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Review of Hayes Brake Controller HA81742B

Today we are going to be taking a look at the Hayes Enegerize III Plus. This is an electric brake controller. This proportional brake controller is for use on all trailers with 2, 4, or 6 electric trailer brakes. A proportional brake controller works in direct proportion to the tow vehicles braking effort, so basically the more deceleration detected by the internal censor, the greater the amount of power that is delivered to the trailer brakes. This offers faster and smoother stopping performance, as well as extra power and control. It activates immediately, so there is no pausing like when using time delay brake controllers.

It's going to provide automatic and manual trailer braking with 100% braking power in manual mode. This brake controller features built in safe guards that are designed to protect your vehicle and your trailer. Some of those safe guards, I'm going to mention 3 of them. The first one is that the trailer and tow vehicle stop lights will operate when the trailer brakes are applied automatically or manually with the brake controller. The unit has built in short circuit protection from trailer brake wiring and it's going to feature hazard flash immunity that prevents pulsing of the brakes when the flashers are activated on the tow vehicle when the controller is adjusted correctly. Now the unit is going to come with detailed installation instructions. They are going to help with the initial setup.

It's going to go through owner responsibilities and it's going to walk you through the entire process of getting the unit out of the packaging to fully installed in your particular vehicle. Now right here on the front of the controller, there is going to be a red LED indicator. This will illuminate from dim to bright when stopping and will return to dim when deceleration is no longer detected. When the tow vehicle brake pedal is released, the controller and the red indicator will be turned off. The units also going to feature a gain wheel, that's located right here, that allows you to increase or decrease the amount of power being sent to your trailer brakes. On this side of the unit, it's going to have a deceleration sensor lever, that's going to let you adjust the braking aggressiveness. Then right here also at the front, it's going to have the slide bar manual override, so the further the lever is moved, the greater the amount of braking power that's applied manually to the trailer brakes.

This operation is an independent circuit and overrides the gain wheel adjustment, to allow full braking effort whenever needed. The unit is going to come with your mounting bracket, as well as your installation hardware. It's also going to come with VHB tape, which stands for very high bonding. This tape is included for an easier installation. You just peel that off, stick it to the unit and then stick it to the mounting surface. It's also going to come with a cleaning pad, so that way you can effectively clean the mounting surface when you're mounting it with the VHB tape. It's going to come with the 2 installation options.

Hardware is included. Everything that you need to get it installed is included. The controller is a really nice design, pretty compact. We'll take some measurements here in a couple of minutes, but it does come with the installation bracket. On the sides you're going to have 4 anchor holes, or adjustment holes, so you can choose whatever one works best for your application. Now when it comes to mounting, it does offer a wide range of mounting positions and pendulum adjust ability. Mounting angles between -35 and +90 degrees can be accommodated by this controller. Please keep in mind that the unit must be installed so that it is parallel with the travel of the tow vehicle and the trailer. When it comes to the wiring, the units going to feature the Hayes quick connect wiring, that makes connecting and disconnecting the brake controller quick and easy. The wiring simply plugs into a vehicle specific wiring adapter. Now those adapters are sold separately, they are available at etrailer.com, so you can check out that option to see if a wiring adapter is available for your vehicle. If you don't want to use that wiring adapter, you can cut that off, expose the wires and you can use it as a hard wire application as well. A few measurement to go over with you real quick starting with the overall width of the unit. Edge to edge, we're looking at a measurement of about 3 1/4 inches wide. Taking a look at the length from back to front, that is going to give us a length measurement of about 5 3/8 of an inch. Then when it comes to the thickness, that's going to give us a thickness of about 1 3/8 of an inch. The product is also made right here in the U.S.A. That's going to do it for today's look at the Hayes Energized III Plus.

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