Demco Fifth Wheel - Fixed Fifth Wheel - DM6076P-21K Review

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Review of Demco RV Fifth Wheel DM6076P-21K

Today we're going to review part number BM6076P-21K. This is the Demco hijacker premier series 21,000 pound double-pivot 5th-wheel hitch. Now this 5th-wheel hitch is designed to mount in your truck bed so that you can tow your 5th-wheel trailer. It uses this double-pivot head meaning it goes front to back. It also moves side to side. That's a little bit harder to show just because it does require some weight on the hitch head so the side-to-side movement you would be able to see but because of this double-pivot head, it does make coupling and coupling of your trailer very easy.

They use these polyurethane bushings that are right here under the hitch head on the saddle. That helps eliminate the side-to-side movement when your trailer's uncoupled. It will help cushion the pivot action when your trailer is coupled. Now in the head it does use this wraparound jaw which will fully wrap around the king pin. It has a locking bar in front. It gives you a smoother, safer, more secure ride.

Now when you do put this together, your cross-member here or saddle as they call it, on each end has rows of holes. The reason they do that is they offer you 4 vertical hitch-height adjustments to fit your application. In other words, you want to make sure you get the correct hitch height. Hitch height is measured from your truck bed to the top of your hitch head. You want that to be correct for your application because you want your truck and trailer to be level to help provide a safe and smooth towing experience. The choices it gives you, it ranges anywhere from the low is 16 inches hitch-height up to 19 inches in hitch-height.

This is made of a sturdy steel construction. It has corrosion-resistant black powder coat finish on it to protect it. Now this does require base rails and an installation kit to install this in your vehicle. We do sell those separately. What I would recommend is go to our website, use our thick guide, put in your year and model vehicle. It will show you the correct base rails and installation kit to use on this.

Now what I would recommend also is if they do offer a custom or semi-custom bracket kit, I would recommend to use those because they will make the installation much easier compared to just a universal fit. Now these side rails with the tabs on them will work with industry-standard above-bed rails that are made by BMW inaudible 00:02:13 draw-type, hidden-hitch Husky Reeser Valley. If you have either one of those in your truck, it would fit into those. You can see I put the 4 pins and clips out there. It comes with those. Those are used to when you drop these into your rails, you run it through the rail and the hold in the tab here to help keep the hitch attached to the rails. This part is made in the USA. A few specs on it, the gross towing weight capacity is 21,000 pounds. Vertical load limit or pin-weight capacity is 5,250 pounds. Again, I mentioned your hitch-height adjustments will go anywhere from 16 inches at the lower up to 19 inches at highest. Now I do want to show you how this wrap-around jaw works. Basically what you would do is pop off your pin and clip which will release your handle. Your handle, all you have to do is pull out all the way. When you do that, it will lock in the open position. The jaw's open, ready to be coupled. For demonstration purposes, I want to show you here's a 2-inch-diameter king pin. This king pin would be what would be on the bottom of your pin box. When you're moving your pin box into the hitch head with the king pin just to show you how this operates, it would slide in. Once you get far enough, you can see that wrap-around jaw will lock the pin into place. Then the locking bar also slides across to keep it secure. Then when you're ready you just take your pinning clip. You're all hooked up. Drop your pinning clip in through the whole. Put the clip on. That keeps the handle from moving in or out but that should do it for the review on part number BM6076P-21K. This is the Demco hijacker premier series 21,000 pound double-pivot 5th-wheel hitch. .

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