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Review of CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors 40375-2

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the CIPA universal fit towing mirror. Now this towing mirror straps onto your factory side view mirror to extend your line of sight by around 5". It allows you to safely and easily change lanes, pass and park while towing a trailer or camper or extended load. It does feature a really nice aerodynamic shape and it's designed to fit tightly up against the factory mirror, so that's going to prevent vibration and wind noise during travel. And again, this is a universal fit, so it can be installed on a lot of different vehicles. It can be mounted on either side of the vehicle.

It will not obstruct the factory mirror and it will not interfere with adjustments that need to be made to the factory mirror. In the hardware kit, it comes with pads that are designed to go over each foot to ensure that the mirror doesn't harm your factory mirror finish. And it's a tool free installation and removal. That's one of my favorite features about this unit.Everything that you need I really built-in, so you find the clips that work for your vehicle. It comes with a few different sets.

Again, it's a tool free installation and it's a universal fit, so you find the clips that work best for you. And when you're ready to place it, all you have to do it pull out on the adjustment knob, that's this large knob here at the end. You pull out and then as you do that, it actually loosens or releases the tension of the strap inside the housing so you can pull out on the strap. Now the strap length is 7-1/2" on each side. You've got plenty of strap to work with.

And then you place the unit onto your factory mirror and you adjust the feet as necessary to fit the angle of your factory mirror. Once those are making contact, again they do come with pads to put over there to protect the finishing on your factory mirror. Once you have them set, you adjust or tighten the jam nuts to secure it in place.And then once you have it set for your vehicle, you really don't have to worry about doing that initial setup again. Next, you'll need to engage the hooks around the factory mirror housing. One on top, one on the bottom.

And then all you have to do it take out the slack by tightening the adjustment knob. You push that back in and then you can tighten the adjustment knob to take the slack out of the strap. You do that until it's nice and tight. When it comes to adjusting the mirror face, this is a manually adjustable. All you have to do is push in on it to get the angle that you need. And it does feature a flat lens so it provides a true representation of the size and distance of the reflected objects. The housing, is a nice durable ABS black plastic housing. This is sold in a one pack as well as a two pack.For a single towing mirror, you'd use part number 40375 at And for the double, you would use 40375-2. The mirror face measures about 5" wide by 4-1/2" tall at the tallest point. And again, the strap length bottom and top 7-1/2". And overall, it's a really nice design if you're looking for a universal fit towing mirror for your vehicle. That's going to do it for today's look at the CIPA universal fit towing mirror.

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