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Furrion RV TV - LED TV - FEHS24T8A Review

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Review of Furrion RV Electronics FEHS24T8A

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Furrion HD LED Television. This television is going to provide visual entertainment in your RV. Screen size is 24". It offers a 178-degree viewing angle. It's going to provide 720p HD viewing with a refresh rate of 60 Hertz. This TV has been designed and engineered for Marine specialty vehicle and mobile applications. It's designed to plug into a standard wall outlet.

It works with AC 100-volt to 240-volt systems. It's going to offer that nice high-resolution LED screen display that provides a bright realistic picture. A really nice contrast ratio creates a quality image. The contrast ratio for this unit is 1600:1. Now, one of the most unique features or advantages that this LED TV has is what's called smart technologies. Smart technologies are going to ensure that the TV works when and how you want it to.

For instance, this unit is going to feature a climate-smart technology that is going to withstand extreme weather climates and subzero temperatures during winter storage. It also features vibration-smart technology that helps the TV and the terminals to resist vibration. Again, this is great. It's been designed and engineered for Marine specialty vehicle and mobile applications. It's also going to have your speakers located at the bottom. It's going to use a Dolby Digital audio system that provides a clear high-definition surround sound, and it's going to feature an energy-efficient design that uses up to 30% less energy than standard TVs.

Now, this TV does not come with a stand or base. It can be mounted to a wall mount, or you can purchase a stand or base and mount it to the bottom of the TV. It does have the connection points located right here for a stand or base. On the back side, it does have the connection points, which are these connection points right here, for mounting it to a wall mount. These are going to be separated on center square design by about three inches. The exact measurement from the center of one hole to the center of the other was right at 2-15/16".

Hardware to get it attached to a mount is included, but the wall mount itself is not included, and the base and stand are not included. Please keep that in mind. A few measurements to go over with . A few measurements that we want to go over. We're going to measure the overall length and height. Going this direction edge to edge, we're looking at about 22-1/8". Up and down, the overall height, we're looking about about 13-3/4". The thickness of the unit is only about 2-1/2" deep or thick. Also, on the bottom, you're going to have all of your buttons. You're going to have a power button. You're going to have an input source button that allows you to switch between the different input options, so cable, DVD, HDMI, all of those things. Then you're going to have your menu button, which is just on-screen menu. That way, you can adjust your picture, sound, brightness, time, setup. You can lock it, and you can do your channel search that way. You're going to have your channel buttons up and down, and your volume buttons up and down. On the side is where you're going to be able to access all the different inputs. If you can see that there, you're going to have coaxial out. You're going to have a USB connector. I'm going to turn that volume down. You're going to have a USB connector, which in the instructions is for service only. You're going to have your HDMI input; that's one HDMI input. You're going to have VGA in, PC audio in, video in. Then you're going to have your left and right audio in and out. You're going to have RF in, which is designed for attaching an antenna, a cable, or cable box. Then you're going to have an earphone out connection point, as well. It's going to come with your remote as well as two AAA batteries for that, as well. That's going to do it for today's look at the Furrion HD LED TV.

Mr H.


Where do they have these TVs for sale I have a 2018 Rockwell mini light the TV is malfunctioning would like to buy the same TV as in your video it matches the one I have

Etrailer Expert

David B.


The Furrion LED tv you are looking for is no longer available, I have added a link to some 24 inch TVs that I think are better anyway. If you want a bigger/smaller size let me know. Or if you have any questions about these units I'll be here to help you out.

Ed M.


Is this a smart tv

Les D.


@EdM This TV only tunes over the air VHF/UHF regular TV stations, and can tun cable TV channels. It does not have any built in apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Prime and such. A simple solution would be a Firestick or Roku device.

Paul C.


My connection to the Furrion 50" LED FHD TV came loose and I can't find the connection location on the back of the TV. Anyone know where I can plug t hi is back into my TV???

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


What connection are you trying to make?