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Review of Derale Radiator Fans D66830

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to take a look at the Derale 22 and a half inch dual high output electric radiator fan with the aluminum shroud. Now, this is a high output dual radiator puller fan, which will help maintain optimal engine operating temperature. This will efficiently move 3,750 cubic feet per minute of air at zero static pressure. This will help restore horsepower and torque that's used up by your belt driven fans. This will draw power from your alternator, not the engine, with minimal mechanical load. It does include this pulse width modulation controller and the wiring.

Also, all the mounting brackets and hardware you need to install it with a nice set of detailed instructions.Now, the pulse width modulation controller, it's an integrated pulse width modulation controller that will allow precise variable fan speed control. What's nice is it continuously monitors your engine's temperature, so it'll run the fan only at precise speed needed for cooling between 0% and 100% power. It also can operate additional fans up to 65 amps max capacity.This is powered by the dual 12 volt, 225 watt motors. They draw 18.7 amps each, does use soft start technology, which will power up the engines gradually to prevent amperage spikes. This will move the air efficiently and quietly with the skewed blades.

Let me turn it over here so you can see the blades right there. Now, this will resist moisture and dirt, has a waterproof IP68 rating and uses dustproof motors. This will increase your airflow velocity, has a vented shroud. It's a rustproof aluminum shroud that will act as a wind tunnel. Has the built-in vents you can see right here, which will relieve excess air pressure.

The shroud can be painted, polished or anodized if you prefer.This is designed for top or side mounting. The part is made in the USA. Again, the specs on this. The diameter on the fans are 11 inches in diameter. Maximum cubic feet per minute per fan is 1,875, so with both of them would get you your 3,750 cubic feet per minute.

Power draw per fan is 18.7 amps.Now, the mounting dimensions. If you look on the edges of the shroud here, you can see the slotted holes there and on that side also. Basically, there's a range width-wise, anywhere from 14 and a quarter inches up to 20 and a quarter inches for the width. The height, anywhere from 11 and a half inches up to 17 and a half inches. Now, the overall dimension on itself, 22 and a half inches wide, 19 inches tall and the total depth from the back here to where the motor comes out is about four and a half inches deep.That should do it for the review on the Derale 22 and a half inch dual high output electric radiator fan with the aluminum shroud.

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