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2001 Ford Expedition Questions and Answers

  • How Many Pins are in the Connector for Curt Trailer Wiring Harness for a 2001 Ford Expedition
  • Curt T-connector wiring harness # C55250 looks to have 3 pins in it. I have included a picture showing the plug end up close. The functions on the pins are going to be left turn and brake, right turn and brake, and running lights. And it will be grounded once connected. This wiring harness is listed as a fit for your 2001 Ford Expedition. I have also included a link to the installation details for you.
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  • Replacement 7-Way Trailer Connector a 2001 Ford Expedition with the HD Tow Package
  • For a replacement 7-Way for your 2001 Ford Expedition you can use # 20119 that you have referenced. You will just need to unplug the old 7-Way at the back. In your picture the grey plastic part on the connector is a sort of lock that needs to be pulled out to release the wiring harness from the connector. Just revers the process to install the new one.
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  • Brake Controller on 2001 Ford Expedition is Only Working with Manual Override and Not Brake Pedal
  • When a brake controller works with the manual override lever but not with the brake pedal that usually indicates a problem along the red wire. In this case, since it is a plug-in harness, it is not likely that the red wire is in the wrong location. But just to be sure the red wire should be in between the black and blue wires on the end that plugs into the vehicle. The most likely culprit is a blown stop light or CHMSL fuse. Use the owners manual to find the location of the fuses to check the
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  • Troubleshooting Running Light Circuit on Trailer Pulled by 2001 Ford Expedition
  • If you have tested and are getting voltage at the trailer connector when the brake lights and turn signals are activated, you most likely have a blown fuse. Check the fuse box under the hood. The box should have a legend on the underside of the lid that identifies the circuits, or you can check your owners manual for the proper fuse location. Keep in mind that on some Ford trucks and SUVs, the fuses for the tow package are located in a separate fuse block mounted on the firewall in the engine
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  • Parts Needed to Add a 7-Way and Trailer Brake Controller to a 2001 Ford Expedition
  • On a 2001 Ford Expedition that did not come with a factory 7-Way, you will actually need to use adapter # 37185 to add a 7-Way. To connect the 4-Wires on the 37185 you will need to first ground the white wire to the truck frame. Then you will want to follow the factory wiring forward on the vehicle to where it plugs into another connector. On the connector on the forward side, there are more wires going in then coming out. If you pull back the covering on the wires you will find some additio
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  • All Trailer Lights Blink When Truck Headlights and Turn Signals are Turned On
  • The wiring harness on the trailer side is what is called a wishbone harness. It splits the running light signal so that you do not have to run a jumper wire from one side to the other. The yellow/brown wire is for the left side running lights and the green/brown is for the right side running lights. That could be what the problem is if you wired it differently. Make sure that the trailer lights are grounded to a clean and corrosion free location of the trailer frame. Also check to make sure t
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  • Where is the Brake Controller Connection Plug on a 2011 Ford Expedition
  • The factory plug on a 2001 Ford Expedition for the harness # 3035-P is located underneath the dash close to or behind the center console. You are looking for a gray connector in close proximity to the OBDII diagnostic port, (the large trapezoidal shape plug by the center console underneath the dash). Our installers state that it should be within a 6 inch radius of that OBDII port.
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  • Towing Mirror Options for a 2001 Ford Expedition with Mirrors with Integrated Turn Signals
  • Unfortunately, there are no custom slip over mirrors available for the Eddie Bauer edition of the 2001 Ford Expedition that have mirrors with integrated turn signals. We do have many universal mirrors that will work on virtually any vehicle. The Universal Strap-On Towing Mirror, # 40375, simply straps to your existing mirror. I have included a video review of this mirror below. We also have the CIPA Deluxe Door Mount Mirror, # 11650, that attaches to the door of the vehicle. Both of these uni
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  • Transmission Cooler and Pan Recommendations for Towing with a 2001 Ford Expedition 5.4 Liter
  • For your 2001 Ford Expedition with 5.4 L engine, I would recommend the largest cooler that will fit in front of the AC condenser at the front of the vehicle. The Derale Series 9000 Transmission Cooler Kit, item # D13614, would be a good choice. You will also need the Derale Radiator Adapter Fittings for Ford, item # D13025, to complete the installation on your 5.4 Liter Expedition. A larger capacity transmission pan would be a good idea also. If your Expedition has a 4R100 transmission the De
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