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1987 Ford Questions and Answers

  • How to Determine Curt Hitch C15300 Clearance with Rear Skid Plate on 1987 Ford F-150
  • Curt Class V hitch # C15300 is a confirmed fit on your 1987 Ford F-150. To help you determine if it will be compatible with your skid plate I went to our warehouse and took a measurement of the hitch to find out the distance from the mounting brackets (that bolt to the bottom of your frame rails) down to the center of the crosstube. This dimension you can compare to your frame-to-skid plate dimension to see if the hitch will clear it. The photo I prepared for you shows that from the...
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  • 1987 F350 with 34 inch Frame Hitch Recommendation
  • The 34 inch frame like what you have is typically found on the cab and chassis models of trucks. The hitch confirmed to fit your 1987 Ford F350 with a 34 inch frame is the Curt hitch part # C14082.
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  • Appropriate Replacement Transmission Cooler for 1987 Ford F-250 4X4 With C-6 Transmission
  • Transmission and oil coolers are not vehicle-specific so you can use the largest one that will fit in the available space you have to mount it. You can start by measuring the available mounting space within the engine compartment and then select the largest cooler that will fit. An aftermarket cooler is a great way to provide supplementary cooling in addition to that provided by the OEM cooler in the radiator. The Derale # D13504 you referenced is a high-efficiency Class IV plate-fin type...
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  • Hitch Recommendation for a 1987 Ford Ranger with Dual Fuel Tanks
  • I spoke to my contact at Curt and he informed me that the dual tank setup on your 1987 Ford Ranger would not be an issue for installing their hitch part # 13138. I attached an install video for this hitch for you to check out as well. If you plan on doing some towing you might be interested in etrailer ball mount kit # 989900. It comes with 2 ball mounts; one with a 3/4 inch rise or 2 inch drop and one with a 2-3/4 inch rise or 4 inch drop. It also includes a 1-7/8 inch ball, 2 inch...
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  • Universal Fifth Wheel Rail Kit Recommendation to Fit Older Reese Fifth Wheel Hitch
  • Sounds like you are looking for a set of fifth wheel rails for the bed of your truck for your hitch to fit in. We have the universal kit part # RP30035 which fits nearly all truck beds which would most likely work well for you but I do not know what vehicle you have. Due to the age of your hitch too you'll want to verify that the hitch is designed this style of rail. If the mounting tabs are 22 inches apart front to back this will be the correct rails for them. I attached dimensions...
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  • Compatibility of Ultra Faucets RV Shower Valve 277-000045 with Shower Set 277-000049
  • The Ultra Faucets Dual Handle RV Shower Valve # 277-000045 is compatible with their Massaging Hand Held Shower Set # 277-000049. I went to our warehouse and checked these two parts to confirm they use the same fittings and will work well together.
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  • Brake Controller Does Not Work with Hazard Lights on a 1987 Ford F-350
  • It is possible that a pulse preventer # 5501 will at least solve part of the problem. It would be required when the brake control unit must be set to higher output levels and driving with hazard flashers is necessary. But the Pulse Preventer is not necessary for vehicles that have a different bulb for the stop and turn signals (amber turn signals). It could be that you need to make new connections between the brake controller red wire and the brake switch on the truck. Or it might be...
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  • Will the MaxxTow Wheelchair Carrier Part # MT70260 Work on a 1987 Ford F-150
  • As long as your 1987 Ford F-150 has a 2" trailer hitch receiver like the Curt Trailer hitch Receiver part # 13028 then yes, the MaxxTow Wheelchair Carrier part # MT70260 will work well for you. The distance from center of hitch pin hole to closest edge of carrier in the upright folded position is 4-3/4". I have attached a review video of the carrier on a similar truck for you as well. You will also need to make sure you do not exceed the hitches/vehicle's tongue weight capacity limitations.
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  • Recommended Tork Lift Under-Vehicle Battery Box Mount for 1987 Ford Van
  • The TorkLift HiddenPower Under-Vehicle Battery Mount with Battery Box # TLA7727 is meant for Ford F-Series pickups and for two specific battery types, Group 24 batteries and Group 31 batteries. My contact at TorkLift suggested their similar item # TLA7726 since the way it mounts will give it a more universal fit. They cannot guarantee it will fit your van but it should definitely be better option than the other kit since it bolts on from the side. Please refer to the linked video for...
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  • Does the White Wire from the Curt T-Connector # 55302 Ground to the Truck Body
  • Yes, the white wire from the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness # 55302 that you referenced is supposed to be grounded to a clean metal surface on the body of your vehicle. I attached the installation instructions also even though they do not mention where the white wire gets run.
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  • What Are Mounting Hole Dimensions On Draw-Tite And B&W Hitch For 1987 Ford F-250 Truck
  • I went to the warehouse and measured the mounting holes on the flange of the Draw-Tite Ultra Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver, part # 41904. The distance from the first hole to the middle hole center to center is 4-5/8 inches and the distance between the middle and last hole center to center is 9-inches. For the B&W Heavy-Duty Trailer Hitch Receiver, part # BWHDRH25122 the distance between the first two holes is 5-15/16 inches. From the center of the middle hole to center of the third...
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  • Why Does Light of Tekonsha Primus Brake Controller Stay On
  • The indicator of a brake controller will stay on for several minutes after the vehicle has been turned off and exited. If you leave the vehicle undisturbed the controller will go into sleep mode and the light should go off. However, even if it did the amperage draw of the LED light is so miniscule that it would take months to drain a vehicle battery. Which by then the battery would be dead from inactivity.
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  • Recommended Wiring Installation of Prodigy P3 in 1987 Ford F-Series Truck
  • The Tekonsha Prodigy P3 # 90195 is an excellent choice of controller. It has preset brake boost options and an easy to read LCD screen. This controller is proportional which means it will apply your trailer brakes at the same time and with the same intensity as you hit the brake pedal in your vehicle. You will also have the override feature like any other brake controller. To wire this to your for the controller, I recommend the 7-Way Pre-Wired Car Connector, 7' Lead # 20023 and the...
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  • Tailgate Light Does Not Light Up Right When Plugged Into Trailer Wiring Harness on 1987 Ford Ranger
  • It sounds like there is a ground problem and/or a bleed over or back feeding issue. Make sure that the tailgate light connector is clean and free of corrosion as this is the number 1 cause of grounds and shorts. If the light needs to be grounded independently of its connector then make sure that ground is attached to a clean and corrosion free bare metal surface. On the trailer wiring harness you installed, make sure that the connections on the truck that plug into the harness are all...
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  • What is the Weight Capacity of the 100 Series 5th Wheel Tailgate for a 1987 Ford F-150
  • The 5th wheel tailgate # VG-100 has a 100 pound capacity. The cables on the truck that hold the tailgate might be rated differently so you would need to speak with a Ford technician for a specific weight capacity on the cables. Stromberg-Carlson warns not to stand on the tailgate.
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  • 5th Wheel Hitch Fit for a 1987 Ford F-350 with Demco SL Series Base Rails
  • The Demco Hijacker SL Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches used none industry standard base rails that were specific to the hitch. If you currently have the Custom Installation Kit w/ Base Rails for Demco Hijacker SL Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches part # DM8553003-12 installed then you can use the Demco Hijacker SL Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch part # DM6076SL-16K or the Demco Hijacker SL Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch part # DM6076SL-21K. I have attached an install video of the above...
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  • What is Material of K-Source Replacement Side Mirror KSH3661 Made Of
  • The mirror housing of the K-Source Replacement Side Mirror # KSH3661 that you mentioned is made of a plastic with a chrome finish.
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  • Troubleshooting Lighting That Stopped Working on 1987 Ford F-250 After Radio Shorted
  • Sounds like you had a massive short that probably damaged some of the wiring that leads to the taillights. You'll want to trace the wiring back from the taillights forward to see if you can find any melted wire and fix as needed. There may be a fusible link from one of the main power wires of the fuse box that is blown as well.
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