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Brake Controller Installation - 2000 Dodge Durango

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How to Install a Brake Controller on a 2000 Dodge Durango

Today on this 2000 Dodge Durango, we are going to install part number HM47294-47755 from Hopkins. First off, we will go ahead and show you where the port is for the adapter cord that goes between the vehicle and the brake controller. First off, we need a little bit easier access to the port. So what you can do is actually put your finger behind it and be very careful, but you can push it towards the back of the vehicle and pop it loose from its clip that holds it in place. And then you can plug in the brake controller cord. Plug the cord into it. Then we will take the rest of this and route it up over to the other side. We will route it up over the data port cable and the hood release. And what we are going to do is mount our brake controller to this flat surface right here. It comes with these little set screws right here. Let us go put our bracket up here and just run it straight to the plastic. 0:58

Let us go ahead and plug in our adapter cord to our brake controller. Push these two together. Alright, and then we will set our set screws in to the brake controller through the bracket. Now there are four screws of course it is going to use two on both sides. OK, just angle it the way you want it, about there looks about right. Just snug up the screws and it will be good to go. Alright, we will go ahead and cover the functions of the brake controller itself. First off, there are two buttons on the top here. There is a plus and a negative. Basically, what the does is control the total output going out to your trailer. And all you have to do is press down the button. Every time you hit the button it will go up, up to 9.9. And then the negative button of course goes back down. If you hold it, it will not do anything. So, you have to hit it for every little setting. And this button here is the manual override. So, when you push it down it activates the brakes just on the trailer itself. 2:37

And on the side here is a synch switch. Basically the numbers cycle between one through five. And that controls how soon or how late the brakes come on when you hit your foot brake. If we set it on one it is going to be the least sensitive and come on the latest. And five will be the most aggressive. And, as it sits right now with no trailer hooked up, you will see nothing here. Now when you have a trailer hooked up and make the connection, you will see a little red dot. So when you hit your foot brake and your vehicle is moving you will get some numbers to show up. Since we are not moving, we are not going to get many numbers, hardly, to register. It will send out a signal and then go back down. Alright and with that that will finish it. With that, that will finish our install of part number HM47294-47755 from Hopkins.

Jared M.


I have a 99 Durango with factory tow option but can’t find this plug? Might it be somewhere else?

Etrailer Expert

Heather A.


The connector is usually routed over near the emergency brake pedal but it is possible that the wire harness and connector are zip-tied to other under-dash wiring or tucked behind a trim panel. It may be helpful to temporarily remove the kick panel to get better access.

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