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Get all the room you need inside your car by putting your bikes, cargo or kayak on your rooftop. Thule, Yakima, Rhino Rack and Rola roof racks are built to the highest quality specifications to accommodate all your cargo needs.

Thule, Yakima and Rhino Rack offer roof bike racks in the traditional fork mount style or in the easy to load, wheel mount style.

Cargo baskets from Rola, Rhino Rack, Yakima and Thule offer a great looking way to get your cargo out of your vehicle and safely carry it on your trip. Roof cargo bags and roof boxes can also be used if you would like some waterproof or water resistant protection for your cargo.

If you need to carry bulky skis, snowboards, kayak or a canoe, putting it on the roof is a great option to unclutter your vehicle and keep the gear safe. We offer Yakima and Thule ski racks and watersport carriers that are sturdy and safe for all your cargo needs.

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We offer custom fit roof racks from Thule, Yakima, Rhino Rack, Rola, Inno and Whispbar that will be a perfect fit for your vehicle. Just enter your year make and model above. We also offer a full line of roof rack accessories, including roof bike racks, roof cargo baskets, roof cargo boxes, kayak and canoe carriers, roof bags, ski racks and snowboard racks. If you need to do some roof rack repairs, we also carry replacement parts for all the roof and cargo racks.

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1992 Geo Questions and Answers

  • Replacement Swivel Jack with Lowest Possible Retracted Height for Use on Small Utility Trailer
  • I was able to find a swivel jack option for you that has a retracted height of 11 inches from the bottom of the wheel to the center of the mounting bracket, but none of the trailer jacks with a caster that we offer have a retracted height of 10 inches or less. The jack that may work best for you is the Fulton F2 Trailer Jack, like # F1413040134. This jack has an adjustable mounting bracket with the lowest retracted height being 11 inches. The lift height of the jack is 10 inches, and...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 1992 Geo Tracker Behind a Motor Home
  • I will be happy to help you out with your flat towing needs. The first thing you are going to want to do is consult the owners manual for your 1992 Geo Tracker. There should be information in the towing section or look for recreational towing in the index for more information on the specific procedure for your Tracker. The tow bar does not have a speed rating but the vehicle might. There are 5 items that will be needed to flat tow a vehicle: base plates, tow bar, safety cables, lighting,...
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  • How to Wire Up a Motorhome 7-Way with a Separate Circuit to a 7-Way with Combined Circuit
  • The # RM-732 is the correct adapter to use to go from a separate taillight system like what you have on your motorhome to a combined system like what is on your tow dolly. For wiring your motorhome with a 7-way you would basically want to follow the wiring directions that are on top of the converter. The right side of the converter is the input side so you will need to test the wiring of your RV with a circuit tester like part # 3808 to determine function and wire it accordingly. You'll...
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  • Flat Towing Lighting Recommendation for a 1992 Geo Tracker
  • For lighting you can use the diode kit, # RM-15267, and not have to worry about cutting into the taillight housing. This will splice into your taillight wiring to allow your tow vehicle to control the taillight assemblies of the towed vehicle. This comes with a round 6-way connector that you will install on the front of your towed vehicle and enough coiled wire to go from there to the RV. I also attached a link to all of our help articles on flat towing lighting as well.
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  • What Parts are Needed to Use a Tow Ready Tow Bar with Roadmaster Base Plates on a 1992 Geo Tracker
  • In order to attach the Tow Ready Tow Bar, # 63180, to your Roadmaster base plates, you will need the Roadmaster Base Plate to Tow Ready Tow Bar Adapter, # RM-025. This will allow the two different parts to work together. The Roadmaster Quick Disconnect Tow Bar Base Assembly, # 910021-00, is for Roadmaster tow bars so it should not be needed, just the adapter and tow bar listed above. I have included a link to the installation details for the tow bar for you. Keep in mind that the...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 1992 Geo Tracker 2-Door 4x4 Behind an RV
  • Yes, Roadmaster base plates # 118-3 will fit your 1992 Geo Tracker 2-door 4x4. For a compatible tow bar I recommend the Falcon 2 # RM-520. I have linked a video review of this tow bar for you. For safety cables I recommend # RM-643. The coiled design helps keep the cables off of the ground. For lighting you can use a simple kit such as # EZT20B or a magnetic kit # C-ATL20A. Both of these kits bypass the Tracker wiring so you won't have to splice into the tail light wiring. You may...
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  • Trailer Hitch Receiver and Wiring Harness to Fit a 1992 Geo Metro Convertible
  • Yes, I confirmed with Curt that the # C11626 trailer hitch receiver will fit the convertible model of the 1992 Geo Metro. To tow a trailer you'll need a way to power its lights. Use # HM48925 for a 4-way trailer connector on the back of the Metro. For a hitch ball that fits the trailer hitch receiver use # 19258 for a 2 inch or # 19256 for a 1-7/8 inch.
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  • Finding Intermittent Ground Problem in Wiring of Trailer Towed By 1992 Geo Tracker
  • I'm still leaning toward a insufficient ground connection as being the cause of the problem you're describing. To confirm it, you'll need length of wire long enough to reach from your ground connection on the trailer tongue to the negative battery terminal on the vehicle. If connecting the wire to the wire to the negative battery terminal fixes the problem, you've pretty much confirmed a poor ground as being the issue. I'd also check the spot on the tow vehicle where the # C56175 grounds....
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  • Use Circuit Tester to Find Wire Functions to Install Trailer Wiring Harness on 1992 Geo Tracker
  • Hardwire trailer wiring harnesses such as # C56175 will require using a circuit tester such as # 3808 to determine the functions of the tail light wires on your 1992 Geo Tracker. You could also use # 119178KIT which comes with a little circuit tester. On these harnesses the red wire is for brake lights, yellow is for left turn, green is for right turn, brown is for tail lights, and white is ground. After you verify the functions of the wires on your Tracker installation will be easy!
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