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Diamond RV Lighting - Utility Light - DG52697 Review

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Review of Diamond RV Lighting DG52697

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at an add on LED light strip. This add on strip would be a great addition to your LED light kit to add length to your set up. This one measures 33 feet long. It comes in two different strips. They measure the same, so you combine them together to get the total of 33 feet.It's designed to work with Diamond Kit #52694. This is a multi-color light strip that offers 16 colors.

Features a nice waterproof exterior, which makes it perfect for indoor/outdoor use.This LED light strip can be cut every three LEDs for customized lengths. The LEDs are waterproof and feature a very long life. They are rated at 50,000 hours. It's an easy installation, no drilling required. It has the peel and stick 3M adhesive backing for quick installation.It comes with the necessary four pin connectors that we can easily plug the strips in together and also into the main light strip.I do have it hooked up to an external power device.

So with this part number you get two spools of LED lighting and then you get the necessary connectors that you need to make all the connections and get it installed.Again, I'm using an external power source just for demonstration purposes. We're going to go ahead and turn it on. Then I'll show you what it looks like.Again, with this unit you have 16 colors. You have 16 solids. I'll gro through those.

You have your mains, you have red, green, blue and white. Then you have your different shades. It's a really nice design.These are all your solids then all your solids are dimmable. You can decrease the light output and increase the light output. Again all your solids are dimmable and then you have your smooth pattern.

This allows it to go between light and you can speed up the speed in which it does that and you can slow it down.Then you have flash which allows you to go between different colors and you can speed that up and slow it down. Then you have strobe which you can apply to any solid color and you can speed that up and slow it down.Then you also have fade, which can be applied to any solid color. You can slow that down and speed it up as well.That's going to do it for today's look at the add on LED light strip.