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We offer a complete selection of both rubber spring and air ride suspension enhancement systems from Firestone, Air Lift, Super Springs, and Timbren. These kits are custom fit to your vehicle for an easy installation. They can offer either a progressive suspension enhancement or an adjustable level of suspension depending on your system and the types of loads you carry.

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1992 Dodge Questions and Answers

  • Wiring a 1992 Dodge W250 Pickup Truck for a 7-Way and 4-Way
  • Since you do not have a factory trailer wiring you will need to start with a 4-way (if you do not have one). For that you would want the # 118317. If you don't tow a trailer with brakes all you would need at this point to convert a 7-way is # 37185. This has a 4-way and 7-way at the connector. If you do have a trailer with brakes instead of the # 37185 you would want to convert the 4-way to a 7-way so that you can install the brake controller. For that you will want the Brake Controller...
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  • Do Brophy Camper Tie Downs have a Weight Capacity Rating
  • There is no weight capacity rating on the camper tie downs # HSSF and they will work for any camper size that is properly sized for your truck. The weight capacity will be on the Brophy Camper Tie Down Hardware Package, part # TDHP that is used to attach the camper to the tie downs. The hardware package has a weight capacity of 3,000 lbs.
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  • Installing a Gooseneck Hitch on Fifth Wheel Rails on a 1992 Dodge Pickup
  • Yes you can install the fifth-wheel rails into your bed and use a gooseneck that mounts to the fifth wheel rails. You will need the universal fifth wheel installation kit, part number RP30035. For install details, click on the provided link. The following gooseneck hitches can be installed to your fifth wheel rails: Pro Series 25K Gooseneck Plate for Fifth Wheel Rails by Draw-Tite, # 49080 Curt Spyder Gooseneck Trailer Hitch for Fifth Wheel Rails, # 16085
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  • Replacement Roof Vent Lid Recommendation for Fan-Tastic Roof Vent
  • Sounds like you are in need of a Replacement Dome for Fan-Tastic Vent RV Roof Vents # FVK1020-19 since the roof vent info you have on your trailer is Fan-Tastic roof vent. The picture I attached shows some dimensions of the lid and mounting bracket that you can compare to what you have.
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  • Recommendation for a Transmission Cooler On a 1992 Dodge B250 Van Towing Landscape Trailers
  • Yes, the Derale Transmission Coolers for the 1992 Van by Dodge, item # D13504, would be a great choice for cooling your transmission while towing. The only suggestion I would make is that you measure the space available in front of your radiator or a/c condenser to make sure there is space for the install. I am sure there is room on your van but double check to be safe. The overall dimensions of the # D13504 Transmission Cooler are 11 inches wide by 12 inches tall and 7/8 inches thick. This...
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  • What Is The Width And Length Of The WeatherTech All-Weather Front Floor Mats # WTW9GR
  • I went in the warehouse and pulled the WeatherTech All-Weather Front Floor Mats # WTW9GR and measured them. The length of the mat from front to back is 27-1/2 inches. The width of the mat from side to side is 18-1/4 inches and the tapered end is 16-1/2 inches wide.
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  • Replacing Dexter 5 Spoke Utility Hub with Hub and Drum that has Standard Bolt Pattern
  • It sounds like you are wanting to replace a 5 spoke utility hub and drum like # 8-174-5UC3 on your trailer with a traditional hub that features a standard bolt pattern. In order to see if there is a compatible replacement available, you will just want to first pull the existing hub and check for the bearing numbers that are used. The numbers should be stamped right inside the bearings themselves. You can also take a few measurements along the spindle where they sit if you are unable to...
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Brake Controller Installation on 1992 Dodge Ram Pickup
  • It will be easier to find the issue with your trailer wiring by testing the truck and the trailer separately when they are disconnected. I suggest testing the trailer first. You will need a well charged 12V battery, either the one in the truck or a spare if you have one. A set of jumper cables like # HMBC0860 and two short lengths of wire such as # 10-1-1 will help too. Connect one set of jumper cable clamps to the charged battery and the other to the two lengths of wire. Now apply the...
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  • Will the Derale Transmission Pan Cooler D14210 fit an A518 Transmission in a 1992 Dodge Ram
  • The Derale transmission pan cooler, # D14210, is confirmed to fit the A518 (46RH or 46RE) transmission coolers so it should work for you based on you having this transmission.
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  • Will Curt Class V XD Trailer Hitch Receiver Fit a 1992 Dodge Ram
  • The Curt Class V XD # C15300 is a confirmed fit for your 1992 Dodge Ram. However, on some model years, installation does require holes to be drilled, and others it uses existing holes. See the graphic attached to show the spacing of the holes. From center to center of the bolt holes, 1 to 2 measures 5-1/8 inches and from 2 to 3 it's 4-1/16 inches. Depending on how you measured yours the first two holes sound like they could line up. The issue will be with the last and it sounds...
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  • 15 x 6 Trailer Wheel Compatible with the Baby Moon Trailer Wheel Center Caps
  • If by "raised center disc" you are referring to the Americana Baby Moon Trailer Wheel Center Cap part # AM90086 then this center cap is compatible with the Dexstar Conventional Steel Wheel part # AM20504 which is a 15" diameter x 6" wide wheel with a 5 on 4-1/2" lug pattern. In order to install this wheel on your trailer you will need a high pressure valve stem like the Americana High Pressure Rubber Snap-In Valve Stem part # AM20907 and lug nuts like the Americana Trailer Wheel Lug...
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  • Does the 4-Way on T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness, # 118317 Have Round or Flat Pins
  • The 4-Way connector on the T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4 Pole Trailer Connector, # 118317, is a 4-Flat type connector that has round pins and accepts a trailer side connector 4-Flat that also uses round pins. I have included a link to a wiring FAQ that covers the different types of connectors.
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  • Will a Ladder Rack Fit a 1992 Dodge Ram 50
  • The 1992 Dodge Ram 50 or Mitsubishi Mighty Max (my dad had a Mighty Max!) do not have any specific ladder racks listed as a fit for them so you will need to look at universal ladder racks. For a side-mount ladder rack you can use # MT70233. For a full ladder rack # EM07706 is the best option though depending on how the bed sides are designed it may require some additional modification to fit right. Drilling the truck bed is going to be a necessity to install a ladder rack on this truck.
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  • Gooseneck to 5th Wheel Trailer Adapter Recommendation
  • Your best option is to go with the B&W Companion Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter # BWRVK3500. This hitch is compatible with your already installed B&W gooseneck setup, whereas the Pro Series hitch you reference is not. I attached installation instructions for this hitch adapter below as well as a video of its installation in a Dodge Ram for you to check out. You will also want to check with the trailer manufacturer to determine if the trailer can be used with an adapter....
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  • Can a 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch be Installed in a Truck that Already has a Gooseneck Hitch
  • It is likely that the gooseneck trailer hitch installation kit that is already on the truck will interfere with installation of a 5th wheel trailer hitch. But there is an easy solution. You can use the Andersen Ranch Hitch, # AM3100. This adapter clamps around any brand gooseneck ball with a 2-5/16 inch diameter. I have included a link to a video review of this adapter for you. I have also linked our help article on towing a 5th wheel trailer with a gooseneck trailer hitch.
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  • Determining Function of Blue Wire on Trailer 4-Way
  • Normally blue isn't a color seen on 4-way trailer wiring, but based on the other colors you have it most likely is ground. Reason being brown is normally taillight, yellow is normally left turn/stop, and green is normally right turn/stop. Usually ground is white though.
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  • Replacement Lid/Cover for Fan-Tastic Roof Vent for RV
  • We do have just the dome/lid of the Fan-Tastic roof vent part # FV801208 that you referenced. For that you would want the part # FVK1020-19.
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  • Seat Cover Recommendation for 1992 Dodge Ram with Bench Seat
  • We have universal bench seat covers that would work well on your 1992 Dodge Ram like the Aries Seat Defender part # AA3146B which would be a great option but we do not have anything custom fit.
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  • Snowplow and Mounting Hardware for 1992 Dodge Ram
  • The plows we offer like the part # K2RAMP8219 that you referenced will fit your 1992 Dodge Ram but will require the install hardware kit part # K284303. Your brush guard will need to come off as well since the mounting hardware of it would occupy the same area as the plow install hardware.
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