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CycleOps Bike Trainers - Bike Resistance Trainers - CY1041 Review

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Review of CycleOps Bike Trainers CY1041

Speaker 1: Today, we're gonna take a look at the CycleOps Graber mid mag bike trainer. The Graber mid magnetic resistance bike trainer is designed to help all levels of riders get fit. Has this five position and resistance adjustment wheel here. This allows you to burn calories all year long. It's very easy to set up, easy to use. The heavy duty steel frame you can see is more stable for a harder out of saddle riding.

Gives you a wider footprint for stability. Has a nice durable matte black finish to it. The heavy duty quick release wheel skewer is included, and this will fold flat for easy storage - just to show you that. You can bend these legs right in, just like that, all the way, and you can see how it folds flat for storage. And then to use it, just extend the legs out all the way, and it gives you the nice wide footprint with the stability.

The footprint on this, after you open it up, is going to be . total width is about 30 and a half inches, total depth is about 23 and three quarter inches.Now, when you go to install your bike inaudible 00:01:06, it gives you a good set of detailed instructions on how to put all these pieces together, and then how to install your bike. But you'll install this included skewer onto the rear wheel of your bike as the quick release handle. Now, you want to make sure when you install this, this will go on the rear wheel of your bike. So, when you do, you want to make sure this is installed on the non-driver, the left side of the bike.

And then when you go install the rear wheel of your bike on to this trainer, you want to make sure it's on the same . the skewer handle is on the same side as this knob. The left hand side of the bike.Insert your rear wheel of the bike on to the trainer, tighten this clamp knob to hold the bike to the trainer. And then right down here, you'll turn this resistance knob so this roller portion, right here, is up against your tire. Once it's up against the tire ...

You just tighten it down, it'll go up against the tire. Once it's up against the tire, then you turn this an additional two and a half turns, so the roller will press in to the tire.Over here, this knob will set the five different resistance settings, but it is very simple to set up and install your bike on to.But that should do it for the review on the CycleOps Graber Mid Mag bike trainer.