Not only great for hooking up your trailer, the Swift Hitch system can be used as a backup camera for your vehicle or trailer and even can see into small dark spaces around the house or shop. 4 hour battery life. Call 800-298-8924 to order Swift Hitch Backup Cameras and Alarms part number 04928 or order online at Free expert support on all Swift Hitch products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Swift Hitch Trailer Hitch Aligner Portable Wireless Camera System with Night Vision. Backup Cameras and Alarms reviews from real customers.

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Swift Hitch Trailer Hitch Aligner Portable Wireless Camera System with Night Vision

Swift Hitch Backup Cameras and Alarms

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Swift Hitch Backup Cameras and Alarms - 04928

Not only great for hooking up your trailer, the Swift Hitch system can be used as a backup camera for your vehicle or trailer and even can see into small dark spaces around the house or shop. 4 hour battery life.


  • Clear 2-1/2" color LCD monitor
  • Wireless camera system includes camera, handheld monitor, 2 carrying cases, RCA cable, and 12V charging cable
    • Charging cable charges both the camera and monitor at the same time
    • Includes spare fuse for cigarette lighter adapter
  • To aid in backing up, image can be displayed normal or in reverse
  • Built-in infrared lights allow for 15' of night vision range
    • Night vision will turn on or off automatically
  • Easy to use, single hand operation
  • Works great for hooking up your trailer to the tow vehicle


  • LCD screen measures 1-9/16" (tall) x 2" (wide)
  • Frequency: Swift Hitch works on the license-exempt 2.4GHz industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) frequency band.
  • Transmission distance: 300 feet without obstruction
    • Actual transmission distance may be reduced by certain obstructions
  • Batteries: both the camera and monitor use rechargeable Li-batteries that last about 4 hours
    • Charging cable is included
  • 1-Year limited warranty


  • Viewing angle: 55 degrees
  • Lithium battery
    • Charge time: 2 hours
    • Work time: 4 hours (infrared off) / 3 hours (infrared on)
  • Night vision range: 15 feet
  • Dimensions: 3" tall x 5" long x 2-3/8" wide
  • Magnetic mount bracket dimensions: 2-3/8" x 1-1/2"
    • Mounting holes (optional): 1-5/8" on center


  • 2.5" TFT LCD with 960 x 240 resolution
  • Overall dimensions: 3-1/8" wide x 5-1/8" tall x 1-1/4" deep
    • LCD screen measures 1-9/16" (tall) x 2" (wide)

Note: Any wireless device that operates on 2.4 GHz (like a Bluetooth or in-car internet) can interfere with the reception quality of a wireless backup camera.

SH01 camera installation

Swift Hitch Wireless Camera System

No more guessing, no more getting in and out of the truck, with the Swift Hitch wireless camera system hooking up to your trailer has never been easier. To use, simply place the camera with its powerful magnetic base on the back of your vehicle. Then watch your hitch ball and trailer line up while you back up. And if you get confused turning the opposite way of what you see on the 2-1/2" color LCD screen, simply reverse the image to make hooking up even easier. The camera even works while hitching up at night with its infrared lights.

The Swift Hitch Wireless Camera System has many other great uses too! It works great as a backup camera on RVs, fifthwheel campers and enclosed cargo trailers. RV'ers can use it to help when adjusting the satelite reception for the tv. Construction workers, plumbers and electricians can use the small infrared camera to view into tight dark spaces. When backing your boat into the water, the camera can be placed at the end of your boat so you know when you can launch it. Mount the camera on the hood of your truck to make hooking up your snowplow a breeze. The small, lightweight, wireless camera with lights can be mounted on a pole or stick to give you endless viewing possibilities even in the dark.

SH01 Swift Hitch by Two Loons

Video of Swift Hitch Trailer Hitch Aligner Portable Wireless Camera System with Night Vision

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video swift hitch
Swift Hitch Portable Wireless Camera System Demonstration
Video review of swift hitch backup camera 04928
Swift Hitch Backup Camera Review

Video Transcript for Swift Hitch Portable Wireless Camera System Demonstration

The Swift Hitch is a portable wireless camera system that provides a quick hitch for any trailer, camper, or snowplow. It comes with a magnetic camera which mounts to your tailgate. A simple on and off switch is located on both the camera and the hand held monitor. Once you get your Swift Hitch camera installed on the tailgate, take a moment to align your hitch ball on the view screen at the bottom towards the center. That way, it will give you maximum field of view to sneak up on the hitch ball. Once you get your camera straight and away, you can view your hitch ball backing up from the comfort of your vehicle, on the LCD screen to achieve an easy and simple hitch up every time. With the help of the camera, you can sneak up on the ball basically on the first try. Once you get pretty much cover on top of the ball, you can go ahead and start lowering your jack and get your trailer hooked up.

The 2.5 inch LCD screen provides clear color display with a 300 foot range of transmission. The night vision mode, which is controlled automatically by the camera, has a range of 15 feet.

The Swift Hitch comes with a weatherproof cover on the camera and a split adapter so you can charge both units at the same time using your cigarette lighter or 12 volt outlet.

Customer Reviews

Swift Hitch Trailer Hitch Aligner Portable Wireless Camera System with Night Vision - 04928

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (50 Customer Reviews)

Not only great for hooking up your trailer, the Swift Hitch system can be used as a backup camera for your vehicle or trailer and even can see into small dark spaces around the house or shop. 4 hour battery life.

- 04928

by: Ryan06/07/2013

A co-worker and I purchased the Swift hitch together in late January 2013 because I thought it was a little pricey. We work for an agricultural business that deals with trucking of grain and fertilizer. We wanted a camera system to use when loading our trucks with grain. We needed a system that was portable, wireless, and all around simple. The swift hitch was the right choice. We use it almost every day. As with everything, there are of course pros and cons. Pros: Easy to operate, Night vision works spectacular, monitor fits in your pocket, rechargeable, magnet is a good idea, charge both units with one cord=smart thinking, multitude of uses. All around handy to have. Cons: magnet is no way near strong enough, screen is hard to see (its like a mirror), 300' range? yeah right maybe in an open field. realistically 50-75 ft, battery life could be a little longer, needs a low battery indicator. From using the swift hitch extensively I've made a few observations. Outside in 30 F temps battery life only lasted about an hour. When the battery does start to run down, the screen starts to get fuzzy and lines in it. I thought the camera was broke. Didn't realize the battery was going dead. Especially when the ad claims it last 3-4 hours and it had only been 1. This is why I feel there should be some kind of low battery indicator. The longest I have gotten the battery to last has been 2.5 hours. And that was starting with a full charge. Expect a 2 hour useable battery life. As mentioned above, the range is no where near 300'. I know in the description it says that obstructions will reduce the distance. I didn't think it would be that big of a reduction though. Even in an open field I would be skeptical that the swift hitch would even perform at 200' let alone 300'. The furthest I have tested it was close to 150'. I know it was this far because the camera was two semi truck lengths away. Our trucks are around 70' long and with a space in between of probably 10-15'. The camera had lines in it and was fuzzy. But I could still see what was on the screen. Also I have zip tied a much larger magnet onto the bottom of the camera to help hold it in place. Works great. I can hang it anywhere, anyway, and on things that vibrate or shake. The magnet is a good idea but needs to be stronger. Maybe some kind of clamp as an option would be a good idea too? Just a thought. I mentioned the screen was hard to see. Yeah I know its only a 2.5 inch screen. I'm not saying its to small. There is some type of glare that makes it look like your looking into a mirror. On sunny days its near impossible to see the screen. It does however work good enough where you can see whats going on. The night vision works great. I've only used it maybe 5 times and it was superb. A very ingenious feature. I like the monitor being able to fit in my pocket also. I can whip it out, check whatever it is I'm watching ,and put it away leaving my hands free to do whatever. Clever design. I've given this product 4 stars because its not perfect and there is room for improvement. I didn't feel like I was getting $200 worth. If these small things were corrected I would say 5 stars in a heart beat. I've used this product probably 100+ times. If not more. Its simple and effective but not cheap. Sure beats me getting in and out of my truck and climbing up and down off of my trailer 37 times each time I load my truck. I set it up when I'm trying to position my dump trailer to unload into a small pit. I put it on the rear of my trailer when I'm backing so I know when to stop and so I don't run into something that may be in my blind spot. When I hook my semi truck to my trailer I use it to line up my fifth wheel plate to the pin perfectly the first time every time. The possibilities are endless when it comes to uses. Anywhere you need an extra set of eyes, the swift hitch works good. I can load my truck with precision and not have to worry about falling off my trailer as I'm climbing up and down those 37 times. I've reduced that to 2 times. This product just makes life so much easier. Like another customer wrote, "should have bought one years ago". I couldn't agree more. 83733

- 04928

by: William01/14/2013

This is my second Swift Hitch. I not only use the system to hook up but also I am a sound engineer. I use the system to look under stage floors and such to discover how wiring may be done. This unit can see in the dark better than the naked eye. Great piece of gear. Well made and works. 62995


I still use the Swift Hitch as a valuable tool. The thing is just great for the purpose it was designed as well as many other tasks. The only negative I have is the receiver battery will drain down in about a week if left in the unit even if it is not turned on. I just take the battery out after each use. I now charge the battery every two months even if it is still working.I would recommend the unit and if lost I would replace it with another Swift Hitch.

William - 07/17/2014


- 04928

by: Camper07/13/2014

Swift Hitch Wireless back up camera was ordered right from our camp site in Ocean City, MD based on camper recommendation. Rec'd at site within 3 days. Everything about unit is great except distance from truch hitch to RV ball/hitch NOT far enough to say a perfect unit. Cameras field of view is a little narrow but if one backs up slow, corection(s) can be made in time to get it right on first or second try. Saved my marriage.....don't need her help/yelling anymore! Unit does work great at night also. I hold small monitor in my hand as I am looking back. Well constructed and company representative very helpful on ordering. Great company/service and good back up camera. 141085


Saved my marriage... Good one - I know exactly what your talking about. I laugh everytime I think about it.

comment by: ZJF - 10/09/2014


- 04928

by: Brian K.01/09/2013

I would like to say your product is great does just what I need. The company I work for pulls campers to natural gas well sites to act as mobile offices and sleeping quarters in remote areas.I do not have the time to get out of the truck 20 times to see if I'm lined up with a trailer to hook up. The night vision is great to because alot of times it is very dark on a site where the trailers are parked and I can go in the dead of night not worrying about how to hook up in the dark. Thank you very much for this product and a great customer service staff!!! 62637

- 04928

by: Ahmet H.01/07/2013

Just recovering from a neck surgery with a very stiff neck. Swift Hitch portable camera system made it very easy for me to hook up horse trailer this weekend with few moves. However, my truck has blue tooth phone connection. May be this is a reason for the receiver monitor having lines, making it very difficult for me to see anything between cotton balls. I had to hold the monitor out of the window, finding a sweet spot to complete the hitching. It would be nice if charging could be done from 110V outlet. Driving around charging both bateries 2,5 hours ( as suggested ) was not fun. Over all I like this system, it helps. But a larger screen, cleaner-crisper picture and a longer depth of field would have been nicer to have. 62558

- 04928

by: Super Helpful!!01/07/2015

Swift Hitch: Wow! It's amazing how one product can bring back the joy of boating! I have to push (front hitch) my boat into our backyard because the alley behind the house is very tight. This makes the hook-up so easy AND then I place it on the back of the trailer (now the front-most part) and use it to assist making the turn into the backyard. Could not do it without it!! Snap-On Towing Mirrors: Fit very nicely and secure. Add just the right amount of additional mirror range needed for backing up my pontoon!! Great product!! The best part of this sale was how super helpful the sales representative from etrailer was in helping me find a solution to my concerns!! THANKS VINCE!!! 167995

- 04928

by: Mark02/11/2013

I researched many other cameras, and this one was the best - and the price at etrailer was lower than anywhere I could find. I was nervous hitching my trailer up before, but this made it a breeze - it's pretty much idiot-proof. Word of advice - don't leave the camera attached with just the magnet. My Denali doesn't have much metal to attach this to so the area I could find on my tailgate wasn't the best to attach this camera to - it may bounce off if you travel over bumps. Shipping was fast, and arrived before estimated delivery date. ALL of my future RV and travel trailer purchases will be through etrailer - what a great experience! 65688

- 04928

by: Mike06/25/2012

I bought this because it always seemed that I was having to hook up by myself most of the time. While I hardly ever have any trouble left to right, stopping ball right under the receiver was never my strong point. This has solved that problem. I would have given 5 stars but I would like to see the magnet a bit stronger. It has not fallen off but I feel as if it's about to. Other than that I would have to say is works great. Also the Night Vision works Great!!! Lights things up like daylight when you're looking through the monitor. Comes with two pouches but I would suggest getting the optional carry case. I'm glad I did. 45465

- 04928

by: Karen01/17/2013

I bought this for my husband so he could use it when hooking up the truck to our fifth-wheeler and we both love it! I love it because now he doesn't need me to guide him. He loves it because it works as described. The camera can be placed on any metal surface because of the magnet, and he can angle it whichever way he needs to. He can also use it when backing into camp sites. Originally he said he didn't want one, but I gave it to him for Christmas anyway. He's very happy that I did. The picture on the monitor is clear; we have not had any problems with signal strength or interference. Wireless is definitely convenient! 63373

- 04928

by: Paul C.10/29/2013

Best money I've spent in awhile! Makes hookup ez. Love it! 105619


Still working well. No complaints at all.

Paul C - 10/29/2014


- 04928

by: Garland06/13/2013

I ordered the product by phone and the customer rep was knowledgeable and helpful about the product. I immediately received email notifications and tracking info and got my order probably faster than I would have expected. The equipment is ready to use out of the packaging after making sure batteries are charged. Nothing complicated to set up or do. It can't get any easier than this product. It is as easy to use as the online sample videos for the system indicate. I have no problem recommending etrailer. 84469

- 04928

by: Dan12/17/2010

Frustration Buster The Swift Hitch Trailer Hitch Aligner Portable Wireless Camera is the BEST camping tool I've bought. This outstanding device takes the frustration out of hitching up my travel trailer. I have a Hensley Hitch which requires almost perfect alignment. This tool is the answer for this demanding task. Now I have the best Hitch, and the best method to hook to it! The AC adapter is a handy way to keep the batteries charged. 4263

- 04928

by: Winfred S.04/20/2013

Product was easy to set up by following instructions. Backed up to my boat trailer and aligned it with ball on first try. This will be very helpful and allow me to do this task without getting out of vehicle several times as in past. Only reason not giving it an excellent rating I just got this product and I just used it one time. If this product continues to perform I will tell all my friends about this product. 77000

- 04928

by: Donald R.05/23/2014

This was just what I needed. With my old boat being 14', I could come close to the ball and then move the trailer. But I bought a 19' center console boat that's too heavy to move. The Swift Hitch camera is ideal. I can now back up under the ball the first time every time. No more getting in and out of the car to see where I am. Its great! 132080

- 04928

by: Rick ?.12/18/2013

I haven't used the camera to hitch up yer, but in playing with it, the product looks excellent with a clear picture. In addition to using it as a hitch camera, I'm going to feed it 12 volt power and use it in the rear window of my trailer as a rear view cam. Also will be useful for keeping am eye on the campsite with the night vision feature. 110343

- 04928

by: THD03/03/2014

This hitch aligner system is a big help for me. I use it to help me align the gooseneck hitch on my camper to the ball located in the bed of my pick-up truck. It is impossible for me to see the ball and the hitch from the drivers seat this system helps me connect the camper to the truck. 118323

- 04928

by: jeff s01/19/2011

great product this thing works just like it was demonstrated. i bought this for my son to help hookup his boat. no more bangin the bumper.and ordering was easy. even for a guy that doesnt know much about computers, i also received it alot sooner than expected. buy the sucker it works 5726

- 04928

by: Bob F08/19/2011

Great product. Unpack, pop in the battery, and charge for 3 hours and you are ready to go. Now day or night I will be able to back up to any of my trailers and hook up and be on my way in minutes. No more getting in and out of my truck a half dozen times to do the same thing. 22198

- 04928

by: Cecil o10/19/2012

Thank you for your concern about my marriage saver that I received for my birthday. I am sure that it will be all that I expeceted. I have not used it yet but I will be using it a lot this winter and also this summer for my boat. Thank you Cecil 57691

- 04928

by: Bob C09/04/2013

This company is Professional , fast and customer friendly. They provide updates and product information which is a big plus. Their products are of excellent quality. We strongly recommend etrailer for all your needs. Bobby C National Grid USA 98139

- 04928

by: Corinne03/21/2012

I can hardly wait to use this neat little tool. :) It's all charged and ready to go. It works very well, has a great picture, now I just need my new trailer and we're good! Excellent service and shipping. Thanks guys at etrailer! 34606

- 04928

by: Robert M03/13/2013

I'm very happy with the Swift Hitch! The picture clarity is great and the "night vision" is very good. Service and turnaround from was excellent. I would highly reccommend both the the product and buying from etrailer. 70487

- 04928

by: Dennis W.07/19/2013

Web site and service great. Have charged units and am pleased with functionality, but have now actually used wither of my purchases with trailer yet. I have done business with eTrailer previously and never disappointed. Dennis 90469

- 04928

by: Roy H03/18/2013

What a difference in hitching my trailer. After charging per the instructions it took seconds to set up. I went back into the truck and was able fine tune right up the hitch. I am very happy this device. 71510

- 04928

by: Dan V02/11/2012

Anyone who pulls a trailer should have a swift hitch. Excellent picture and quality.Don't bother buying cheap license plate camera's. This set up can be used for many applications. Very happy with purchase. 31470

- 04928

by: Scott N03/25/2014

I like it. It was necessary to call the help number to get it working. It may seem simple now but there were no instructions telling me to hold the display button for 3-5 seconds to turn it on. 122049

- 04928

by: Jeff C02/11/2015

Very pleased with this system. Simple to set up, the camera mounting magnet is plenty strong, my picture is clear and the infrared works great. May purchase another one for a different vehicle. 173359

- 04928

by: Kim Tullos10/20/2011

Great Product...Very Pleased....Fast shippment.... are using this product on our truck to pull our camper trailer....Now we can see hitching up to the trailer....Very good picture.... 25893

- 04928

by: Kamal Z02/13/2015

It is a good Quality product. When you touch it you can tell that it is well built. Picture quality is out standing .Battery life seems to be more than adequate. Love it so far. 173628

- 04928

by: Dave j08/08/2014

Works good clear picture , interference lines intermittently but not bad enough to stop the view. Need a wider field of view to see everything . Makes hooking up much easier. 145406

- 04928

by: Curt D09/11/2013

Great product and easy to use. The e trailer site description was accurate for the swift hitch and works as described. Received our shipment quickly and well packaged. 99533

- 04928

by: T&D12/29/2013

This is great. We own three vehicles and can just take it from one vehicle to another. The picture quality is great. We got the one with night vision! 111442

- 04928

by: Bryan F02/15/2011

Very well made, solid construction. Works absolutely great in day light or even at night. Saves me a ton of time hooking up ny cargo and dump trailers. 7214

- 04928

by: felton02/16/2011

The kit is extremely versatile. I bought to assist me in guiding my boat trailer when backing up. I use it in. Several task that require extra eyes. 7244

- 04928

by: Mike P05/08/2012

A real marrage saver. So impressed that had 3 people purchase them from work for fathers day. The video demonstration helped sell the product. 39761

- 04928

by: Lydia K07/24/2013

I bought this so that I could hook up my 5th wheel by myself. This allows me to do just that. Great picture quality on monitor, easy to use. 91384

- 04928

by: Randy B.08/20/2014

I have use the Swift Hitch during the day and at night. The night vision was even better that expected. What a helpful device. Randy 147799

- 04928

by: Cindy S.09/11/2013

I've giving this an excellent because, even though I haven't used it yet, it is smaller than anticipated and that makes me happy!! 99424

- 04928

by: Don09/10/2013

Camera and monitor work fine when hooking up and backing trailer. Initial charging of camera blew fuses but 4 Amp fixed that. 99329

- 04928

by: andy m.11/11/2013

great product. easy to use, makes trailer hook-ups a one person one shot deal. clear screen and mag. camera is the nuts! 107016

- 04928

by: phil j08/08/2013

works as advertised. great product, my trailer hookups are very simplified. my reason for this purchase is satisfied. 93946

- 04928

by: Dave06/15/2012

Charges quickly - works as advertised - no installation - night vision works well - should have gotten one years ago. 44280

- 04928

by: Tom K.06/06/2013

Excellent product. Well made, Easy to use. Makes hitching a trailer a simple procedure. 83532

- 04928

by: Earl04/14/2013

Works perfect first time. Difficulty in transmitting from trailer bumper to truck cab. 75935

- 04928

by: Rommel Daes11/05/2013

Con-Needs a holder for the monitor, everything else is excellent. 106442

- 04928

by: Terry M12/27/2012

Exactly what I was looking for, Super fast service, Thank you! 62049

- 04928

by: Cal SAUCERMAN04/22/2011

It was Just what I wanted and expected very happy with it 12224

- 04928

by: Robert02/13/2013

Received it promptly after ordering. Works well. 66190

- 04928

by: MLB10/16/2014

Like described. Very handy. 156108

- 04928

by: Dickji03/03/2014

Better than I had expected 118336


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  • What Back-Up Camera Can be Used with a 32 Foot Travel Trailer
  • At that trailer length, we have two wireless cameras that will work for you. The first is the Swift Hitch Camera, part # 04928. It will transmit up to 300 ft. with no obstructions. I would mount it towards the top of the trailer to get better signal transmission. The camera and monitor have built-in batteries and the kit includes a charger that will charge both from your cigarette lighter port. You could also use the Master Lock Back-Up Camera, part # 4843DAT. It transmits up to 125...
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  • Recommended Wireless Backup Camera To Mount On Back of 5th Wheel
  • You could mount the transmitter of the Peak Performance Wireless Back-Up Camera, part # PKC0RB, at the very front of the fifth-wheel but there would be an increase in interference as the signal would have to travel through. To mount the transmitter at the front of your fifth-wheel, you will need to use Extension Cord for Wireless Backup Camera System, part # PKCORD. One end of the extension cord would plug into the transmitter and the other end would plug into the camera. Another backup...
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  • Which Back Up Camera Works Best for Hitch Alignment
  • You could go with something like the Swift Hitch Trailer Hitch Aligner Portable Wireless Camera System with Night Vision # 04928 which has more maneuverability and you can point it directly at your trailer ball. The down side is that this unit uses rechargeable batteries and sticks out considering its size and color. I recommend the Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System # 4843DAT. It has easy set up, no wire splicing, and an adjustable camera. The camera portion...
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  • Recommendations to Assist with Aligning a 5th Wheel Hitch and Trailer King Pin
  • The # KSC088 K-Source backup mirror would work for aligning your fifth-wheel hitch and king pin, but this mirror will only allow you to see a field up to 6' behind the mirror. If your truck has a long bed, you would not be able to see the king pin until you backed up enough to get it into the field of vision for the mirror. The Swift Hitch wireless backup camera # 04928 would work great for aligning your trailer and fifth-wheel hitch. You can mount the camera on any metal surface...
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  • Back Up Camera Options for Backing Boat Trailer
  • The camera of the Peak Performance Wireless Back Up Camera System is designed to withstand the the elements when installed on the license plate frame of a passenger vehicle, but it is not capable of being submerged. Repeated immersion in water will eventually damage the camera. The Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera System, part # 4843DAT would probably be a better option for you. The camera has a magnetic mounting surface that could be attached someplace on the trailer that will...
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  • Recommend Backup Camera for Truck and 45 Ft Enclosed Trailer
  • The item you selected, Peak Performance Wireless Back-Up Camera, part # PKC0RB, has a range of up to 197 feet when there are not any obstructions. There will be an increase in interference as the signal would have to travel through the walls of trailer and truck cab. I would recommend going with a camera that has a longer range like the Swift Hitch Portable Wireless Camera with Night Vision, part # 04928. The Swift Hitch Camera has a transmission distance of up to 300 feet if there are...
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  • Does Peak Performance Back Up Camera System Have Night Vision Capability
  • The Peak Performance Wireless Camera System you mentioned, part # PKCORB does not have a night vision function. It relies on existing light. If used in a totally dark area, you would gain some illumination from the reverse lights of the vehicle, but the light provided by those is usually not very bright. If you are interested in a camera system with night vision capability, we offer the Swift Hitch Portable Camera System, part # 04928 with a 4 hour battery life or for 10 hour battery...
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  • Can the Swift Hitch Backup Camera be Tilted straight back for Installation at the Rear of an RV
  • The Swift Hitch Portable Wireless Camera, # 04928, cannot be oriented straight out. The camera mount will not allow the camera portion to rotate to a 90 degree angle to the base. You could position the camera at a 90 degree angle to the back of the RV, if you fabricated an angled mount that would attach to the back of the RV and then attach the camera to the angled mount. I produced a short video showing the range of adjustment that the camera has. The other issue I see with this camera...
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  • Can Swift Hitch Wireless Camera System # 04928 Be Used Inside of Horse Trailer to Monitor Horses
  • After speaking with my contact at Swift Hitch, I have found that using the Swift Hitch Trailer Hitch Aligner Portable Camera System # 04928 in the manner that you described is acceptable. I have included links to videos displaying both a demonstration of this product as well as a review. My contact at Swift Hitch also said if you plan to use the camera system to monitor your horses in the trailer during transportation, he recommends Swift Hitch Portable Water Resistant Wireless Camera...
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  • What is the Life Expectancy of the Battery in the Swift Hitch Wireless Backup Camera 04928
  • I checked into this with the manufacturer, and the battery in the camera portion of the # 04298 wireless backup camera system is actually replaceable. The battery is sealed inside the camera, but can be accessed. The new battery would need to be soldered into the assembly, so it is a bit more tricky to replace than the battery in the monitor but it is doable. When I asked about the lifespan of the battery, my contact at Swift Hitch said that although they have on occasion had to replace...
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  • Can Swift Hitch Camera # 04928 Be Used for a Gooseneck Trailer
  • The Swift Hitch Camera, part # 04928 will work with any type of trailer. The camera is very versatile, and can be magnetically mounted in any orientation, or permanently attached using the holes on either side of the camera base. I have linked you to some product demonstration videos showing the Swift Hitch Camera in action.
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  • Back Up Camera Recommendation for Use Behind a Trailer
  • The Swift Hitch, # 04928 is the camera I recommend for placing behind your trailer. I recommend mounting any wireless camera near the top of the trailer so that the antenna has a more unobstructed path to the monitor. I have included links to a couple of videos on this camera system for you. This system runs on a battery so it can be turned on without hardwiring it into the trailer wiring. It has a 4 hour battery life so when you stop you will want to charge the battery. For a more...
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  • Recommended Rear-View Camera Solution to Assist Hitching Gooseneck Trailer
  • Although many of the camera systems we offer might be modified or altered in some way that would allow the camera to mount to the inside of the rear window glass, none of them are designed to mount that way directly out of the box. My best recommendation for a camera-type solution would be the Swift Hitch Portable Wireless Camera System, available with a 4-hour battery, part # 04928 or a 10-hour battery, as part # SH02. Both systems are rechargeable and the cameras can be temporarily...
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  • Will Adapter # PP01 Charge the Swift Hitch Wireless Backup Camera # 04928 From a Wall Outlet
  • Yes, the function of the # PP01 is to charge the Swift Hitch backup camera, part # 04928. It simply plugs into a standard wall outlet. A good addition to the Switch Hitch setup is the storage case, part # PC02, as this keeps together the camera, monitor, and cables, and keeps them safe with separate foam compartments.
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  • Back up Camera Recommendation to See Behind an Airstream Trailer
  • You can only extend mirrors out so far before they become a hazard. In this case the best solution would be a camera system. We have several camera systems available but I recommend the Swift Hitch, # 04928. The camera has a magnetic base or it can me attached with screws. It turns on by pushing the button on the camera so you do not have to have it wired into the trailer or vehicle wiring. It even has night vision. The battery life on this model is 4 hours before it will need a recharge....
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  • Wireless Backup Camera Options and Recommendations
  • We have numerous wireless backup camera systems available: Swift Hitch, # 04928, # SH02, or # SH03 Master Lock, # 4843DAT Peak, # PKC0RB or # PKC0RG I can tell you from experience that the ones that hardwire in such as # HM50002 or # HM60195VA are going to give you less problems because there will not be any interference. Wireless systems are susceptible to interference from anything operating on the 2.4 GHz band (which is a lot of electronic devices). I have # HM50002 installed...
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  • Can Swift Hitch Trailer Camera, Part # 04928, Be Installed on Rear of 24-Ft Holiday Trailer.
  • Yes, the Swift Hitch Trailer Camera, Part # 04928, is suited for use on your 24-foot trailer as a backup camera. Swift Hitch also offers a water-resistant version of this product, part # SH02. Both products offer a great set of features, including automatic night vision, 55 degree viewing angle, color LCD monitor screen, a magnetic mounting bracket, 300-foot unobstructed transmission distance and rechargeable lithium batteries with included charger. In addition to its water-resistance,...
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  • Can the Peak Wireless Back-Up Camera be Used on the Rear of a 17 ft Travel Trailer
  • You can use the Peak Performance Wireless Back-Up Camera, # PKC0RB, on the back of your 17 ft travel trailer, however, there are a few factors that you should consider when installing this camera on a trailer. The transmitter will need to be placed in a location where it is protected from the elements and where it will have access to the reverse light circuit. The monitor and transmitter have a 197 ft range as long as the path is unobstructed. You will need to use the Extension Cord,...
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  • Which Backup Cameras Have Night Vision for Night Time Use
  • The Hopkins Rear View Camera, # HM60195VA, does not have infrared or LED lights for better night vision on the monitor. In dark places or at night, the image would appear washed and dim. For a good system that does have night vision, we have the Switch Hitch, # 04928. This system uses infrared lighting. The image is not as good as broad daylight but it is much better compared to a system with no night vision.
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  • Does The Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera # 4843DAT Allow You To See Behind You At Night
  • The Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System, # 4843DAT, has a 3-1/2 inch back lit color monitor that can be seen in the dark or in dim lighting circumstances. The camera portion itself does not have a night vision feature so it is limited to the available ambient light around it. Basically, the less light, the less the camera can see. If you need a camera that has a night vision feature, we have the Swift Hitch Trailer Hitch Aligner Portable Wireless Camera System...
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  • Is the Swift Hitch Trailer Hitch Aligner Portable Wireless Camera System Waterproof
  • The camera in the Swift Hitch, # 04928, is weather resistant but the camera is not completely sealed so it cannot be considered waterproof. For something to be considered waterproof it would have to be able to be submerged under water for a certain amount of time and still function. For rainy weather, though, the camera will work but I do recommend that once you are done using it, place the camera where it is out of the rain. I have included a couple of videos of this system for you.
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  • Backup Camera Recommendation for a 22-ft Winnabago Winnie Motor Home
  • Since the Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera # 4843DAT mounts on the outside of your vehicle, the bathroom at the back of your 22-ft Winnabago Winnie will not effect the functionality. There are two mounting options - either inside the receiver or magnetically on the outside of your motorhome, provided that you either have a receiver or a ferrous metal mounting area available.The attached picture shows the mounting options. Although this system transmits wirelessly, it will need to...
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  • Transmission Range for the Swift Hitch Wireless Backup Camera System
  • The Swift Hitch Wireless Camera System, # 04928, has a transmission distance of 300 ft without obstructions. You will have no issue using this system on your 2004 Chevrolet 3500 crew cab long bed when hooking up your bass boat. Certain wireless features or devices such as in-car internet or bluetooth can interfere with the reception quality, but that is easily fixed by turning off those items when backing up to your trailer.
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  • Camera Battery Recommendation for the for SHO1 Swift Hitch Camera
  • The part # PB02 would be the correct replacement battery for the # 04928 that you referenced. The # 04928 has the SH01 camera and the # PB02 has been confirmed to fit this
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  • What is the Best Camera Position for the Swift Hitch Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Aligner
  • Generally speaking, if you position the camera so that on the top of the monitor screen you can see the receiver, that would be a good place to have it. That way, you will can quickly determine where the hitch is relative to the image on the screen and still have plenty of space on the screen for the area behind the vehicle. If you have to have the camera very close to the receiver, try angling it out so that you just catch the edge of the receiver or the ball on a ball mount on the...
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  • Swift Hitch Wireless Camera System for Monitoring Traffic Behind a 5th Wheel
  • Yes, I spoke with my contact at the manufacturer and you can use the Swift Hitch Trailer Hitch Aligner Portable Wireless Camera System with Night Vision, item # 04928, for an extended period of time, if you hard wire the camera unit at the rear of your vehicle. You will need to remove the camera charging connector from the charging harness and use a 2 amp slow blow inline fuse for wiring the camera. You could then use the 12 volt cigarette lighter plug for the monitor, or hard wire it with...
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  • Back Up Camera Recommendation for Seeing at Night
  • Unless you have some pretty powerful reverse lights night time vision would be pretty limited with the Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera part # HM50002. The Swift Hitch Trailer Hitch Aligner Portable Wireless Camera System with Night Vision # 04928 would be a better choice for you if you plan on using a backup camera at night since it has night vision that would make seeing at night much easier. I attached a review video for this camera for you to check out also.
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  • Can I Use a Back-Up Camera to Monitor a Scooter on the Back of a 5th Wheel Trailer
  • The Extension Cord, # PKCORD, that you referenced allows you to extend the Peak Performance Wireless Back-Up Camera, # PKC0RB, from the transmitter. The transmitter and camera on this system draws power directly from the reverse light circuit on the vehicle. This means the camera will only turn on when the vehicle is put into reverse. You may be interested in the Swift Hitch Portable Wireless Camera System, # 04928. This camera system does not require the vehicle to be on and has a...
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  • Using an Additional Monitor with the Swift Hitch Wireless Camera System With Night Vision
  • I pulled the Swift Hitch Portable Wireless Camera Systems with Night Vision, part # 04928, from my warehouse an verified that it comes with a video cable that allows you to use the video out feature. You can connect this cable to any monitor that supports an RCA video connection.
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  • Is the Swift Hitch Wireless Backup Camera Water Resistant
  • Basically what protects the Swift Hitch # 04928 from the elements is the plastic cover that you see on the back of the camera. This makes them more weather resistant but not water proof. It would be a good idea to take either camera off when not in use to keep the elements from shortening its life span.
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