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Review of Edge Performance Chip EP85301

Speaker 1: Today, we're gonna take a look at the Edge Diesel Evolution CS2 Performance tuner with the color screen and California approved. This will fit many different years and model diesel engines on Chevrolet GMC, Dodge, and Ford trucks. What I would recommend to do is to go to our website. Use the fit guide. Put in your year and model vehicle and it'll show you if this will work on your application. Now this tuner monitor right here will boost the horsepower, the torque and your fuel economy by reprogramming your vehicle's OBD2 engine control module.

It connects in minutes to the OBD2 port in your vehicles manufactured in '96 or later. It is preloaded with vehicle specific programs to improve throttle response, towing performance, and fuel efficiency. It'll include up to four preloaded programs for economy, towing performance, and inaudible 00:00:48. They do have a transmission only setting, provides firmer shifts without tuning your engine, does a user set de-fueling program to help protect your engine and transmission, has EGT back down and WOT shift de-fueling. Now the torque management settings will let you determine fueling levels during your low turbo boost conditions.The monitor itself will display gauges, parameters and trouble codes, gives you multiple parameters to go through and it'll give you full text trouble codes with read and clear functions.

It gives you up to 20 minutes of high speed data logging from your OBD2 parameters and optional analog sensors, which we do sell separately. The tuner monitor itself, let me just zoom in a little bit just to show you. It's a full color, 2.4 inch screen, offers digital and analog style gauge display options. It'll dim and brighten automatically in response to the ambient light. It'll display up to eight parameters at once, depending on your vehicle and your selected guage layout.

They also give you free downloadable My Style software that'll let you customize your display and access data logs. You can download background images and change your gauge colors and you can even retrieve recorded data. It does have a built in accelerometer, which will measure G-force and vehicle pitch and roll. Has preloaded performance tests, which will provide real time road stats and times, includes 0 to 60, quarter mile and estimated horsepower test.The maintenance manager program on it will let you set odometer values and alerts for customized reminders. On the very back, if you look, it has this single HDMI style input, which will let you connect other EAS accessories.

Does have a return to stock setting, which will let you easily restore your factory default programs. This restores stock tune prior to your dealer service or transferring your tuner to a different vehicle. Now it does include everything laid out here on the table. The tuner monitor itself, the suction cup style windshield mount. You can see that'll just slide on and tighten down. Then you can adjust it, whatever position you need. It also comes with the OBD2 to HDMI cable, mini USB cable, some nylon ties that take up any slack in the wiring, an alcohol wipe, and even a nice user's manual on how this all operates. This part is made in the USA and the last thing I want to do is just give you some measurements on the tuner monitor itself. Overall width is right at 4". Height is gonna be right at 2" and the total depth, front to back is right about 1".But that should do it for the review on the Edge Diesel Evolution CS2 Performance tuner with the color screen and it's California approved.

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