Carr Accessory Step - Tow Hook Step - CARR151012 Review

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Review of Carr Accessory Step Carr151012

Today were gonna review part number CARR151012. This is a custom fit tow-hook mounted step with a reflective finish. This step will mount onto your existing tow-hook on your vehicle. This play will go around the tow-hook and this will stick up. And theres a step here that has a non-skid surface. This could be used to step onto the front to reach the front of your truck to get up under the hood if you need to work on your engine.

This does fold away if the steps not being used. It has a spring-loaded lever that would just fold up and be out of the way. It has a reflective finish. This is made of a die-cast aluminum. Its durable, rustproof.

This is a clamp installation. This will clamp around the tow-hook of your vehicle. All the necessary hardwares included. This step is made in the USA and I wanna give you a few dimensions on it. The length of the step is 5 inches and the width will be 2 inches.

The step does have a weight capacity of 500 pounds. It does come with a limited lifetime warranty and when its not being used, you use snap it up out of the way. It has a stainless steel spring clamp in there that holds it very secure. And that should do it for part number CARR151012.

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