Carr Accessory Step - Tow Hook Step - CARR153102 Review

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Review of Carr Accessory Step CARR153102

Today, we're going to take a look at the Carr Custom-Fit Tow-Hook-Mounted Step with the Jesus fish emblem. Now, this is a unique step that'll mount to your vehicle's OEM tow hook for simple access to the front of your truck. With this step down, just like that, you'll be able to get under the hood to work on your engine, also be able to reach, wash, and polish your hood and fenders with ease. The step has a nice, non-slip step surface, provides sure footing. The finish is this black powder-coat aluminium construction, which is very strong, durable, and rust-proof. The fold-away design gives you a nice, unobtrusive look when you're not using the step.

You just flip it back up, and it gives you the Jesus fish graphic right here when the step is folded up. You can see, it's a very fast and easy mounting and removal, the clamp-on installation to your tow hook. There's no drilling required. All the necessarily hardware is included. This part is made in the USA. A few specs on this, the weight capacity on this step is 650 pounds.

This is for a quantity of one tow hook step. Just to give you dimension on the step itself, it's 5 inches long by about 2.5 inches wide. Again, it just flips up out of the way. That should do it for the review on the Carr Custom-Fit Tow-Hook-Mounted Step with the Jesus fish emblem.

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