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Hickory RV Steps RV and Camper Steps - Motorhome - 953240RFALC1 Review

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Review of Hickory RV Steps RV and Camper Steps 953240RFALC1

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Hickory Springs Manual Pull Out Steps for RVs. The manually operated RV steps makes it easy to get into and out of your motor home. Right now I have them in the end use position. To move it to a stowed position, take the bottom step, fold it up on top of the middle one, grab the grab handle and rotate the unit in. It's very easy to do so, it automatically locks into the stowed position and then when you're ready to bring it out to the end use position, it'll automatically engage into the end use position.It's got the nice large grab handle here, provides an easy grip design, and it keeps your hands away from moving components. Pull that out, take this step and unfold it.

That's all there is to it, really nice easy movement, seamless operation. This unit does contain three steps, two grip strips on each step provides sure footing and safety when entering and exiting the RV. The unit also features three holes on each step platform so if dirt or moisture gets trapped onto the step, it does have a way to escape.Now the platforms are made from anodized aluminum, so they're lightweight and rustproof. The lightweight design really makes extending and retracting the steps very easy. The frame and the linkages are all made from steel and feature a nice black powder coated finish.

So overall, the unit's very strong and durable and it's gonna last a long time, it's going to resist rust and corrosion and look good for a long time as well.One of the neat features I like about this particular set of steps is that it features the curved radius front edge. That offers a really nice sleek look to the unit. It's an easy bolt on or weld on installation. This is going to mount to your RV frame in the same manner as your factory step. It may require outriggers for your installation.

Outriggers are sold separately, and available if you're in need of those. Mounting hardware for bolt on installation is not included. It does feature some pre-drilled mount holes over the unit. That way you can easily get it bolted on if that's what your application calls for.The product is made in the USA. A few measurements I want to mention for you real quick.

Each step has a width of 24 inches. That's actual platform surface, and a depth of about eight and a half inches. The mounting bracket, so outer edge to outer edge, is 27 and a half inches wide. At the widest point here on the side plates, front to back, that's 12 inches deep. Right here, that's nine inches deep. And then corner to corner right here, is eight inches deep.These side brackets have a height of around 13 inches. The mount holes here on top are separated on center, front to back, by about seven inches. And then they're separated on center, side to side going straight across, by about 26 inches.When it comes to the drop and rise, from the mounting area to the top of the top step is about three and three quarters of an inch. From this one to this one is about six and a half inches to six and five-eighths. From this one to this one is that same measurement, six and a half to about six and five-eighths of an inch. The unit does feature the brackets here in the back, again it's got numerous pre-drilled holes on it. That way it has a really, really great chance of fitting your particular RV.When it comes to the capacity, it's rated for up to 300 pounds, but just always keep in mind that weight capacity is always dependent on the location of our installation area, capacity of your installation and the materials that you're using for your installation.That's going to do it for today's look at the Hickory Springs Manual Pull Out Steps for RVs.