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Review of Coghlans Insect Control - Bug Repellent - CG87ZR

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Coghlans Insect Control - Bug Repellent - CG87ZR Review

Hey everybody, welcome to I'm Bobby, and today we're taking a look at Coghlan's citronella candle. So, this small little candle's gonna be very, very nice to go ahead and just pop open. You guys do you find yourself at a campsite that's been overrun by mosquitoes. I know me and the family, way, way long ago, we're up in the West Compton Dells, and we had just a awful time with a lot of heavy rain and flooding was creating a lot of puddles. So, it was really nice for us to go ahead and break out our Tiki lamps.

Maybe we had one of these just small little guys kind of parked on either end of the picnic bench could be great to go ahead, just give you enough room and breathability and have, uh, less bugs passing around. Need to go ahead and actually enjoy a meal, even if you find yourself rushing in the camper very quickly afterwards. So, this guy's going to be great. It is kind of small, in my opinion, though. Normally, uh, if you're comparing to those big ones, you might get like at Home Depot or something, they're bit larger normally around this size, you know, the big guys.

But what's nice, right, is we can actually keep this somewhere in the RV when we actually get our lid put on here. This is going to store really, really easy and be extremely nice to go ahead and not take up too much room. Already, we are kind of keeping those long road trips in mind. We're already worried about weight and storage compatibility, and um, and how much room we have, right So this is gonna be really easy. Going to go ahead and slot almost anywhere.

When you guys throw these underneath, even those stairs a lot of us have just as we opened those RV doors, and just some of those smaller storage compartments that just get filled with flashlights and stuff like that. I can see this being put in there easily. And that way we always have something to go ahead and give us a little protection, no matter where we are. So, you have about three and a half ounces worth of Citronella in here and that's going to be great of course at just keeping those bugs away for ourselves. Just making our, um, our trip that much more enjoyable.

Nothing to be too crazy for. I liked the can that it's in too. Gonna make it really easy to have had that set up. Any of the wax is also not going to be getting everywhere. Kind of see that lid sits there, kind of perfectly. Give you guys a closer shot there of just kind of hanging around there. Catch it, any of that wax that most of it looks to be pretty well contained in here in our main container. So it's not something I'm too worried about, but you do kind of have that little option for yourself. Of course, your wick just sticks up right there. You can go ahead and push it down, get it nice and collapsed once again, that way we can store this and have it ready for the next run, which is going to be great. Overall, it would be a great way of just keeping those bugs off you guys, that way you have a way more enjoyable evening. Otherwise, I think that about does it for our look at the Coghlan's Citronella candle here at I'm Bobby, thank you for watching..

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