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Furrion RV Stoves and Cooktops - Stove - FSRE17SASS Review

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Review of Furrion RV Stoves and Cooktops FSRE17SASS

Today we're taking a look at the Furrion 17 inch two-in-one range oven. Now, this is designed for your RV. The two-in-one range oven provides all you need to cook a quality meal in your camper or RV. This is a three burner design with a single adjustable shelf located here in the oven. So, I'll put that down and you can see there, this right here is our shelf. This right here is not a cooking surface, that's just the plate that protects the heating unit underneath and so your shelf is right here and then it has one more notch above it where it can be adjusted higher, if needed.Located on top, we have the three burners, two in the back, one in the front.

The controls are all located on the front. Makes it easy to control and operate. This unit runs off of propane and the power input is 12 volt DC. This right here is the ignition. This is a pulse ignition switch.

This one right here controls back left, this one right here controls front center, this one right here controls back right. This control is the oven and then we also have a switch for the light.The light controls the light function here on the back of each control knob, so each control knob has this ring around it and that will light up like a blue color, so it makes it easier to see in low light conditions and then that light also controls an oven light.Here in a moment, I'll actually hook it up to power and I'll show you what those lights look like and I'll turn off the overhead light so you can get a good view of it. Now, I do want to point out that here on top, we do have a two piece slide form glass cover. It keeps the burners covered when not in use and then it acts as a back splash when the burners are in use. We also have a three layer glass door.

It's very strong and durable.Again, it does have an oven light. Each burner area . I didn't actually measure this element right here, I measured from the edge of the raised area, kind of in that bottom pan, to the same point on the other side, so each burner area has a diameter of around 4 3/4", and then your cooking grate, this is removable, it gives a measurement of 15 1/2" front to back by 19 1/4" side to side. We're looking at a stainless steel design.Now, one of the biggest things that we hear about in the RV industry is a lot of people always experience rattling from their unit when they're in travel. I do want to point out a couple things about this unit as far as rattling goes.

The door, I don't think you're going to have any rattling around this area. You have the seal right here, which creates a really nice, soft touch and it latches all the way shut. The grate itself, sits and engages on these rubber bumpers, so I can lift this up here, it has a little peg that comes out, pushes in a rubber bumper and you're not going to have any rattling from that grate.I think the only thing that you'll have rattling from is from this top glass, here. The reason why I say that is because without hardly any effort at all, I can just barely push on it and you can hear it rattling. So, what I would recommend doing is when it comes to you, in the box you're going to have this bubble wrap. What you can do, as long as you're heating surface isn't hot, you can also use like a towel or something else, but id recommend putting something in here like this and then putting the glass down and that takes care. It still has a little bit of movement, but you're not going to hear that rattling noise. So, just something to think about with this unit.Now, installation requires a cut out into the cabinet and it requires hardware. Your cut out guide is included in the instructions. You will need to provide four tapping screws on both the left and right side of the unit to secure the range oven onto the cabinet. Your holes are right here. So you got two holes here and two holes here and the way you gain access to that is you need to remove the glass and this top portion here to gain access to those mount holes. It's the same setup on the other side, so you need to provide total of eight tapping screws and really that's all there is to it.Now, when it comes to the overall dimensions of this unit, the overall width edge to edge is 21 1/2" wide. It measures 16" tall by 22" deep. That's from the very back of the unit to the outermost point of the unit, including the handle. Your cutout needs to measure 17 3/4" deep by 20 1/8" wide by 16 1/8" tall. The inner volume right here, this is a 35 liter volume and that's the oven space. I know that's kind of hard to gauge, so what I did was I took a few measurements for you. Inner edge to inner edge side to side is 17" wide. The usable space when it comes to the depth form the very back of the unit to the front right here is about 14", and then with this shelf in the lowest position from the top of the shelf to the top edge right here is about 3 3/4". Again, you do have two levels that you can adjust the shelf and I do have it at the lowest one with the those measurements.When it comes to the heat input, the left cook top burner and the right cook top burner is 6500 BTU, front cook top, that's that center one, is 8000 BTU. Oven burner is 7100 BTU. Here on the back side, you'll see all the connections. It uses a standard propane supply hose right here and then you have a two wire design for your lighting on this unit. 12 volt DC, white is ground, black is power. Your inlet pressure, 10" water column minimum to 13.8" water column maximum.So, I'm going to go ahead and hook up some power to this real quick and just show off the lights a little bit. Just let me get my wires connected. So, you can see here that the lighting on the controls are back lit a little bit so you can see that very well as well as the actual switch and then we have the oven light all the way in the back, towards the top. Allows us to see inside the oven area of the unit. And those are all controlled right here with a push button switch.That's going to do it for today's look at the Furrion 17 inch two-on-one range oven.

Questions and Comments about this Video


We have a Furrion 3-burner gas range. At our walk through, everything worked. We’ve taken the trailer out 4 times. 1st time could not get any of 3 burners or oven to work. We had gas to outside grill, fridge, hot water heater and furnace. Called place we bought it and not very helpful. After a Google search and some tinkering, I took the bladder valve? apart. Spring had it stuck closed. Put OT back together and burners worked but no gas to oven. Not sure how to take oven valve apart or replace. No parts numbers with owners manual. I know gas is getting to the valve because I can disassemble to that point a d gas will flow to there. When I reconnect, no gas to the ignition point. Any help is much appreciated. Where we bought it from has terrible customer service and Forest River just refers me back to them.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

It sure is frustrating when things don't work like they are suppose to. Sorry you are having this trouble. Just to confirm, your gas water heater is working, and your stove top burners are working, and your outside grill is working. That eliminates a lot of things. If your oven is not working, the first step is to make sure you know it likely has a pilot flame that has to be manually lit. Does the temperature knob for the oven have a position marked "pilot"? Usually you have to press in the knob while in the pilot position. When you are trying to light it can you smell the gas in the oven? My oven pilot is difficult to light. I have to move the flame around to find the gas port. Let me know how this goes.

Reply from Robert

@LesD there is not a pilot marker. You turn gas on at dial to on and turn other dial for igniter. Somewhere there is a block. It is either at the dial valve or plugged at the end point. Still having communication issues with the RV seller. Called Forest River, they said they sent parts to my RV rep. Who knows??? Thank you for getting back.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

@Robert Instead of using the twist igniter, turn the oven on and try a stick lighter. You know your oven better than me, but on my range oven, the twist igniter only works on the range top, as designed from the factory. Could yours be like that? Have you EVER lit the oven with the igniter? Before you try the stick lighter, light a couple burners and let them run for a minute to purge any air that might be in the lines.


I'm looking for this model on the Furrion website and they don't seem to have a full stainless steel model. Do you know where I can find this exact model?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

This model was discontinued about 6 months ago which is why you can't find it anywhere. I have linked our selection for you to check out though.