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Review of CUB Blind Spot Detection - Motorcycle - CU44TR

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CUB Blind Spot Detection - Motorcycle - CU44TR Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at this Blind Spot Monitoring System for motorcycles. Now, this kit here will let you safely change lanes while traveling on your motorcycle. It will include everything I got laid out here on the table. I wanna zoom in and go over some of the parts here. It'll basically include the left and right radar assemblies, the mounting bracket with the extensions here, you can see I've installed them in case you need them, you can either mount your radar something like that, or depending on your bike.

If you do need the extension, you can insert the extension, and then attach it just like that. Also includes the main control unit right here, the left and right LED indicators, the haptic module here, other wiring harnesses with the hardware, and over here, a nice operation and installation guide. Now, this blind spot monitoring system will detect blind spots while traveling on your motorcycle, and it is compatible with most motorcycles. It does use these advanced radar sensors here on each side to prevent accidents when changing lanes, a blind spot detection will track vehicles that are entering your blind spots on both sides of your cycle and up to 30 feet behind your bike. The lane change alert will warn vehicles approaching when you activate your turn signal, and these LED indicators right here, they'll provide a nice visual alert to warn the rider.

And we mentioned this haptic module, this haptic module will fit under your seat, and it vibrates the seat for additional warning. Now, this kit here is ISO 17387 Type 3 blind spot detection system standard compliant, and it is a very simple installation, comes with the included automotive grade connectors and wiring, and basically this mounting bracket for the radar assemblies will mount behind your motorcycle's license plate, and again, I mentioned, if you need the extensions, you could use them, if not, you just attach it just to the bracket itself. These LED indicators right here, these will install on your side mirrors using the integrated 3M adhesive strips, and we've mentioned that haptic feedback module and control unit will insert under your saddle or seat. Few specs on this, the application is for most motorcycles, operating temperature range for this unit is negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit, does use a radar frequency of 24 gigahertz, and the input voltage range is 9 volts to 16 volts. But that should do it for the review on this Blind Spot Monitoring System for motorcycles..

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