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Hopkins RV Covers - Windshield Covers - HM17529 Review

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Review of Hopkins RV Covers HM17529

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to take a look at the Hopkins Arctic Guard Heavy-Duty Windshield Cover for winter or summer protection. Basically, when the weather piles it on, or the sun turns up the heat, we've got you covered with this heavy-duty windshield cover that will install on the outside of your vehicle. I do have it folded in half. You can see, if you unfold it, it's very large.Basically, in the winter, you'll have no more scraping of snow or ice. All you have to do is just remove the cover and you're ready to go. In the summertime, it'll help keep the interior vehicle cool and protect your interior from any UV damage.It is a universal fit for most vehicles.

Size on it is, when you extend, open it up, it's 73-inches long by about 40-inches tall. It is a lightweight vinyl material, almost like an umbrella-type material. If you notice, on each end, they do have these on elastic straps, these mirror pockets that will fit over your side view mirrors. They do have a mesh side on them. What's nice about this is when you fold this up and to store it, you can fold it small enough that it will fit into one of these mirror pockets, and it's easy to carry around.This will easily install on the outside of your windshield.

Just open it all the way up. First thing you want to do is install the mirror covers over your side view mirrors. Once you get those installed, then just lay the over part over the windshield. Go to the inside, and on the very top, you'll see these elastic straps with hooks on them. Open the doors, run these to the inside, then just hook these together so it will hold it all into place.I don't know if you noticed, on the outside, when this is installed on the outside, you have these elastic straps, buckles and straps, that you can pull to adjust the fit of the cover.

If it's a smaller vehicle, you can adjust it in to get a little bit tighter fit. You can adjust them to cover for a perfect fit. Saves you a lot of time and effort.That should do it for the review on the Hopkins Arctic Guard Heavy-Duty Windshield Cover for winter or summer protection.

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