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Review of Edge Performance Chip EP84130

Today we're going to take a look at the Edge Insight CTS2 Comprehensive Gauge Display on this 5" Color Touchscreen with Swipe. Now this part will work on '96 and newer vehicles that have an OBD II port under your dash. This includes everything shown here on the table. The Insight 5" touchscreen monitor. The windshield monitor mount, which I've already installed on there just to give you an idea. The OBD II and HDMI cable. The USB cable for the power to the monitor.

An alcohol wipe. Some cable ties, and a nice set of detailed instructions and an operations manual. Now this is a performance monitor that will display up to 12 parameters at once. It is a full-color, 5" touchscreen display and high-resolution. Gives you multiple digital and analog gauge layouts are available. Gives you scroll and swipe option to let you quickly navigate through them.

It is a nice customizable display, you can easily adjust it personalized, and it has back lighting that'll dim and brighten automatically in response to the ambient light. Now this part is compatible with Edge or other performance products to keep track of your newly tuned engine. It'll access advanced data like EGT, Turbo Boost, Engine Load, DPF Regeneration Status, and many other items. It does have an accelerometer so it'll measure G-force and vehicle pitch and roll. The performance test will let you compare your tune results to your stock results, and it has data logging software that will save up to 10 unique logs, and records up to 20 minutes of performance results. Does give you visual and audible alerts that'll flash and sound when your user program parameters are met or exceeded.

The included apps in the software you get will help you track and improve your driving habits, monitor your maintenance schedules, and you can even customize the display. Does give you full text descriptions of Diagnostic Trouble Codes which are displayed when you're clearing the codes. On the very back of the monitor you can see right here there's a video port, allows you to connect to a back up camera if you need be. We do sell that separately on our website, it's Part Number EP98201. This a very simple installation, connects in minutes again to vehicles that are '96 and newer that have the OBD II port. And we mentioned it has this nice universal suction cup mount. This part is made in the USA, and what I want to do now is just go through and show you the screen. We're going to go ahead, I got a USB port we're going to plug it into.

So we're going to take the USB cable and we'll go ahead and plug that into the port. And with it plugged in now, we're going to go ahead and plug it into the monitor, and the connection is right on the bottom here. So I go ahead and plug it in, and I'm going to zoom in just so we can see better. There you go. Says it's Insight CTS2. Takes a couple of seconds and then it'll say on there, the next screen will say "Demo Mode". There we go, just touch the screen for the demo mode. And then demo mode just gives you an idea of how the screen is and as we mentioned it can be customized to however you want it to look. It's loading all the information now. And there's your screen showing you the different parameters you can go by. The very bottom there is a screen that you can touch, it takes you to like a home screen to start setting everything. And if you hit the home button up here it'll go back. And I wanted to show you the swipe, you can see if you just swipe it and go this way, that shows you what it would look like if you had a rear view camera set up. There you go. And there you go, he swipes it and it puts it in a little bit different position, so you can get to different views or customize it by swiping, it makes it very simple. Now again back to the home screen if you want. And we'll just go ahead and unplug it. I'm going to have to zoom back out. That should do it for the review on the Edge Insight CTS2 Comprehensive Gauge Display with the 5" Color Touchscreen and Swipe.

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