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FITS 2011 Toyota 4Runner
SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Rear Axle

SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Rear Axle

Item # SS68DR
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2011 Toyota 4Runner

4 Wheel Drive Models

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Call at 1-800-940-8924 for expert service. We are your Toyota vehicle suspension experts, and offer a great price. carries a complete line of SuperSprings Intl products for your Toyota 4Runner 2011. SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Rear Axle part SS68DR from SuperSprings Intl can be ordered online at Complete vehicle suspension installation instructions and technical support.
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2011 Toyota 4Runner - SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Rear Axle

  • Jounce-Style Springs
  • Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement
  • SuperSprings Intl
  • Light Duty

1,400-lb Capacity. Upgrade your Toyota 4Runner's rear suspension with these maintenance-free helper springs. Sturdy microcellular urethane springs cushion bumps and help support a heavy load to level your ride and minimize sway. No-drill installation.


  • Helper springs upgrade your vehicle's rear suspension for improved driver control and comfort
    • Keep your vehicle level when you're towing or hauling a heavy load
    • Help to absorb bumps and shocks
    • Minimize sway
  • Progressive load control - springs compress according to the weight of your cargo
    • Lighter loads - springs compress easily at first for soft engagement and a less bumpy ride
    • Heavier loads - springs compress by as much as 80 percent for support
  • Springs work independently from each other to compensate for off-center loads and reduce body roll during sharp turns
  • Durable microcellular urethane
    • Works in temperatures from -25 F to 200 F
    • Resists damage caused by oils, road salts, and UV rays
  • Minimal lateral expansion - springs compress vertically instead of to the sides so they aren't easily damaged when operating in tight spaces
  • Maintenance-free - no tubing to run or air pressure to monitor like with air springs
  • Simple, no-drill installation
  • 2 Jounce-style springs included
  • Made in the USA


  • Weight capacity (at 50-percent compression): 1,400 lbs
    • SumoSprings will not increase your vehicle's weight-carrying capacity
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 30-Day satisfaction guarantee

Rear Suspension Support

Towing or hauling a heavy load can cause rear sag as your factory suspension compresses under the weight of the load. This means that the rear axle is trying to support not only the extra load but also the weight of your vehicle. And because there is less weight on your front axle, your front tires make less contact with the road, which causes problems with traction, steering, and braking. SumoSprings upgrade your vehicle's factory suspension to level your vehicle, improve driving performance, and keep your ride comfortable.

Installed spring when it is not compressed

SumoSprings provide progressive load control - the more you load them, the stiffer they become. With a lighter load, the springs will compress easily for soft engagement and a less bumpy ride. The closed-cell urethane material allows for smooth contact between the springs and your vehicle. And the springs act like a shock absorber to dampen road vibration.

Installed spring when it is compressed

The springs can also compress by as much as 80 percent to support a heavy rear load and to help your factory suspension bear up under the load. This evens out the weight, which levels your vehicle and ensures that your front tires are making better contact with the road. A level ride means that you have improved driving control, ensures safe headlight aim, and helps to minimize sway. The springs also support your factory suspension, which helps prevent sagging and reduces bottoming out.

The springs work independently from one another to support each side of your vehicle. This action helps to reduce body roll when you make a sharp turn. This also helps compensate for an off-center load.

Durable, Custom-Fit Springs

These microcellular urethane springs are tough. They resist abrasion, oil, salt, and UV rays that can more quickly wear out other springs, and they perform well in temperatures ranging from -25 F to 200 F (-33 C to 93 C).

SumoSprings compress vertically with minimum expansion to the sides, so they won't be damaged by nearby mechanical parts and they fit safely into tighter spots. And unlike air springs, SumoSprings require no maintenance or adjustment.

The helper springs are custom designed to fit your vehicle, and they install easily - no drilling required.

SSR-623-40 SuperSprings Sumo Springs Solo Rear Toyota 4Runner Suspension Kit for Trucks

Installation Details SS68DR Installation instructions

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Customer Reviews

SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Rear Axle - SS68DR

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (1773 Customer Reviews)

1,400-lb Capacity. Upgrade your vehicle's rear suspension with these maintenance-free helper springs. Sturdy microcellular urethane springs cushion bumps and help support a heavy load to level your ride and minimize sway. No-drill installation.

2019 Toyota4Runner

This review is based purely on the installation. It took as long to jack up my 4Runner, place jack stands under the frame, and remove the tires as it did to install the Sumo Springs. I installed these to lessen the squat of the 4R while towing my boat and my camper (WD hitch used while towing the camper). The Sumo Springs sit just above the real axel which should greatly reduce the squat and lessen the bounce while towing. Went this route based on other 4Runner owner's reviews.


I gave the SumoSprings an initial rating of 4-stars because they do work as advertised. During the first thousand miles I've driven since installing them on my 2019 Toyota 4Runner, I have noticed they contact the rear axle much sooner than the OEM bumper stops which serves to quickly increase the suspension's resistance to any further downward motion of the truck's body - which not only dampens excessive rear end "dipping" on rough terrain, but also works well to prevent any appreciable rear end squatting from the tongue weight of my heavy 2-axle utility trailer.

I reduced my initial rating by one star because, while they centered on the mounting bracket holes in the same manner as the OEM bumper, I wasn't able to center the SumoSprings over the rear axle even after pushing them as far forward as the elongated bolt holes would allow.

Since the center of the SumoSpring pad (midway in the adjustment range of the elongated bolt holes) is in exact vertical alignment as the center of the OEM bumper, the only explanation would be that the 4Runner's coil-spring rear suspension has a slightly arced rear-axle "full travel" range as it rises upward from the lowest to highest position. If that "full travel arc" moves the axle to its rearmost position when the suspension is at full compression (where it contacts the OEM bumper), the "full travel arc" would then move the axle about 1/2" forward during the downward portion of the arc back to the normal ride position.

Therefore, since the surface of SumoSpring's long cushion pad is very close to the axle when it's in the normal ride position, that would explain why the SumoSpring at its farthest forward adjustment position is still about 1/4" to the rear of being centered on the axle(even though the SumoSpring in that position is now a bit further forward from vertical center of the OEM bumper).

However, since the rear axle's upward travel moves it slightly to the rear (and more toward center-mass of the SumoSpring's cushion pad), perhaps it won't suffer any premature deterioration or failure - but only time will tell about the SumoSpring's durability and longevity.

Thank you for the detailed feedback. When the SumoSpring is installed you will want to position the bracket so that it is offset outboard towards the wheel. This product does have a limited lifetime warranty against defects.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 10/27/2021
After 70,000+ miles of both highway and off-road driving with and without a trailer in tow, I am upgrading my original rating to 5-stars because the bluemedium SumoSprings have performed exactly as advertised and show no signs of degradation in either wear, appearance, structural integrity or any noticeable deformation after being hammered unmercifully by the tongue-weight of the trailer I frequently tow along with the “moonscape” off-road terrain and even worse conditions of the roads I usually travel . Even though the SumoSprings still lacked ¼” from being perfectly centered on my 2019 4-Runner’s rear axle housing after installing them as far forward as their elongated slots would allow, my assessment of the suspension’s compression arc moving the third-member a bit to the rear on its upward swing proved to be true since the “shiny spots” of the contact points on the rear axle housing are well-centered. Unlike a Jeep Wrangler with an extremely stiff “hay-wagon” ride and having “no butt” or cargo space that protrudes more than a few inches past its rear wheels to strike the ground after traversing a sharp terrain -off, the largerlonger 4-Runner with a more comfortable ride has a lot of rear body protruding past its rear wheels – especially with a trailer hitch draw-bar attached. The 4-Runner’s hard-rubber OEM bumper stops allowed almost 5-inches of upward rear suspension travel before “bottoming out” which occasionally caused the underhung spare tire or hitch drawbar to contact the ground in extreme off-road terrain -offs or sudden roadway dips when towing a loaded trailer. However, the SumoSprings worked magic because there was only ½” clearance between them and the rear axle housing under normal conditions, and the rear axle housing gently touched the SumoSprings when the trailer was hooked up – which almost completely eliminated rear-end squat on a sharp off-road -off or sudden roadway dip without making the 4-Runner ride like a hay-wagon, farm tractor, 1950 International pickup with overload springs, Jeep Wrangler, etc. in the process. After another 250,000 miles or so, I’ll put SumoSprings on my next 4-Runner – good show guys!!!
Brent - 10/22/2022


Hi this is Brandon Gager I ordered the sumo spring. Was there supposed to be a blue one & a black or driver & passenger side


I put them on an overland rig pulling an off-road trailer. Shoulda done it sooner. Big plus!


Easy to install work great

2010 Lexus GX 460

Better overall ride quality than the Timbren rubber springs I originally had installed. The Timbren are excellent for heavy loads and I may hang on to them for that reason. The Sumosprings were even easier to install than the Timbrens, so I'd recommend the Sumosprings over the Timbrens based on ease of install as well. It would make it easy should you find yourself needing to switch back and forth. It'll take you 20 minutes at the most to change both sides. This includs getting out the tools, jack, jack stands, wheel chocks,and putting everything away when done. Time is about the same with or without removing the wheels.
My GX460 is self leveling, but it doesn't hurt to give the suspension a little help towards longevity (Air bag repair can be pricey on the GX). Picture shows the limited work space with the tire on the vehicle while on the ground. Please note that with the vehicle raised there's a lot more room to work and access from the bottom as well. I didn't find the need to work from underneath the truck.


Does the job. Install was easy


Easy install, about 45 min., And the outcome was much more than expected.. Now I have no sway, or excessive rolling.. no dipping, and the control is excellent..


So far, so good. Much more support than the OEM bumpers. Hopefully they will last.

2010 Toyota4Runner

This worked perfectly for what I needed my 4Runner no longer sags with the trailer and without the trailer it actually corners tighter with less sway and ride smoother.
And this directly mounted in the exact bump stop location with the same mounting hardware in fact they sent hardware I guess so it fit on other vehicles but it was a direct replacement of The bump stop on my 2010 4Runner


Can’t beat the Sumo Spring fir the price! Stabilized my 4 Runner body roll and kept it from sagging when towing my boat. In my opinion, these are a no brainer.

2018 Toyota4Runner

Super easy install. Took longer to jack up the 4Runner and take the rear tires off.






2000 Lexus LX 470



Review from a similar SumoSprings Solo in Vehicle Suspension

First off, these won't fix worn out suspension components, they are designed to improve ride quality by reducing sag/porpoising, especially on heavier vehicles.
Our 2010 Roadtrek 210P (75k miles) is a great rv but essentially a big heavy tub going down the road. Has the tendency to lean and wallow front to back. New shocks and all suspension is good, as mentioned make sure that stuff is all in good shape.
Pics show the oem stops vs the SS stops. Big difference - you may assume ride gets harsh but not the case. The oem stops were very tired and didn't do much. The preload on the new SS stops is just about perfect - any weight changes are very progressive which takes the harshness out of the ride. I didn't really see any change to ride height either.
Road manners are improved, there's a bit more resistance to lean, but the main difference is that the front end doesn't try to change height as readily with the back end.
Not a big deal to install. Youbdont need to pull the wheels, just turn them side to side to get to the stops. Pop out the old stops and clean the retaining cups with a wire brush and some brake clean. I used syl-glyde on the new stops to help get them into place. I also used a crowbar under the stop to push it into the cup while making sure the 4 tabs captured the top of the stop. Final step was to lower the van and give it a drive, then check to ensure the fit was good. The key here is to clean the cup first and use a bit of lube on the new stop.

Very pleased and I'll be installing SS on the back end soon. Yup, they're pricey but they are good quality with a limited lifetime warranty.

A year later, all is great. The SS on the front are solid performers, combined with an airlift airbag system on the rear and new coil springs on the front for a slight increase in ride height. Ride, stability and control are greatly improved.
Roadtrek - 01/05/2023


Review from a similar SumoSprings Solo in Vehicle Suspension

I installed Sumo Springs on our 06 Xterra right after we bought our Casita 17' trailer. The back of the X squatted a bit more than I liked. I had also noticed before some tendency to bottom out if the car was full of people and stuff. These ingenious devices are a perfect solution for me! They are about 3/4" clear of being engaged with the axle when unloaded, so the ride is not overly affected, but progressively take up some of the weight when the back end starts coming down with load. It now sits very nicely with the trailer connected, no weight distributing hitch and stuff in the back, and no more bottoming. We've put a good number of miles on the X in the last year, towing and not towing, and they are still doing the job.

I should note, the back of my Xterra is lifted about an inch with AAL springs. If that were not the case, the Sumo Springs would be engaged all the time. That will vary with vehicle.

I will also note that they are non-adjustable, unlike airbags. I kinda like that, I didn't want to mess with adjusting air pressure and such. But once they do start kicking in as one or both wheels travel, they do stiffen it up quite a bit. I mean, there's no way around that; you can't take load without stiffening the suspension. As such I think they inhibit upward axle articulation a bit when 4-wheeling, but for us that's not a big deal. Since they do not connect to the axle, they don't affect downward articulation at all.

The pics are shortly after installation, one with the car unloaded, and two with trailer and gear loaded up.


Review from a similar SumoSprings Solo in Vehicle Suspension

I would have give it a 5star but the bolts are 1/4” I think it should be at least minimum of 3/8” or1/2” bolts to hold the sumo springs. I like them toed the camper handles very well. Wishi got these a long time ago worth getting. With out camper can tell that it’s there but rides ok. I wanted the same ride it not quite. I ask what the how high they are said 5” with bracket but it’s actually 6” with bracket see picture. I would recommend getting the sumo springs ssr-610-47.

They are working great in my 12 tundra still would recommend them. I tow 8000lbs camper handles great at times I probably wished I got the next step up but might be to hard when not towing. Will see next time I need to get some for next truck. Wish they have measurements to know how high they are from the lighter ones to the heavier ones.
Luc - 04/18/2022


Review from a similar SumoSprings Solo in Vehicle Suspension

Parts arrived on schedule. At first I thought that the parts did not fit my truck, so I called customer service and they immediately started to send me a return label and refund. It turned out that I was wrong, and the parts did fit. I called them back cancelled the refund action.
Great friendly service!
I also found that the price I paid was much cheaper than [online store]. I highly recommend etrailer!

The springs still work as they should. They are nice because they dont seem to affect the ride quality when the camper is not on the truck. Very happy with my purchase.
David B - 05/31/2022


Review from a similar SumoSprings Solo in Vehicle Suspension

Seems very robust. Looking forward to towing the trailer in the spring! Relatively easy to install, but thanks to a little [online] search, I was able to install them more easily. The steps for installation did not call for any lubrication of the top of the spring in order to get it into place, but it definitely needed it. I took multiple attempts to try and install them without and they simply wouldn't slip into place. I used a little bit of Simple Green in order to provide the lubrication that they needed to slip into place. It worked on the first attempt. OE bump-stops included in the picture next to the new Sumo Springs.


Review from a similar SumoSprings Solo in Vehicle Suspension

Very straight forward installation. Simple. very noticeable difference under load. Towing with the gooseneck also an improvement, looking forward to the longer road trip test. So far pleased with the product and results

after a year i could buy them again. great performance and no issues.
Richard J - 06/04/2022
My wife and I loved him on our trucks
-- comment by: Ben L - 07/26/2022

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  • Space Between SumoSprings SS68DR & Axle on 2006 Toyota Sequoia When Unloaded
    With an unloaded ride on your 2006 Toyota Sequoia, there will be approximately 1 inch of space between the axle and the bottom of the SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs # SS68DR. These are a light capacity helper spring, and if you are off-road without a load in the back, you will feel them engage, but it won't be extremely jarring. With normal driving, however, short of going over a speed bump or pothole or really bad roads, there won't be an issue of these springs affecting your...
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  • Recommended Suspension Enhancement for 2021 Toyota 4Runner Limited
    For suspension enhancement on your 2021 Toyota 4Runner limited I recommend the SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Rear Axle # SS68DR. These are maintenance-free and will help keep you level. They use progressive load control so they springs compress according to the weight of your cargo. These SumoSprings have a capacity of 1,400 lbs and come with a limited lifetime warranty. The # SS68DR will also have a minimal impact on your unloaded ride quality. I have attached a review video...
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  • Helper Spring Solution For a 2023 Toyota 4Runner 4x4 Towing a Travel Trailer
    For your 2023 Toyota 4Runner 4x4 towing a travel trailer, I recommend the SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs # SS68DR. These helper springs are going to help keep your 4Runner level when towing, help absorb bumps, shocks and minimize sway. They also have a no-drill installation and are maintenance free with no tubing to run or air pressure to monitor.
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  • Are the SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs SS68DR Side Specific
    The SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Spring part # SS68DR aren't side specific, the brackets and springs can be installed on either side. That said, you will need to make sure they are orientated correctly depending on what side they're on. Per the instructions, "Be sure to position the bracket so that the SumoSpring is offset outboard (toward the wheel).".
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  • SumoSpring Kit Recommendation for Overlanding 2018 Toyota 4Runner
    Between the 1,400 lb SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs # SS68DR and the 1,800 lb Kit # SS78DR I recommend going with the 1,800 lb kit. These won't affect your daily drive but will offer the support you need when you are going Overlanding. If you were only using your 2018 Toyota 4Runner as a daily driver I'd say stick with the 1,400 lb kit since there isn't really a need for the extra support.
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  • Best Suspension Enhancement For 2022 Toyota 4Runner
    The best option for suspension enhancement for your 2022 Toyota 4Runner are SumoSprings: - SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs # SS68DR Th SumoSprings # SS68DR offer the best support for your '22 4Runner because they compress based on the amount of weight placed at the rear of your 4Runner. So when you are towing or otherwise have a heavy load in the cargo area of your Toyota, the SumoSprings will help level your ride, while reducing body roll and sway, giving you a smoother, more...
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  • Reducing Rear Sag on a 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser
    Both the SumoSprings # SS68DR and Timbren # TABSTORSEQ will help with the sag you are experiencing, however, I prefer the SumoSprings # SS68DR. This has to do with them increasing their stiffness with the the more weight that is added to them. This will keep the ride quality as close to stock as possible when not towing while still providing the support when needed. The Timbren # TABSTORSEQ is very similar to the SumoSprings, but is made with a more robust rubber. This will have better...
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  • Helper Spring Recommendation for 2021 Toyota 4Runner Towing 3700 lb Travel Trailer
    Of the available choices, I prefer the SumoSprings # SS68DR which would provide up to 1400 lbs of additional support for your rear suspension which would work great to counteract the tongue weight of your travel trailer. Not only will the SumoSprings prevent sag from the tongue weight of your travel trailer being applied to the rear suspension of your 4Runner, it'll also minimize sway and body roll in turns. Unlike the # F4135 air helper spring you'd looked at, the SumoSprings will never...
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  • Suspension Enhancement/Helper Spring Suggestion for 2022 Toyota 4Runner
    The Firestone # F4135 Coil-Rite air helper springs you'd looked at are a fit for your 2022 4Runner, but unless the load you carry in the cargo area or the trailer's tongue weight will vary to a large degree, you really won't need the adjustability provided by an air helper spring system. I prefer a bump stop replacement like the SumoSprings # SS68DR. The SumoSprings won't affect your vehicle's ride until there's some compression applied to the rear suspension. With this system you won't...
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  • Recommended Rear Suspension Enhancement For a 2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro
    The Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs # F4135 is the kit that is confirmed to fit the rear suspension on your 2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro with the Fox shock suspension. As this fits into the rear coil springs on your 4Runner there is no need for any spacers. If you off road your 4Runner I recommend going with the SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs # SS68DR. These progressive springs are built with a microcellular urethane that is not as likely to become damaged when off road....
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  • Recommended Way to Reduce Rear End Sag When Towing Lance 1575 Travel Trailer 2006 Toyota Sequoia
    The Black SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs # SS78DR having he higher weight capacity of 1,800lbs will not compress as far as the Blue # SS68DR with the same amount of weight. Do remember that with these on your 2006 Toyota Sequoia since the black springs are stiffer you will get that back as a firmer ride when you are unloaded. The best way to help with your rear sag is with a Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution System # EQ37060ET. This will allow you to transfer the weight from the...
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  • Recommended Suspension Enhancement and Sway For 2022 4Runner & TAXA Mantis Trailer Lock N Roll Hitch
    I recommend using the SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs # SS68DR on your 2022 Toyota 4-Runner with the Tuson Asymmetric Sway Control # 335TSC-1000 on your TAXA Mantis Overlanding trailer. There currently is no way of using a weight distribution hitch with the Lock N Roll hitch you have. The SumoSprings # SS68DR are rated for a capacity up to 1,400lbs and will not require you to constantly monitor the air pressure needed for the Air Lift 1000 Air Helper Springs for Coil Springs #...
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  • Options For Reducing Sag While Hauling A Camper On A 2010 Toyota 4Runner
    I really don't think that a weight distribution system is necessary for your situation. Your Toyota 4Runner components are tough enough to haul your camper, your suspension is the component lacking. That being said you can go two different routes. If you don't want to affect your ride quality when you're not hauling, I recommend getting the SumoSprings # SS68DR. These will engauge when the rear suspension sags enough to hit these springs. So it will not affect the first 40% of your suspension...
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  • Blue Ox Compatible Base Plate for a 2018 JL Jeep Unlimited
    Since you have a Blue Ox tow bar, the best base plate for your 2018 Jeep JL Unlimited Sport is going to be the Blue Ox Base Plate Kit item # BX1139. This kit works if you have the factory steel or plastic bumper. I have linked an installation video below so you can understand the process. If you have an Off-Road bumper - with 7/8 inch D-Ring bumper mounts you will need the item # BX88357. If your Off-Road Bumper has 1 inch D-Ring bumper mounts you will need the item # BX88358. For a...
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