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Goal Zero Generators- Backup Batterys - 287-23100 Review

Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at the Goal Zero Yeti Expansion Tank. This is a portable 12 volt lead acid battery that can be added onto your Yeti Lithium Power Stations to expand the capacity by 1.2 kilowatts of energy storage per battery. These can be Daisy chained together, linked with other batteries in the system to give you more power. It's really an unlimited number of batteries that you can add on to make sure that you're meeting your exact needs.

These are designed to work with the Yeti Lithium Power Stations specifically. They can be integrated into your homes circuits for a seamless backup power service. You've probably already got the Yeti Lithium Power Station, this is just going to be an add on for you to make sure that you always have power.If you have the Yeti system, you probably already know that it can be mounted inside your motor home or RV to give you power when you are out camping. But you can also then take it inside in the off season when you're not camping so that you're getting year-round use out of your battery system. And this is just going to add onto that, give it more backup power so that if you do have a blackout you can stand it longer or power up more appliances.

Same thing when you're out camping, it's just going to give you more versatility, greater power draws.This does weigh about 77 pounds though, so you're probably not going to want to switch it back and forth very often, probably just once or twice a year, like I said, in the off season, or when you're getting ready for the camping season.To charge this up, it is going to take 18 hours with a 72 watt wall charger. The battery itself is a 12 volt with 100 amp hours. The ports that we have on the side here, we've got a male and a female input, output. Both of them have the 100 amp max. These are what's going to connect your battery to your Yeti system and also to any other batteries that you have hooked up in your chain.I do want to give you a few measurements to make sure that this is going to fit in your setup.

Our total length, we're right about 15 and a quarter of an inch or total width, is right about seven and five eighths of an inch. And our total height, we're looking at right about 10 and three quarters of an inch.I think this is going to be a great add on to your Yeti system to give you expanded power. And like I said, you can add on as many of these as you would like. We also have other kits that have two battery packs already, four battery packs. But if you already have one of those, you need another battery, this is going to work great for you.

Or if you're just looking for one backup battery, this is going to do a good job of just extending the life of whatever you're using, giving you that extra power. That's going to complete our look at the Goal Zero Yeti Expansion Tank. Thanks for watching.

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