven and a quarter inches, just the face portion is right at seven inches. The width on it, the widest point, is going to be right at five and a quarter inches, and the total height on it is right at four inches tall. Overall weight on this unit is only about three and a half pounds.But that should do it for the review on the Jensen Touch Screen Bluetooth RV Stereo, with the Camera Input.

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