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Off Road Lights

Dodge Ram Pickup Off Road Lights Questions and Answers

  • Recommended Fog Light Kit for a 2007 Dodge Ram
  • I do have a recommendation for you but I think there are better options over the Westin Off-Road Driving Lights, # 09-0505. First, the 6 inch diameter of the lights is going to give you no room to install them in the 6 inch diameter holes you have on the truck. The other issue is these lights are designed more to fit a light bar or grille guard then in a cavity on the front of a vehicle. Instead take a look at Westin Lighting Kit, # 09-0105. The 4 inch diameter allows for more room to...
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  • Light Mounting Bar for a 1999 Ram 1500
  • The Carr C-Profile Rota Light Mounting Bar # CARR210111 is a confirmed fit for your 1999 Ram 1500 and comes with everything you need to mount it if your Ram has gutters. If you are wanting to mount it to the roof of your Ram that does not have gutters, you will want to use the Gutterless Mount Kit # CARR221501 to do so. Keep in mind that this mounting bar does not come with any lights or a light bar, they are sold separately. I have included a link to all of our off-road lights for...
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  • Will a Carr Light Bar Mount Fit a 1990 Dodge D150
  • Your 1990 Dodge D150 should have rain gutters so a rain gutter kit is not required to mount the light bar mount # CARR210111 on your truck. So it is a fit. You can use a 50 inch light bar straight or curved. I have included a link to the 49 inch and longer bars we carry. MaxxTow light bar # MT80635 is a popular option for a straight bar and Putco # P10055 for curved.
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  • How to Wire the Pilot Navigator Off-Road Light # NV-802C
  • There are two wire leads, red and black, on the Navigator Off Road Light # NV-802C. Red is for power, black is the ground. The black wire needs to have good metal to metal contact, preferably to the the truck frame or even the negative terminal on the battery. The red wire needs to be run to a 12V power source via a switch like, # D16740. This switch is meant to be used with a radiator fan, but would work perfectly for driving lights.
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