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Review of Clearsource RV Water Filter - Water Filter Systems - CS87FR

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Clearsource RV Water Filter - Water Filter Systems - CS87FR Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today we gonna take a look at the Clear Source Three Canister Outdoor Ultra RV Water Filter System with the VirusGuard. Now this is perfect for weekend warriors that want a nice quick plug and play set up. When you're on the go without the fuss of a permanent install. And this is perfect for traveling to multiple RV parks or extended stay camping. It is an outdoor three-stage water filter system, that'll purify the water from your RV hookups, and other exterior faucets.

Gives you nice clean water for drinking, showering, cooking, washing dishes and more. Wanna zoom in and go through the three different stages. The first stage is right here. This is the 5.0 micron filter, has the large grooves in the filter and that's to capture more rust and sediment. And you can see the filter just sits right in there, there's a little knob at the bottom that it'll drop right in and hold it in place.

And then the middle one, the second stage right here, this is the 0.5 micron coconut shell carbon block filter. This will help block out any harmful chemicals to improve taste and smell. You can see the design of that filter, and it's the same way. You can just drop it in there, onto the tab, and the hold it in place. And then the last stage over here, this is the third stage which is the VirusGuard we talked about.

This filter will help trap viruses, bacteria, lead and other heavy metals. The same way you just drop it in place there. And all you have to do to install it is you just hold it up to the threads there, and then go ahead and twist it in place. And you just twist it enough till it tightens up. And then they include this nice plastic wrench that you can put on there, and twist it the rest of the way, to get it as tight as you need it.

But you do that to all three of 'em. Now these are FDA grade oversized canisters. They'll provide a nice high water flow for stable, long lasting water pressure. As I mentioned includes this canister wrench, makes it easy to install or remove the filters. The frame this is in, is a nice powder coated free standing frame. Helps keep the canister stable on ground or on your table. And it does have some weight to it, it's about 32 pounds. It is a nice convenient plug and play setup. Very easy to take down at any campsite. You just set up between the water source and your RV's fresh water connection. Now the hoses are sold separately. And what's nice is on the ends here, if I turn it, you can see right here is your female inlet where the water will come in, and on this end is your male outlet. All those holes fittings are stainless steel makes it more sanitary, more durable than just having plastic fittings. Now, this is IAPMO certified. This is made in the USA. A few dimensions on this. The width from this inlet to this one, is gonna be 20 and one eighth inches wide. The overall height from the bottom to the very top is 15 and one eights inches tall. And the total depth, front to back is gonna be right at seven and a half inches deep. Now the micron rating on this, the first filter we mentioned is 5.0, the second filter is 0.5, and then the filter life is up to 2000 gallons per filter. Operating pressure on this. Total range is 25 psi to a hundred psi. The ideal range would be 40 psi to 65 psi. And the flow rate on this is about 4.5 gallons a minute at 40 psi. And the operating temperature range would be 35 degrees fahrenheit up to 120 degrees fahrenheit. But again, you just install those by lifting it up, getting the threads to start, and then go ahead and twist it, until you get that snug down, and then use your wrench, to tighten it the rest of the way. Just like that. But that should do it for the review on this Clear Source Three Canister Outdoor Ultra RV Water Filter System, with the VirusGuard..

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