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Review of Hopkins Wiring HM47180

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number HM 47180, this is the Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow 4-way flat to 7-way RV trailer adapter with the 4-way vehicle end plug built into the adapter. The 7 blade RV style trailer connectors are going to let you connect your trailer's wiring to your vehicle. You can use this as a replacement for a damaged 7-way socket, or you can use it as an adapter that changes your 4-way connector to a 7-way blade style connector. You're going to have the 4-pull flat plug that's built into the unit down there at the base, very easy to access, and you're going to have the spring loaded lid right here that allows us to gain access to the 7-way connection. Very simple installation. What you need to do is you need to connect this 4-way plug to the connector on your vehicle.

It's got the nice protective wire loom, so it's going to protect those wires. This connector plugs into the 4-way connector on your vehicle. It's got the exposed wires right here, that way you can hard wire this into the existing wiring to get the addition functions that's needed for the 7-way. The other end of the harness is going to plug into the back portion here. It's going to snap in there, so now you've got all your power coming through, and you're going to have a new 7-way. You're still going to be able to maintain the 4-way connector, because it's built into the base of the housing.

Again, we're going to have the nice spring loaded cap. This unit's going to feature enhanced weather-proofing, it's got the internal seal, so it's going to keep out dirt and moisture, and it's going to feature the corrosion-resistant terminals. It's made from a durable ABS plastic construction, so it's going to do a good job at protecting all the connection points and keeping out that dirt and moisture that we don't want getting in there. The oversize hinge allows the lid to open 180 degrees for simple connecting. You're also going to get your mounting bracket, and all the necessary hardware for your installation, and you're going to get a couple terminal grease packets.

Those go on your connection points to help keep out any type of corrosion. The bracket's going to get mounted under the vehicle, and then it's going to hold your new adapter. Kind of show you what that looks like. It's going to hold your new adapter, that way this is easily accessible at the back of your vehicle, so you can always make your connections when you need to. Again, all the hardware to get the adapter mounted onto the bracket, and the bracket mount to the vehicle, all that's included. That's going to do it for today's review of part number HM 47180, this is the Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow vehicle end plug..

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