Hopkins Brake Controller - Proportional Controller - HM47297 Review

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Review of Hopkins Brake Controller HM47297

Today were going to review part number HM47297. This is the Hopkins Insight flex mount trailer brake controller. This brake controller will activate your trailer brakes in proportion to your vehicles braking action. It will automatically adjust your trailers braking based on the deceleration of the tow vehicle, and it does activate immediately so theres no pausing like with some of the time delayed brake controllers. The flex mount system here includes three separate pieces each of which can be mounted in different locations; the flex display which is this one right here. This will mount on the dash or anywhere in line of sight, does come with a cord that plugs into the smart box.

Its about a six foot long cord so you still have to make sure you place it to where that cord can plug into the smart box. Has a digital display which will show braking percentage and diagnostics. The flex control which is this one right here, this will also attach to the smart box. It has about a four foot long cord, and you want to have that in an easy to reach area, and it does have this manual override you can see right here. On this side theres an S button.

It stands for sensitivity button, and on the other side there are two buttons that show plus and minus or up and down and those are your power adjustment buttons. Now this smart box, this is actually the brain of the unit. This will mount onto your kick panel or the side of your center console. It is an inertia based control which must be pointed in the direction of travel. So if your vehicles moving this way you want this to be mounted on the kick panel or on your center console either way.

Now when you do mount it it does need to be you can mount it 360 degrees vertical plane. It has a 360 degree vertical plane operating range, but as far as the horizontal range which is side-to-side, you dont want to go really much more than 10 degrees either way. Now it does have, this flex control does have seven sensitivity levels which lets you adjust your initial braking power and the aggressiveness. This whole system has an integrated short circuit protection. As you can see it has the on the flex control is the built in slide-style manual override.

It comes with the mounting hardware, does also come with this pigtail universal wiring harness. Now we also do sell, and I would recommend to check the fit guide on our website for your vehicle, but we do sell vehicle specific brake control adapters that you can just plug this into the smart box and then plug it into the factory brake controller on your vehicle. For this case I'm going to demonstrate the brake controller and we're going to use this universal one that just has the pigtails wires. And I do have a power supply that were going to hook it up to so we can get some power and just show you how the brake controller will work. Once we have those all connected, now well just go ahead and you can see here it just plugs into the smart box. This would be mounted on your kick panel. And then what you want to do is find a place for your flex control, and basically when you plug these in theres two different holes so you cannot plug them into the wrong port. So this one would basically plug into here and the display itself will actually plug into the middle one. So now that weve got that all wired up, when I turn on the power youll be able to see this one will actually, the flex control will have a red light, and youll see on the display itself when it shows a trailer is connected it will just show a single red dot. If there was no single red dot like if I turn this off, that means a trailer is not connected. So once you turn it on or connect it, youll see the number will come up and then it will just go to a single red dot. Now when you move this manual slide, youll be able to see as you push this down you can see the percentage thats applied to your brakes, and you do set that amount. The first thing youll do on the flex control is set your power output. So if you push that down and then you can push plus you can see itll change it a percentage. Thats a percentage so each time you push this up or down itll change it 5%. And then youll go to the other side and then youll see as you push the sensitivity button thats two, three, four, five, six, seven. Theres seven different levels so depending on the load youll be towing, if its a heavier load youll go up to a higher sensitivity level, and then basically this will be in reach so if you have to have a situation where you have to apply the brakes immediately, youll just push this manual and as you can see whatever you had it set at, it will give you the maximum output to your brakes. And again the application for this brake controller is for trailers with up to four axles or eight brake assemblies. It is designed for use with electric or electric over hydraulic trailer brakes, and it does come with a limited lifetime warranty. And that should do it for the review on part number HM47297, the Hopkins Insight flex mount trailer brake controller. .

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