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2003 Mercury Front Mount Hitch

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Front Mount Trailer Hitches

Front mount hitches are the perfect addition to your vehicle when you require the use of a recovery winch, tow loop, putting your boat in the water, or other accessory. We offer a large selection of front mount receivers by popular manufacturers like Draw-Tite, Reese and Curt so you can find the one that is right for your application and your budget. All front mount receiver hitches we offer are made in the USA and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

You can find all the custom-fit front mount receiver applications we offer for your vehicle by choosing the year, make, and model to the left. Don't forget the hitch-mounted winch mount plate to make any winch installation hassle-free!

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2003 Mercury Questions and Answers

  • Can a 2003 Mercury Mountaineer AWD V8 Automatic Transmission be Flat Towed Wheels Down
  • According to my research your 2003 Mercury Mountaineer AWD V8 cannot be flat towed in its stock state. Although base plates are still offered to enable use of a tow bar, the neutral switch modification kit required to flat tow this vehicle is no longer available from Ford. You may be able to find more information from your local dealership and/or by consulting with your owners manual. Based on the available information your 2003 Mountaineer should only be towed by trailer, not by...
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  • Replacement Tail Light Assembly for 1988 Coleman Chesapeake Pop-Up
  • The Optronics # RVST55 would be a good replacement taillight, like your existing lamp it is a 4 wire/ 2 bulb taillight. If you went with a single bulb, you would lose the reverse light function. If you would prefer a lamp that only provided stop/turn/running light functions, the Optronics # RVST50 would be a good choice. The lamp uses three wires, white for ground, green for running light and black for turn/stop light. Either Optronics lamp would be a pretty close replacement for...
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  • Driving in Reverse with Fastway e2 Weight Distribution with Sway Control
  • You made a great choice! The e2 Weight Distribution Hitch, # FA94-00-1000, is a sturdy system that has 2-Point Sway Control and comes with a 10-year warranty. The unique design of this system does allow you to back up without having to disconnect the sway bars. Don't give your friends a hard time, though. Many weight distribution systems have independent friction sway control devices that do require you to get out of your vehicle and remove the device prior to backing up. Your e2 system,...
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  • Where To Install Manual Air Inflation Valves From Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs # F4107
  • On the Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs - Rear Kit, part # F4107, the inflation valves need to be installed in a protected area that is easily accessible. You might check inside the trunk area to see if there is a place where the inflation valve can be installed. You will need to drill a 5/16 inch hole for the inflation valve. If you drill a hole in the trunk area I would recommend to use a sealer when installing the valve to keep exhaust fumes and debris from entering the trunk area. If...
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  • Will the Edge Insight Display Transmission Fluid Temperate on a 2003 Mercury Marauder.
  • The transmission temperature on your 2003 Mercury Marauder should run through the computer and be accessible through the OBD-II port using the Edge Insight, # EP84030. The parameters that you could potentially monitor include: Battery Voltage Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Engine Oil Pressure (EOP) Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Engine Oil Temperature (EOT) Transmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) Miles Per Hour (MPH) Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) 1/4-mile...
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  • Are Specific Locks Able to be Keyed Alike and Also Have a Unique Key No One Else Has?
  • The Global Link Replacement Cam Lock Cylinder for RVs - Keyed Alike Option - Stainless Steel - 7/8" Long # 295-000003 are items that can be also used by other RV owners. The possibility that another owner has your same key is more rare than you may think. They would need to have your specific brand of lock as well as your specific key number. Just the Global Link brand has 50 replacement keys available that we carry. We have products from 3 companies each with a selection similar to...
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  • Installation of Class II Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver on 2003 Mercury Maurader
  • You will need to drill four holes to install a hitch for your 2003 Mercury Maurader sedan. If you have the wagon, you will only need to drill two holes. You will temporarily detach the exhaust hanger, but that is very simple to do. The hitch comes with all installation hardware. As far as tools, you will need a 3/4 inch and a 13 mm wrench, and 1/2-inch drill bit.
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  • Trailer Hitch For 2003 Mercury Sable LS Sedan
  • I have attached a video that shows the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch, part # 36313 being installed. The baffle you described on the right side of the hitch is designed to allow you to run the hose for the carbon canister through the right side bracket. Not all vehicles this hitch fits have the carbon canister installed. Since the brackets for attaching to the frame on your Sable are designed differently, I think the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch, part # 24699 may have a less visible look. Both...
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  • 12 Foot Fleetwood Pop Up Camper Cover Recommendation
  • For a more snug fit I would recommend going with the 10-12 foot long version of the Classic Accessories Deluxe PolyPro III Heavy-Duty Pop-Up Camper Cover # CA80039. This was designed to accomodate an AC unit like what you have on your trailer currently so it would work well in that regard.
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  • Will Trailer Wiring Harness # 118375 Work with a Wishbone Style 4-Way Trailer Connector
  • What your trailer has is called a wishbone harness. It has 2 separate wires for the running light circuits, one for each side of the trailer. This is done so you do not have to splice a jumper from one side of the trailer to the other. It will work exactly the same was a regular 4-Way so it is compatible with T-One harness # 118375. I have linked a video showing a typical isntallation and a link to the instructions for you.
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  • Could Curt Hitch # 13707 be To Tow a Tow Dolly
  • If the tow dolly and vehicle weighs less than 4,000 lbs the Curt hitch part # 13707 would be fine to tow a vehicle in the way you described as thats it's towing capacity.
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  • Will the Thule Raceway Trunk Mount Bike Rack Fit a 2003 Mercury Sable Wagon
  • Yes, the Thule Raceway 3, # TH9002PRO, will fit your 2003 Mercury Sable Wagon. I own this bike rack and it is the easiest to use bike rack that I have ever had. The 4 retractable cables make installation fast and easy. The rack also features an integrated cable lock in the last bike position to deter bike theft. And the cables can be locked into place to deter theft of the rack. If you will be carrying any bikes that do not have a top frame bar that goes straight across (like a typical...
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  • Can a 2 Inch Diameter Ball be Added to Pro Series Weight Distribution System # PS49903
  • The Pro-Series weight distribution system # PS49903 comes with a 2-5/16 inch ball. For a 2 inch ball you would need to add # A-90. You would have to remove the 2-5/16 inch ball from the head and then attach A-90 according to specs in the instructions attached to the ball. Both the 2-5/16 inch ball and A-90 come with wrench flats so you will be able to use properly sized wrenches to remove/install a ball. If you do not have the tools readily available some auto parts stores will loan...
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