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Chevrolet Colorado Tool Box

Truck Bed Toolboxes are available to fit all Chevrolet Colorado models.

Saddle Mount, Side Rail, Bed Floor, Wheel Well (pork chop), Underbody and Transfer Tanks are available for that will suit your tool storage needs and your budget.

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Chevrolet Colorado Toolbox Videos

UWS Crossover Toolbox Review - 2006 Chevrolet Colorado

Today on our 2006 Chevrolet Colorado well be test fitting the UWS truck bed tool box narrow crossover style slim lien series at 3.4 cubic feet, in black, part number UWS00333. It features aluminum construction with fully welded seams and is guaranteed not to rust. Heavy duty stainless steel latches on both sides will lock on drivers side. The patented foam filled lid provides installation and protection from the elements. Heavy duty gas cylinders help to lift the lid and hold it open at a full 90 degrees. It contains a divided tray for tools and other miscellaneous items.

UWS Slim Line Series Crossover Toolbox Review

Today, well be reviewing the UWS Truck Bed Toolbox. This is the Narrow Crossover Style Slim Line Series, part number UWS00301. This box is also available in black, part number UWS00333. This toolbox measures 63 inches long x 12 inches wide and 9-3/4 inches deep. It is 4 inches above the bed rails. The saddle-style toolbox hangs from the truck bed rails behind the cab.

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