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Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control - Clamp On - Trunnion - 10,000 GTW, 1,000 TW

Blue Ox Weight Distribution

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Blue Ox Weight Distribution - BXW1000

This weight distribution system uses optimal points of tension to help prevent sway while it balances the load of your trailer for a more level ride. Included adjustable shank fits 2" trailer hitches. Clamp-on brackets require no drilling.


  • Evenly distributes weight over axles of tow vehicle and trailer for stability and control
    • Creates a level ride for both tow vehicle and trailer
  • Built-in sway control helps to prevent trailer sway
    • Constant tension in trunnions helps force trailer in line
    • Rotating lift brackets ensure that chains are tight and secure to keep spring bars from moving
  • Trunnion spring bars flex for a controlled, even ride
    • Automatically lock in place and easily remove
  • No pins or clips needed - self-locking devices function throughout system
    • Easy-to-operate bracket locks automatically secure rotating brackets in place and release with push of lock pin
  • 2 Grease zerks inside head assembly make maintenance simple and clean
  • Unique, rotating-latch lift brackets connect spring bars to trailer
    • Quick and simple to use - insert lift chain into slot and rotate bracket with wrench
    • Clamp-on design - no drilling needed
  • Required tilt is built into head assembly - no adjustment needed
  • Powder coated steel construction
  • System includes head assembly, adjustable shank, spring bars, lift chains, rotating lift brackets with handles, pin and clip, and all necessary hardware
    • Hitch ball sold separately - requires 1-1/4" diameter shank
  • Made in the USA


  • Tongue weight: 750 lbs - 1,000 lbs
  • Gross towing weight: 10,000 lbs
  • Fits: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers rated for use with weight distribution systems
  • Lift-bracket positioning: mount about 29" back from hitch ball
  • Shank length: 10" from center of hitch pin hole to end of shank
  • Total height adjustment along shank: 13"
    • Rise: 11-1/2"
    • Drop: 1-1/2"
  • 3-Year warranty

Included w/ BXW1000Required - Sold SeparatelyOptional Add-Ons
  • Adjustable Shank
  • System Head
  • Lift Brackets
  • Spring Bars
  • Hitch Ball w/ 1-1/4" Diameter Shank

Create a stable ride for your tow vehicle and trailer with a weight distribution hitch. Adding spring bars to your towing system applies leverage, which transfers the load that is pushing down on the rear of your vehicle to all the axles on both your tow vehicle and your trailer, resulting in an even distribution of weight throughout. The result is a smooth, level ride, as well as the ability to tow the maximum capacity of your hitch.

Selecting a Weight Distribution System

The tongue weight rating is the most important factor in determining which size weight distribution system you should use. If the bars of the system you choose are rated too high for your setup, they will create a rigid ride, which can result in a bouncing trailer. If, on the other hand, the bars are not rated high enough, the system will be unable to properly distribute the weight, rendering it virtually useless.

To determine the proper weight rating for a weight distribution system, you must first determine your trailer's tongue weight. Then add to that the weight of the cargo behind the rear axle of your tow vehicle. These two measurements make up the tongue weight rating for a weight distribution system.

Unique Features of Blue Ox SwayPro

Blue Ox SwayPro Spring Bars

Unlike other weight distribution systems, the SwayPro has automatically locking brackets throughout. Both spring bars insert, slotted side up, into the head assembly and then lock securely in place. Removal is just as easy - simply lift the locking pins on the trunnions and slide the bars out.

Blue Ox SwayPro Rotating Latch Brackets

Other systems have lift brackets that require you to apply a good amount of leverage to get them to snap up, which can be difficult and frustrating. With the SwayPro, all you have to do is insert the lift chain into the bracket slot and rotate the bracket with the included wrench until the lock pin engages.

Another feature of the SwayPro is the easy-to-use head. The required pitch is already built into the head, so the only adjustment that may be needed is the placement of the head on the shank. Move the head up or down along the weight distribution shank to achieve the proper height. No additional, fine-tune adjustment is needed, which means no hard-to-access washers or difficult-to-use thumbscrew.

Built-In Tension Stops Sway

Blue Ox SwayPro System with Built-In Sway Control Hooked Up

The SwayPro offers four points of built-in sway control. Within the head assembly, the trunnions are designed to hold the spring bars securely in position, placing just enough tension on them to cause them to constantly force your trailer in line. At the other end of this weight distribution system, the rotating brackets ensure that the lift chains are pulled as taut as possible. In addition, the basic design of the brackets keeps much of the length of the lift chains wrapped up inside of the brackets. Typically, only a couple of links hang down from each bracket. So each chain is held more stable than in traditional weight distribution systems, where more than twice as many links are exposed. This tight, stable design limits the movement of the spring bars so that they can exert more force on your trailer to effectively keep it from shifting side to side. Furthermore, unlike many friction-style sway controls, the SwayPro allows you to back up your trailer without having to remove or disengage the system.

BXW1000 Blue Ox Sway Pro Weight Distribution Hitch - Clamp On Brackets - 10,000 lbs

Customer Reviews

Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control - Clamp On - Trunnion - 10,000 GTW, 1,000 TW - BXW1000

Average Customer Rating:  ratingratingratingratingrating4.8 out of 5 stars   (6 Customer Reviews)

- BXW1000

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Alan B01/10/2014

Is this review helpful?

Ordered this at the recommendation of some fellow campers. Very well built and easy to set up. ETrailer had this in my hands very quick. Ordered on a Tuesday evening. Received it Thursday afternoon! Wow. Thanks Folks!112457

- BXW1000

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Todd03/02/2013

Is this review helpful?

The hitch was delivered in just a few days, earlier than expected. The hitch was exactly as described. The dealership attached the hitch to our Keystone Outback 298RE and Excursion without any problem. Our trip from Ohio to Colorado went without incident even though we traveled through wind, rain and snow. Hooking up the trailer with the SwayPro was no problem and very easy to use.68467

- BXW1000

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Ronald02/25/2013

Is this review helpful?

Well built product-solid product! My friend highly recommended this Blue Ox Sway Bar. I seen it on his truck when he came to our camp. I didn't have one. I'll be using this sway bar real soon. USA made...I hope? No Blue Ox Bull - from China. Keep on working hard, Ron67772

- BXW1000

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Chris12/27/2012

Is this review helpful?

So far the product works as advertised and was fairly east to install. It is far easier than other systems that we have had to hitch and unhitch. There seems to be little to no sway while trailering our 35' TT. As always etrailer was fantastic and delivered exactly as promised faster than expected. I will continue to use etrailer in the future. The only suggestion that I have for this product is that the tool for locking the chains up would be even better if the handle was rubber dipped.62103

- BXW1000

ratingratingratingratingrating by: William06/10/2012

Is this review helpful?

Concrned that prodiuct is different than ordered. No thumb screw or set screw for adjustments that are shown on site and item ordered.43565


William,The system you received is correct. Blue Ox has updated their weight distribution system and removed the thumb screw to help simplify the install and set up. Blue Ox has found that the tilt built in to the system is sufficient for the WD system. Well be updating the photos as soon as their available.

Patrick B - 10/2/2012


- BXW1000

ratingratingratingratingrating by: Jeff T11/03/2012

Is this review helpful?

The hitch was as discribed. I am completely satisfied. Fast shipping and good communications about shipping information.58773

Ask the Experts about this Blue Ox Weight Distribution
Expert Answers about Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control - Clamp On - Trunnion - 10,000 GTW, 1,000 TW - BXW1000                                           Do you have a question about this Weight Distribution?

  • Availability of Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution System # BXW1000 With Rotating Latch Bracket
  • Yes, I do sell the Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution System, part # BXW1000 with the Signature Series rotating latch bracket. The rotating latch brackets will allow you to clear obstacles that are mounted above the trailer frame. See photo of the Signature Series rotating latch bracket. The Blue Ox SwayPro system # BXW1000 has a gross towing weight capacity of 10,000 lbs and a tongue weight range of 750 lbs to 1,000 lbs. When choosing a weight distribution system, you will want one that has
    view full answer...

  • Weight Distribution System Recommendation for a 7500 lb Travel Trailer
  • Of the three systems you mentioned I would go with the Trunnion Bar Strait-Line Weight Distribution # RP66084 because of the sway control system that proactively works to prevent sway before it starts. Also because the general consensus around is that trunnion systems are the better design. The bars are very easy to remove and install in the head. Since there is no bend in them, they are considered stronger and more durable. Since the head does not come down and the bars do not stic
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  • How to Determine the Correct Rise or Drop Needed for a Weight Distribution Shank
  • If you go over the options, see link, ahead of time then you will not have to worry about returning a shank to get a different one! Basically, you will need to determine what rise or drop you will need in order to tow the trailer level and then get a shank that has the proper amount of rise or drop. I have included a link to an FAQ article that covers ball mounts but the same technique is used to determine the rise or drop needed for a weight distribution shank. Shanks for the Blue Ox system
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  • Weight Distribution for Chevy Silverado 1500 and Toy Hauler Trailer with 860 lbs Dry Tongue Weight
  • When choosing weight distribution you need to go by the total tongue weight. This is calculated by taking the tongue weight of the trailer when loaded and ready to tow and adding to that the weight of anything loaded behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle. A dry tongue weight of 860 pounds means that when loaded it is bound to be more so you will want a system with a tongue weight capacity range high enough to cover the loaded tongue weight. Tongue weight is typically 10 to 15 percent of th
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Sways with the Blue Ox Sway Pro Weight Distribution System # BXW1000
  • Your truck, trailer and weight distribution system all appear to be compatible with each other, If you are still experiencing sway after installing the Blue Ox Sway Pro Weight Distribution System, # BXW1000, there are a few things we can look at. The first thing that I would look at is the tongue weight of the trailer. The tongue weight of the trailer, when it is loaded and ready to tow, should be 10 to 15 percent of the gross trailer weight. If the tongue weight is too light or too heavy, you c
    view full answer...

  • Will Anti-Sway Bar Mount Interfere with Installation of Blue Ox SwayPro # BXW1000 Frame Brackets
  • The holes that were drilled in your trailer frame for the original sway control bar should have no effect on the installation of the Blue Ox SwayPro # BXW1000. But if the attachment bracket for that original sway control unit is still affixed to the frame then there is a chance it might interfere with the spring bar lift brackets. The lift brackets for the Blue Ox SwayPro # BXW1000 will mount to your trailer frame 29-inches from the hitch ball. (This is the distance from the center of the h
    view full answer...

  • Blue Ox Sway Pro Weight Distribution System for 2012 F150 Towing a Hemisphere 282rk w/ 690lbs TW
  • The first step in choosing a weight distribution/sway control system is to determine the tongue weight of the trailer when it is fully loaded and ready to tow. To that figure, you add the weight of any gear stowed behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle to arrive at what we call the Total Tongue Weight, or TTW. I have linked you to an article that describes a few ways to determine this. If your TTW falls into the 750-1000 lb tongue weight capacity range of the # BXW1000 Sway Pro system, it wo
    view full answer...

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