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Loctite Sleeve Retainer 640 - High Strength/High Temp - Green - 1.22-Fl Oz Bottle

Loctite Tools

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Loctite Tools - LT37484

Liquid sleeve retainer, or bearing mount, strengthens the fit between non-threaded, smooth, cylindrical assemblies that rely on tight clearances and friction to maintain the connection. Designed for high-temperature and close-fit applications.


  • Creates a tighter fit and prevents slippage when applied to non-threaded, smooth assemblies
  • Withstands higher temperatures than other bearing mounts - up to 400 F
  • Designed for tight clearances
  • Prevents treated parts from corroding
  • Requires heat and, for the tightest fits, a press or puller to disassemble parts
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: press-fit or slip-fit assemblies with clearances to 0.007" diameter
  • Quantity: 1.22-fl oz bottle (36 mL)
  • Sheer strength: 3,000 psi
  • Fixture cure (time required to become tacky): 1 hour
  • Full cure (time required to reach full set): 24 hours
  • Temperature range (endurance limits of threadlocker): -65 F to 400 F

  • Bushings
  • Bearings
  • Oil seals
  • Ring gear bolts and differential lock pins
  • Cylinder sleeves
  • Valve guides
  • Valve seats
  • Woodruff keys
  • Gears
  • Pulleys
  • Liner assemblies

The following diagrams illustrate the use of Loctite sleeve retainer. Arrows on the gear and shaft illustration show the effects of heating and cooling. The parts can be assembled more easily if the gear is heated or the shaft cooled to make a looser fit between the two parts.

diagram of sleeve retainer applications

diagram of sleeve retainer applications

Loctite Sleeve Retainer 640 liquid is applied to the surfaces of parts to be joined. By filling up empty space (microscopic voids) on the surfaces of the parts, the sleeve retainer increases the area of contact between them, creating a tighter fit and preventing slippage.

This product withstands temperatures up to 400 F, whereas standard anaerobic bearing mounts withstand temperatures only up to 300 F.

To disassemble joined parts, heat to 500 F (requires about 5 minutes with a torch) to loosen the sleeve retainer; then remove while sleeve is still hot, using a press or puller, if necessary.

This sleeve retainer is anaerobic (hardens in the absence of air) and requires contact with an active metal to cure. Active metals (those that tarnish, corrode or rust) include brass, copper, bronze, iron, soft steel and nickel. If both parts to be joined are made of inactive materials, Loctite Klean 'N Prime primer must be applied to one of the surfaces for curing to occur. Inactive materials include plated parts, stainless steel, galvanized steel, magnetite steel, pure aluminum, titanium, magnesium, gold, silver, plastic, cadmium, Iconel, zinc, natural or chemical black oxide and anodized aluminum.

Klean 'N Prime can speed the cure rate of Sleeve Retainer 640. This is especially helpful when you are applying the sleeve retainer to any material, active or inactive, in colder temperatures (below 70 F). Klean 'N Prime also improves the performance of the sleeve retainer in applications with larger clearances by filling some of the space between parts.

Note: If used with Klean 'N Prime primer, sleeve retainer may reach fixture cure in 30 seconds; in this case, it is essential that parts be assembled quickly.

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This product is OEM specified: It is approved to meet specifications of original equipment manufacturers.

37484 Loctite Sleeve Retainer 640 - High Temperature

Video of Loctite Sleeve Retainer 640 - High Strength/High Temp - Green - 1.22-Fl Oz Bottle

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installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video install titan uni servo trailer brake assembly t2351000
Titan Uni-Servo Hydraulic Trailer Brake Assembly Installation

Video Transcript for Titan Uni-Servo Hydraulic Trailer Brake Assembly Installation

Today we'll be installing the Titan Servo Hydraulic Brake Assembly, part number t2351000. With the trailer raised up the first thing we'll do is go ahead and remove the brake line going to the old brakes. Next we'll go ahead and remove the whole brake assembly. Before installing the new Titan assembly we'll clean off the area making sure it's clean behind it.Now we'll install a new Titan assembly. We'll go ahead and use some blue Loctite, part number LT37484 around the bolt for added strength in connection with the nuts. Now we can go ahead and tighten the bolts down securely to our assembly.

With that done we can go ahead and reinstall the hub, the washers and the castle nut. Next we'll go ahead and install the grease cap. Now we'll go ahead to the back of the assembly and reinstall the brake line.To get our brake line reinstalled we would have to go ahead and bleed the brakes out which will consist of somebody activating the brake assembly and with the other person loosening up the valve behind the brake assembly. You have to do that several times until the fluid runs clear with no bubbles. Next we'll go ahead and adjust the brakes.

Using our brake adjusting tool we'll go ahead and tighten up the brakes until the drum cannot be moved by hand anymore.Then we'll back off about ten clicks which should end up with a slight dragging of the brakes on the drum. We'll keep that equal on both sides of the axle and that should finish it for our install and there you have it for part number t2351000.

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