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Review of GasStop Propane - Hoses - GS47FR

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GasStop Propane - Hoses - GS47FR Review

Hey, everybody. Welcome to I'm Bobby, and today we're taking a look at the gas gear 90 degree propane hose with stainless steel construction. So guys, this is going to be an excellent way of- just go ahead and clip in right into, or threading onto your propane lines using the standard acme connection that we have. And then we can go ahead and run this line back to our regulator or around. Now personally, I'm a really big fan of this line 'cause it's 18 inches long.

There is a 12 inch version if you guys aren't quite needing this extra length. However, this length is excellent to go ahead and run through our regulators that might be behind our propane tanks. And a lot of times we're going to have two of those tanks kind of right on the front of our trailers, right And this makes it really easy to go ahead and bend this back, get it out of the way. And that way, if we are working in a confined space, we can get this turned to our regulator in no time. Not going to be adding too much extra length, which is great.

But yeah, you do have just a nice, stainless braided steel construction here, making sure that you'd be resisting that corrosion really, really well. And if you guys are wanting something a little different, there is going to be a rubber version of this as well, which can be a little bit more economical. But the- I just think the braided cable is a little better. We're going to have this on the front of our trailer, in the weather almost all the time, unless we're putting a cover of some kind over it. And at that point, you're really going to have this getting baked by the sun.

And rubber, you know, it only holds up so long. Now, I will say it handled it, and it does seem like a quality construction with that rubber, but I'll leave that up to you guys. I am a little big fan of the stainless steel with the brass fitting. That way we have no kind of corrosion issues, which is great. But yeah, just a really simple way of just getting this away from your propane tank.

You are going to have, like I said, your quarter-inch inverted flare male connector here, making sure you plug right into that regulator for yourself. And you're going to have a max pressure of about 250 PSIG, as well as a 200,000 BTU per hour capacity, which is great. I think we'll have no trouble getting our tank to really get the output we're looking for. And one thing I'll say though, this also works really, really well in conjunction with the GasStop. So I have that here today too, just to give us a look at it. And basically what this guy does, it is going to be emergency shut-off valve for your propane line. So maybe we're a little forgetful. We forget to turn off our propane as we start going down the road in those early mornings. Somebody rear-ends us, we have a blowout, whatever might happen. Then, if something we're to hit our propane lines that are running underneath our RV, we can start dousing everything with propane. And with any kind of sparks or flames or anything, then we could really start a really bad accident, which would be no bueno. Of course, GasStop always goes ahead and suggests turning off your propane as always, but sometimes we're a little forgetful, right And this simply goes on standard acme connection as well, threads right onto our propane tank. Go ahead and mix, there we go. That felt better. Get that threaded on. And then, this still even works in conjunction with your 90 degree big tail hose, which is really nice. So go ahead and just get that nice and secure on there and then we can run that to our regulator. So that is adding just a little bit more room, but in conjunction with our 90 degree turn, right I don't think we're going to have any issues, even with that confined space, which can be great. So I really do like the system guys. It's just a nice way to getting this ran to our regulator and not have to kind of worry about all that extra on the end that we usually have to. So I really do like to see that. Overall, just a great little way, guys. Just going ahead and modifying your propane setup. That way you have an easier time on those road trips. Like I said, give the other ones a look guys, if you are needing a different little size or length, but other than that, I think that about does it for our look here today at the gas gear, 90 degree propane hose with stainless steel construction body. Thank you for why..

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