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Custer Emergency Supplies - Warning Lights - STR16JP Review

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Review of Custer Lights STR16JP

Today we are going to review part number STR16JP. This is the Custer Amber Strobe Warning Light. This has a SAE class three rating and it is a permanent mount design. This Amber Strobe Beacon Light is for your vehicle to help provide a warning signal to increase safety. It's ideal for towing, plowing, transportation, warehouse and agriculture applications and I mention it's an SAE class three approve for warning applications. Basically what that is, it means that's intended for use on vehicles that are authorized to display a flashing warning signal for identification only such as a forklift or a privately owned snow plower landscaping truck.

The strobe function on this will provide 60 double flashes per minute. On the inside is a Z9 gas discharge bulb which is highly efficient and very long lasting. The polycarbonate lens which is all over it is, is in a sealed housing and it's durable and weather resistant. As you can see it's a two wire system which can be connected to the battery or hard wired into the vehicle. Basically the red wire would be your 12 volt power wire.

Your black wire would be your ground wire. This does permanently mount with this included aluminum base and this gasket to help seal it and it comes with this stainless steel hardware. Now this part is made in the USA. Now a few specs on this. Again it's .. will double flash 60 times per minute.

The power drawn this is about 3.5 amps. A few dimension on the lens itself. The diameter of it is 5 and a quarter inches. The overall height is 4 and three quarter inches and this does come with a three year limited warranty. Now, what I am going to do is I do have a 12 volt power source here and I'm going to hook this up and give you an idea of the strobe on it.

Now, I tried it with the lights out and you really couldn't see too much. What I'm going to do is just give you a demonstration with the lights on to give . to show you what the strobe consist of. Now, that I have my 12 volt power source all hooked up, I'm going to turn on the 12 volt power source and you should be able to see the light itself gives off the 60 double flashes per minute. Now, I'll go ahead and turn the power source off and disconnect it and that should do it for the review on part number STR16JP. This is the Custer Amber Strobe Warning Light. It's an SAE class three rating and it's a permanent mount design. .

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