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Want to give your vehicle an extra boost? Install a performance module by Edge to increase your vehicle's power, performance and fuel economy. Available easy to read monitor places everything at your fingertips, making the module easy to adapt to your specific needs. Many performance modules multi-task, so not only do you gain the extra torque and horsepower you want, you are also able to utilize the modules built in GPS and backup camera! The power levels on the performance module match fueling with any upgrades you have made, making an Edge programmer the perfect final touch!

We offer many styles of performance chips for many of the most popular vehicle manufacturers, including Ford, Dodge, Chevy and GMC. Find the right fit for your vehicle by entering the year on the left.

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Performance Chip Information Videos

Edge Products Evolution Performance Chip Demo

Edge Products, the premier name for after market performance electronics presents the new Evolution CS and CTS. With unmatched power, control, and style the all new Evolution full color screen and color touch screen offer the most advanced technology in engine tuning available today. The Evolution CS and CTS programmers offer many of the same great features and benefits users have come to expect from Edge Products along with a whole host of exciting additional features. Some of the great new features include full color screens, multiple power programming options, monitoring data from your vehicles computer with an in cabin color display, reading and clearing check engine lights, graphed performance tests such as 0 to 60 and quarter mile time runs, custom tuning options, back up camera, customized accessories, state-of-the-art mounting options, and Internet updatability. To get just some of these features individually you would need to buy a power programmer, diagnostic tool or scan tool, gauges, mounts, and more costing you more than double the price of the Evolution CS or CTS. 01:10

Performance Chip Videos

Bully Dog Rapid Power Module Installation - 2006 Freightliner Sprinter

Today on our 2006 Freightliner Sprinter we'll be installing the Bully Dog Rapid Power Module, part number BY44631. To begin our install we'll need to open the hood of our vehicle. We'll also want to make sure that our engine is off and that everything has cooled down. Next, we'll locate the common rail plug sensor on the engine. The common rail plug is located on the driver's side of the engine by the radiator. We'll disconnect the stock female sensor plug from the common rail then we'll grab our Bully Dog Rapid Power Module and connect the male module sensor plug to the stock female fuel pressure sensor plug.

Bully Dog GT Gauge Tuner Review

Okay, today were working with a 2012 Toyota 4Runner and were going to show you the Bully Dog GT T+ Tuner part number BY40450. Now, on our other video, we showed you how to install the system. In this video, were going to show you how to actually use it. Were going to go over installing the tune, were going to go over making new adjustments to the tune and were going to show you how to take the tune off and return the vehicle back to stock. Were using a CTEK battery charger part number CTEK56353 and this is going to make sure that we always have at least 12.1 volts on our system and we dont lose power while were at the tune file. Were good to go upfront. Now, were ready to have it inside the vehicle and actually install the tune onto the cars computer and start having some fun. Make sure youve got a computer with internet access handy and make sure you got a phone in case you do need to reach out and contact Bully Dog.

Bully Dog GT Gauge Tuner Installation - 2012 Toyota 4Runner

Today on this 2012 Toyota 4Runner, we're going to install Part Number BY40450. It's a Bully Dog Performance Chip. First thing to do on our install we'll go to the Bully Dog website, go to the download section and then click on the update agent. We'll install that program on our computer. Next we'll go ahead and connect the micro-SD memory card to the computer. We'll go ahead and take out envelope and put in a card reader, then we'll plug into USB port into the computer.

Bully Dog Triple Dog Performance Chip Installation - 2005 Dodge Ram

Today on our 2005 Dodge Ram with the 5.9 Cummins Diesel well be installing the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gauge Tuner part number BY40420D. Now this performance chip will boost the power up whatever your vehicles diesel engine as well as monitor and diagnose all in one. Youll be able to get gains and horsepower and torque. The unique driving coach program helps you maximize fuel economy. Now to begin our installation, well need to run our power wire. Well run it through the firewall here in this grommet where this cable passes through.

Edge Insight CS Guage Display Review

Today well be reviewing Edge Insight CS part number EP83730. With the Edge Insight CS youre able to view up to eight parameters on time on the display. The Edge Insight CS is designed to be use of vehicles that have OBD II port meaning that you must have at least the 1996 to newer vehicle. The Edge CS has features such as a fuel manager to help you figure out what your fuel economy is. It keep track of odometer miles, how much a gallon a fuel is, as well as there is also a gauge once you setup the feature that allows you to watch and keep track of if youre being a good fuel economy range or if youre maybe a little too heavy on the gas pedal. Other features with this unit, is it allows you troubleshoot the codes for your vehicle.

Edge Insight CS Guage Display Installation - 1999 Dodge Ram

Today on our 99 Dodge 2500 we'll be installing the Edge Insight CS, part number ep83730. In conjunction with the Edge Insight CS we will also be installing the accessory the Dash Pod which is part number ep38303. In this particular vehicle you'll notice that the customer already has a dash cover on it. We'll need to do some modifications to the dash cover for the Dash Pod to fit properly.We'll need to go ahead and first connect the three tabs that are supplied to the backside of the Dash Pod. They're numbered one, two and three and you will need to match up the tabs with one, two and three on the back of the Dash Pod. Now before you stick the tabs onto the Dash Pod we will use an alcohol swab to go ahead and clean the back of the Dash Pod to make sure the adhesive sticks properly.Once you've used the alcohol swab to go ahead to clean the back of the Dash Pod off you'll go ahead and pull the adhesive backing off of each of the tabs and stick them on the correlating numbers.

Edge Insight CTS Gauge Display Review

Today we are going to review the Edge insight CTS pamper hitch gauge display, part number EP83830. This is a gauge system that's going to tie to the OBD two port on your truck. It will use data that the computer is collecting to provide information about your track systems while you are driving. It will not actually alter the tune or settings on the computer. Inside the packaging, you will find these items here. Here is the user guide and quick install guide.

Edge Insight CTS Gauge Display Installation - 2006 Ford F-250

Today in our 2006 Ford F250 Diesel, we're going to be installing the Edge insight CTS comprehension gauge display system, Part # EP83830. The first thing we need to do is locate our OBD 2 port. Next, we can mount our display up on our windshield where we want it. We'll use the alcohol wipe to clean the glass before we attach the suction cup mount. With the glass clean we can go ahead and secure our suction cup mount. Next we'll connect our cable to the back of the CTS monitor.

Edge Dash Pod Adapter Kit Installation - 2003 Ford F-250

Today on our 2003 Ford F-250 Super Duty, we're going to be installing the Edge Performance products dash pod adapter, part number EP98003. We already have the dash pod installed upon our dash. It's designed to work with the older Edge Evolution programmers. However, on this truck we have an Edge CTS. So well need to use this adapter to adapt the CTS or even the CS models to our currently installed dash pod. Next, well take the adapter and slide it onto the back of our Edge CTS or CS programmer.

Articles about Performance Chip

Performance Chip Questions and Answers

  • Can the Data from an Edge Insight CTS Gauge Display Be Downloaded to a Computer
  • Yes, you can download the Edge Insight CTS # EP83830 with the included MyStyle kit into a Windows based computer. MyStyle will hold 10 data logs before it will delete the oldest record. I included a video review about the Edge Insight for you as well.
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  • Programmer Recommendation for a 2005 Chyrsler 300C with 5.7 Liter Hemi
  • Yes, I checked with aFe and the aFe Scorcher Performance Programmer # AFE77-42002 that you referenced has been confirmed to fit your 2005 Chrysler 300C with a 5.7 liter Hemi. The programmer advertises gains of up to 20 horsepower and 25 ft. lbs. of torque.
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  • How to Set Edge Insight Monitor To Read Boost PSI on a 2008 Dodge Ram 6.7 Diesel
  • To change the current gauge setup on your Edge Insight CTS Monitor # EP83830 you will need to first press touch the screen on the display where a current gauge is being displayed, that will bring up a menu where you will want to next select, "Select New Pid," from the list. From there you will select the TurboBoost icon and now that gauge will show boost pressure in PSI. For more info check out the video I attached that shows exactly how to do this around the 2:00 mark.
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  • How to Get a Replacement Communication Cable for an Edge Programmer
  • Sounds like you are looking for the mini usb cable of the # EP85250 to use so that you can update it with your computer. I spoke to my contact at Edge and he informed me that they don't offer the cable you are looking for, but all you would need to do is go to an electronics store such as Radio Shack or even Wal Mart and get a miniature usb communication cable. To obtain your update simply go to and on the top banner of the page you will see "Update", click on that...
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  • Can the Superchips Flashpaq Turn Off O2 Sensor Codes
  • It sounds like you installed an off-road mid pipe on your 2002 Ford F-150 that removed the catalytic converters and now you are throwing an O2 sensor code. Legally all I can recommend you do is reinstall catalytic converters so that your vehicle won't be in violation of the DOT. Some people will install O2 simulators or a have a dyno tuner turn off the O2 sensor codes if the vehicle will only be used for off-road situations. But this isn't something I can recommend for a vehicle driven...
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  • Can Level 3 of the Edge Programmer 85150 Be Used with 93 Octane Fuel
  • If you are running 93 octane in your 2005 Ford F-150 you can run as high of a tune level as you want assuming your truck is in good working order. Not only will the higher tune levels give you more performance gains but they also make the motor run more efficiently so fuel mileage is improved. I'd go with the highest level tune and you will get the best mileage. Just make sure you always fill up with premium fuel.
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  • Custom Dash Mounted Programmer Recommendation for 2008 Ford F-350
  • When it comes to a programmer and monitor for your 2008 Ford F-350, take a look at the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gauge Tuner, # BY40415FL. This programmer allows you to choose between 3 different levels to achieve gains of up to 35 horsepower and 40 ft-lbs of torque and the unique driving coach program helps you to maximize fuel economy. For a monitor that is legal for use in all states, including California on pollution-controlled vehicles, you will want part # BY40410FL. If you are interested...
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  • Performance Programmer Recommendation for a 2002 Ford Ranger with 3.0 Liter
  • Edge advertises gains of 9 horsepower and 14 ft. lbs of torque with the Edge EVOHT Programmer part # EP16030 that you referenced. The SuperChips FlashPaq part # SU1842 advertises up to 16 horse power and 17 ft. lbs of torque for your 2002 Ford Ranger with a 3.0 liter.
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  • Gauge Displays for a 1994 Dodge Dakota with 3.9 Liter V6
  • The manufacturers that we carry do not have a performance programmer for your 1994 Dodge Dakota with 3.9 liter V6. The only options are for comprehensive gauge displays from Edge, # EP83730-98614 or # EP83830-98614. They will not allow you to tune the engine. For a performance tune I recommend calling around to some local performance shops and asking if they can provide a custom tune for your truck.
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  • How to Create Custom Tunes Using Edge Evolution Programmer # EP15051 in 2004 Ford F-150 4.6L V8
  • The particular Edge Evolution Programmer you referenced, their part # EP15051, offers the ability to install one of three alternate tunes: a transmission-only tune that provides firmer shifts; a tow tune that adjusts the transmission while also modifying the ignition timing and fuel injection; and a high performance tune that affects the transmission like the other tunes, but which also aggressively tunes the fuel injection and ignition timing strategies to extract the maximum performance. This...
    view full answer...

  • Will Aftermarket Tunes Increase Power and Fuel Efficiency for 2012 Honda Civic
  • The Edge Evolution CTS Programmer, # EP85250, which you referenced, is not compatible with your 2012 Honda Civic. At present there is no performance module available for your vehicle. However, we do offer the Edge Insight, # EP83830. While it does not tune the engine on your Civic it does is allow you to view various parameters of engine performance. The data parameters you can monitor include: Battery Voltage Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Engine Oil Pressure (EOP) Engine Coolant Temperature...
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting Edge Comp Performance Chip LED Lights Constantly Blinking On 1999 Dodge 2500
  • I spoke with my contact at Edge about the Comp # EP30301 you said is installed on your Dodge 2500. They told me that when pushing the button on the unit to power it up, if it is pressed too long it will put the unit in a sub-level for setup and all 5 lights will blink as you said is happening.
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  • Tuner Recommendation for a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi for Maximum Power Gain
  • As far as advertised gains go, the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT programmer part # BY40415D would give you the most power and would be the one I would recommend for you. It has advertised power gains of 35 horsepower and 40 ft. lbs of torque. This also doubles as a monitor once installed and will allow you to view engine parameters that aren't displayed on your gauge cluster like transmission fluid temperature.
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  • Edge Programmer Recommendation for a 2006 Ford Diesel Powerstroke
  • The Edge Monitor part # EP83830 cannot be upgraded to a programmer. If your long term plan is to get a programmer your best option would be just to get one now or wait till down the road when you do want it instead of spending money twice. The part number you would want for the correct programmer is # EP85200.
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  • Replacement USB Cable Recommendation for an Edge Evolution Programmer
  • I spoke to my contact at Edge and he informed me that they don't offer the cable you are looking for, but all you would need to do is go to an electronics store such as Radio Shack or even Wal Mart and get a miniature usb communication cable.
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  • Performance Tuner Recommendation for 2012 Ram 3500 Diesel Pulling 36-Ft Travel Trailer
  • For your application pulling a 36-foot travel trailer I will suggest the Edge Evolution CTS Programmer # EP85200 or the similar # EP85100 which differs only in not having the touch display. These Edge tuners will deliver the largest gains in torque (up to 270-lb-ft) and offer a large display that can make them easier to use. The mileage coach program typically results in 1- to 1.5-mile-per-gallon fuel economy increases for most users, but please note that this function does not alter...
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  • Is it OK to Run Higher than Recommended Fuel Octane in a Vehicle
  • Running higher octane fuel than required for a vehicle won't harm it or hurt it at all. If the vehicle runs fine on regular octane fuel there would be nothing gained by running premium. Now if you went the opposite direction there would be trouble. If you run lower octane fuel than what a vehicle calls for you will cause damage to the engine due to spark knock.
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  • Can the Edge Insight CTS Monitor Transmission Temperature and RPM for 2001 E-150 Ford Van
  • Yes, the Edge Insight CTS # EP83830 that you referenced will display the transmission temperature and RPM of your 2001 Ford E-Series Van with a 4.6 liter Triton engine.
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  • Performance Tuner Recommendation for a 2012 Ram 3500 with Cummins Diesel
  • For your 2012 Ram 3500 I would recommend the Edge Evolution CTS Programmer part # EP85200. This will give your truck up to 95 additional horsepower and 270 foot lbs of torque. Plus the full touch screen doubles as a monitor to allow you to keep an eye on vital engine and transmission parameters that your current gauge cluster doesn't display. If you happen to be in the state of California you would instead need the part # EP85201. This version of the programmer is 50 state legal whereas...
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  • Performance Gains By Installing BullyDog Triple Dog GT Tuner on 2014 Toyota Tacoma
  • The performance increases provided by the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Tuner you referenced, part # BY40417T, would be contingent on numerous variables like the overall condition of your 2014 Toyota Tacoma, the altitude you are in, local weather conditions, etc. Best case scenario, when using premium fuel, you'd see HP increases up to 25 and torque increases up to 30 foot lbs.
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